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The Most Horrifying Moments from Your Work :

 1 d Roy, Mon, 16th May '11 5:57:09 AM Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Exactly What It Says In The Tin. What is some of the most scariest thing you ever wrote/drew/thought of? I just LOVE browsing through High Octane Nightmare Fuel pages.

In my story, the Doll Chapter. Ever played Silent Hill series? Bring out the creepiest manequins and crank it Up to Eleven, mixed with Nothing Is Scarier. There you have it.

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 2 annebeeche, Mon, 16th May '11 6:04:38 AM from by the long tidal river
watching down on us
In AB!Beowulf I intend to draw Grendel swinging humans by the legs and cracking their heads against the ground in all its gruesome detail.

Also in the comic someone is tricked into cannibalism.

Honestly, I'm not very good at coming up with stuff that's really scary, just stuff that's really disturbing.

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 3 d Roy, Mon, 16th May '11 6:21:01 AM Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
[up] Tell me when it's done, I SO want to read that.

 4 Madass Alex, Mon, 16th May '11 6:38:33 AM from the Middle Ages.
I am vexed!
In one scenario I've written for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the party have to walk into an abandoned temple of Sigmar in a town that's been subject to ghostly abductions.

As soon as they enter, the smell of death and decay is thick in the air. They hear the sound of dripping, a few of them even getting a little wet. Looking up, they see the source — hung by hooked chains are dozens of human corpses. The temple floor is slippery and treacherous with their blood. Some are swaying.

The instant any two characters begin to speak, the corpses react to hearing a human voice. They weep, as best they can, with decayed mouths and eyes.

Some time later, after various trials and obstacles, the party come across a nearby castle. Entering, they see a man stumbling in the night shadows, leaning against a wall to remain upright. As the characters get closer, they catch a familiar, bloody scent. The man attacks them, and the party beat him down. He's a decayed corpse, like the rest. But he won't die. Whenever the party beat him, he just weeps. And if they try to leave, he gets up and attacks again, with increasing desperation.

During the final encounter, the man behind it all has a spear that pierces the torso and forces the blade outwards, opening the rib cage and spilling the human contents onto the ground. It is not instantly lethal. The room in which this takes place is entirely enclosed, but the walls and ceiling are covered in blades, which this man pierces himself with in order to crawl up.

Although I see how this could be serious Narm as well.
 5 Mr AHR, Mon, 16th May '11 7:05:41 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I dunno. I've been told certain things I write are scary, and I just kinda shrug it off.

For instance, I've been told this is scary, but I really don't see it.
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Imagine if every time at night you turned the lights off in your house, the rooms in darkness would begin changing, transforming in ways that defy the laws of physics and geometry. Pits, doors, chasms, hallways, stairways, all added within the womb of night.

Thanks House of Leaves!
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A couple of times I've been scared of my protagonists. One of the scariest ones is a highly talented young demon summoner who uses demonic magic to mind control one child into helping him torture another child just for the fun of it.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
 8 annebeeche, Mon, 16th May '11 8:16:15 AM from by the long tidal river
watching down on us
Tell me when it's done, I SO want to read that.

It won't be done for a few years. There's a lot of things the comic requires that I still need to learn how to do, and I also need a tablet which I don't have.
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 9 KSPAM, Mon, 16th May '11 8:49:02 AM from on the ground Relationship Status: In another castle
My as of yet unstarted work features a Heroic Sociopath who has complete control of the human body. She can regenerate from any wound, cause involuntary movement and organ shutdown inside anyone she has direct contact with, and when she really goes off her nut, her skin flakes off and grows back continuously and anyone that comes in contact with the flakes develops fast-acting, explosive tumors.

That's before the horror beyond time which the main antagonist serves falls from the sky in a rain of blood and skins a pile of corpses for a new meatsuit.

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 10 Major Tom, Mon, 16th May '11 8:52:08 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Several of my scenes might qualify. Among them the first combat scene for the main character where he lands under fire and quickly finds himself under barrage by rocket artillery. Another such scene interspersed with massive action is in the aftermath of being shot down in the chapter "Counterattack! Two Great Armies Clash!" Try being outnumbered over 100 to 1 in the area, holed up in an improvised trench (actually an irrigation ditch for nearby farms), under air, artillery, infantry and armor attack and to top it all off I go into detail for the whole scene from shootdown til when help finally arrives.

When I get to the Bullet Hell section in the upcoming chapter "Cosmic Fairytale" it likely will qualify too given the sheer amount of enemy fire, the speeds involved and the fact the enemy at that scene is a damn Battlestar pretty much.
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I've been told that The Lucid Dreamer, the story I wrote for the last TVT Writing Contest, is pretty horrifying. For those who don't want to go dig it up, it's about a lucid dreamer who gives himself an Erotic Dream when his wife won't sleep to him, due to her recurring SD, and the dream-hookers he sees give him dream-ST Ds that cause Body Horror.

But in my big projects, I've been told that the chapter of my Always a Hero where the heroine finally faces the Big Bad is seriously unsettling/a shocker— because he Ate His Gun, causing both the shock of a sudden Self-Disposing Villain in a hugely hyped conflict and the ensuing Gorn. And apparently (according to beta readers) the sense of dread that follows up from that—because it's obvious that it's not over—is pretty bad too.
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^ What's SD?
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
 13 Misuki, Mon, 16th May '11 12:10:50 PM from Right in the corner of your eye... Relationship Status: One Is The Loneliest Number
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Cold-Blooded Torture. It happens to one of my minor characters because he's a prisoner of war. -shudder- The subject is very touchy for me, because although I have no experience, I have an imagination, and then my mind twists it into pure High Octane Nightmare Fuel. -shudders again-
"Those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our out-sized love can seep and pool." - Cecil, "Condos"
In something that I haven't written, but am planning to write:While camping, the protagonist finds his little brother being eaten by a zombie, (said zombie was friends with the protagonist before he turned into a zombie)

In it's possible sequel, I'm having a Zombie Apocalypse break out in a hospital of the non-abandoned kind. I am still not sure whether to include a scene in the maternity ward.
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 15 feotakahari, Mon, 16th May '11 2:36:34 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
Having encountered a lot of stories on the Internet that were supposed to be porn but are instead highly disturbing, I'm currently experimenting to see whether I can adapt their patterns and cadences into a story that literally scares the fuck out of you. I'll put up a section for critique in this subforum if I get it completed to my satisfaction. (It has no actual sex, but it does have one hell of a Painful Transformation, culminating in the protagonist vomiting out a slurry of liquefied internal organs in a scene deliberately paralleled to an orgasm.)
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 16 annebeeche, Mon, 16th May '11 2:45:22 PM from by the long tidal river
watching down on us
[up] dudeawesome.

I want to read that.
Banned entirely for telling FE that he was being rude and not contributing to the discussion. I shall watch down from the goon heavens.
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Apparently almost everything I do, if my friend's reactions are anything to go by. I'll post examples later, I'm busy right now.

 18 KSPAM, Mon, 16th May '11 3:22:38 PM from on the ground Relationship Status: In another castle
[up][up][up] What. The. Hell.
Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
 19 Mr AHR, Mon, 16th May '11 3:23:56 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Feo: Sounds like something I would never read.

That means it's working.
 20 chihuahua 0, Mon, 16th May '11 3:34:08 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
In my pools of ideas one thing that stands out is a story centered around a depressed teenage girl. The climax involves her finally snapping, stomping up to the top of the school, brushing students and teachers out of the way, and then standing on the ledge. The narrator then finds her, and tries to convince her to not jump, but...

Let's say what happens next is spoilerific, quite emotional, and very scary.

Another idea involves an Ax-Crazy Serial Killer, a Tomboy that gets stabbed by him, and her "sister", a Wholesome Crossdresser Humanshifter, that snaps on him with a knife and a revolver. Guess what form the latter takes.

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 21 Cakman, Mon, 16th May '11 3:49:48 PM from whence he came.
Well. Might you enlighten us on the "spoiler, " considering I can assure you the liklihood of us reading your work are slim? (No offense intended.)
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 22 chihuahua 0, Mon, 16th May '11 4:28:47 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
All right then...Let's call the Serial Killer Adam, the Tomboy Billie, and the Wholesome Crossdresser Carly. Skip down to the third paragraph for the horrifying moment:

The whole sequence starts when Adam reveals his true colors and goes on a ramage around the mansion, shooting and stabbing the Redshirts and a few of the minor characters who encounters his sight. Puddles of blood mixed in by the rain ensures. In the process, Adam drags Billie into a closet and personally stabs her and leaves her to die (let say that they have a sour relationship). Carly finds Billie, and the two sisters have an emotional scene...

Carly also snaps and switches clothes with Billie, masquerading as her. She then takes out her gun and revolver and goes off to find Adam. Once she finds them, they have a chase scene through the hallways and the outside, where it is eerily quiet. Once they are at the top, Carly shoots at Adam at the foot, downing him.

Hellbent on revenge, Carly goes over to Adam and starts shooting him with the remaining five bullets, one for her sister, one for a servent, two for other characters, and one just for revenge. With a Slasher Smile, she branishes her knife and violently stabs him repeatly at the chest, the arms, and the legs, including one just below the belly button, to symbolize something else. After Adam is reduced to a bloody mess, in painful agony, Carly's disguise slips, revealing "her true face for the first time...And then...

 23 Adeptus Alpharius, Mon, 16th May '11 5:30:41 PM from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alpha Legionnaire
Since I'm writing a Warhammer scenario where almost half of the cast are Complete Monsters and sick fucks there are plenty of scary monents which makes it difficult to decide. The tricky part in general is just presenting those moments in a mature way so that an adult audience will find them horrifying instead of horribly ridiculous.

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I don't have many really scary scenes, but there are a couple of creepy torture scenes. Oddly, the creepier one is the one where less happens: Two characters get their drinks drugged with a paralytic agent, and then two female villains mostly just sit around and talk about what they might do. One of them almost rapes the male protagonist, but doesn't.

Being paralyzed and thus completely helpless to whatever happens would be scary to me.

 25 Haldo, Mon, 16th May '11 6:04:34 PM from Never never land Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Indecisive pumpkin
I plan to have many of these. Let's see what I come up with already...

There's a scene where the heroine opens up an attic, only to be greeted by tons of beetles that suddenly come in to motion when she opens the door and start scampering for their pod.

There's a potential scene where an antagonist slices a demon's arm off to demonstrate that demons can regenerate. Which is a painful process.

^These are interrobangs. Love them. Learn them. Use them.
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