Us writers who plan on getting published, we should make a pact.:

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26 Morven17th May 2011 02:40:27 AM from Seattle, WA, USA
This was already planned.
A brighter future for a darker age.
Away on the wind~
Maybe. If I feel like trying to attract viewers.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
28 Gault17th May 2011 06:58:18 AM from beyond the kingdom , Relationship Status: P.S. I love you
Laugh and grow dank!
Hell yes. Sign me up. I feel that TV Tropes has already aided me immensely in my abilities as a writer, not to mention provided tens- nay, maybe even hundreds of simultaneously educational and entertaining hours of distraction from what was honestly probably more important things. I don't regret it though.

You people are amazing, and more than deserving of a shout-out in some book I publish- a commendation is more like it.
29 EndarkCuli18th May 2011 09:40:23 PM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Welcome to Purgatory!
I'm in. This site, and all you wonderful people involved with it, will most likely fit between my best chums and whichever publisher actually decides that my stuff's good enough for print. And if not, I'll just cut out the publisher; they're getting paid either way.
30 Dec19th May 2011 12:53:56 AM from The Dance Floor
Stayin' Alive
Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit
31 Usht19th May 2011 01:00:21 AM from an arbitrary view point.
Lv. 3 Genasi Wizard
Going to dedicate it to both this site for being so useful as a set of tools and my eleventh and twelfth grade English teachers who actually made me care about writing.
The thing about making witty signature lines is that it first needs to actually be witty.
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Total posts: 31
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