No Otogi: Myth of Demons page... What gives?:

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I forgot about Metal Wolf Chaos and Demon's Souls, those were fun, but they get most of there fame from being crazy awesome and crazy hard.

What bothers me is that Otogi is one of those overlooked, underappreciated games that was really good, and games like that usually get good articles here on tvtropes, but Otogi gets nothing?

It almost seems like some kind of cosmic joke, and not a good joke ether.

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Ok, I tryed to edit the article, the discription came out fine and just the way it was supposed to... But when I tryed to add the tropes... Let's just say it was a train wreck and leave it at that.


So ya, I have just proved I can't do this by myself, so please give me some help here, I'm practicly begging at this point.

Heres an updated list of tropes.

Double Jump: Raikoh, Tsuna, and Seimei can do this. Kintoki can only jump once. Sademitsu can jump three times. And Suetaki... he can jump as much as he wants to.

Dual Wielding: Raikoh can do this in the 1st game with some weapons, including dual axe/scythes. Tsuna in the 2ed game can take apart his double bladed katana for some dual wielding action, and also has a snap out arm blade on his left arm for a total of THREE blades...

Evil Weapon: The Orchid Malevolence, a crimson red bladed sword covered in purple flames that can kill anything in one hit. The catch? In saps all of your health while it is held, turning you into a One-Hit-Point Wonder.

Flash Step: The dash button is basically this, Raikoh (and the others) turn into a gust of wind that moves quickly in the direction you’re moving before turning back.

Multi-Melee Master: There are over 30 weapons in the 1st game, including light/heavy swords, staffs, dual blades and one that looks like a giant metal pinwheel... that last one is more useful then you would think believe it or not, and Raikoh can use all of them like it's second nature. Sadly he only uses swords in the 2ed game. (After rereading this trope I'm not sure if it applies, does it?)

Five-Man Band

The Hero: Raikoh.

The Lancer: Tsuna, he has a rough disposition, plays very much like Raikoh, and he's lightning/earth element.

The Smart Guy: Suetaki, he's also a talking floating tree... yaaa, I don't know what to say other then that, I mean come on, TALKING FLOATING TREE!

The Big Guy: Kintoki, don't believe me? Look up a picture of him then come back and tell me he's not the big guy.

The Chick: Sademitsu

Sixth Ranger: Seimei

The Four Gods: The Japanese version is used for the magic system, with each house representing a god and its element. Note: They seem to be using the Chinese version of Byakko, which is Metal (in game shown as Lightning), instead of the Japanese version, which would be Earth... I have no clue why they did that though. Kohryu is also in the game as Ouryu, but can't be used by the player the same way you can't use Void.

The Rival: Crimson King to Raikoh, an Oni demon with lots of flowing red hair that wields a huge stone kanabo, you meat him in a early stage in the 1st game when he wakes up, at this point he can easily kick your ass. Later in the game you get a dual stage where it's just you vs. him, you beat him, but he is not killed. In the 2ed game he shows up as a Bonus Boss that's as strong if not stronger then the end boss, he can be fought with any of the 6 warriors, but you get an extra cut scene if you beat him with Raikoh. Still not dead, many people hope he's in Otogi 3... If there ever is an Otogi 3. Oh, and he sounds like Mojo Jojo, I kid you not.

Lightning Bruiser: Raikoh in the 1st game, he's fast, can smash a demon twice or more his size though a wall, and can launch powerful magic attacks. You can use weapons that focus on one of these aspects, but overall Raikoh is best when he can use all three.

The Mario: Raikoh is reduced to this for the 2ed game, he can no longer use the strongest magic, and the much smaller weapon selection weakens him a bit, but he still has some Lightning Bruiser to him, as he can walk into almost any stage and beat it without trouble, even if the stage is meant for another warrior. Tsuna is also a Mario, he's almost exactly like Raikoh in the way he moves and handles, but there’s a twist to him, the way his weapon works makes him good at crowd-control, against lots of small enemies he's a beast, but larger enemies can give him trouble.

Fragile Speedster: Sademitsu all the way, she has the best movement speed, has the shortest delay between dashes, can keep attacking as long as you keep hitting the light attack button, and does not take hits very well (I think she has even less defense then Seimei, can't remember for sure).

Mighty Glacier: Kintoki, he has the worst speed, the worst jumping ability, can only use the weakest magic, but he has so much health that he can survive an attack that one-shots every other warrior, and his melee is so strong that he can kill a boss enemy that’s supposed to be immune to melee in two hits... damn, just damn.

Squishy Wizard: Suetaki and Seimei, they both rely on magic to do most of there dirty work, the difference between the two is that Suetaki can melee if he has to because his weapon gives him a wide range, while Seimei can mostly only use magic, but Seimei can double-tap her spells, firing two full powered shots one after the other AND can use spells even Suetaki can't use, one of which is bar none the strongest spell in the game.

One-Winged Angel: The end boss of the 1st game has 3 forms, he starts in human form, becomes dragon-like with scales and horns, and then... I can't remember what his last form was like but I know he had one. Interestingly he never changes into a giant monster; all his forms are humanoid, just with deferent skins and huge jumps in power.

Katanas Are Just Better: Almost completely Subverted, in the 1st game there’s only one sword that resembles a katana, and while it is a good early game weapon, it gets outclassed by the weapons you can get later. In the 2ed game the only person who uses katana is Tsuna, and it's a Double Weapon most of the time, not to mention his starting weapon, his 2ed and 3rd weapons look nothing like katana.

Infinity +1 Sword: The Moonlight Sword, not only does it have some of the best stats, but when you do a standing heavy attack the sword unleashes a Moonlight Wave that does incredible damage, one-shoting most enemies and crippling bosses. Makes a Cameo in Ninja Blade as the strongest heavy sword.

Elemental Powers: The five houses are this.

Blow You Away: The house of Soryu, The Dragon, shoots dragons that home in on enemies. Suetaki is this element, he fits it very well, as he is the only warrior that can jump as many time as you want, so you'll spend most, if not all of your time in the air.

Making a Splash: The house of Genbu, The Butterfly? (Should be Snake and Turtle), makes a cloud of butterflies made of water that knocks away enemies. Sademitsu is this element, she fits it well, in fact one of her alt costumes turns her entire body into see though water.

Playing with Fire: The House of Suzaku, The Phoenix, launches Phoenixes made of fire. Kintoki is this element, though he doesn't act too much like a fire type and isn't very good with magic anyway.

Shock and Awe: The house of Byakko, the Chimera? (Should be Tiger), brings down lightning. Tsuna is this element; he can apparently generate electricity from his body, so much so that he gets used as a living generator at one point in the game.

Power of the Void: The house of the Void... Duh. Has no spells as you can't use it, and the few enemies that have this element are just resistant to all magic spells.

Color-Coded Elements: Suzaku/Fire is red, Genbu=Water Is Blue, Soryu=Wind Is Green, Byakko/Lightning is blue or yellow depending on the charge of the spell, Void is black.

Weapon of Choice

Heroes Prefer Swords: Subverted in the 1st game where Raikoh can use many types of weapons, sadly played straight in the 2ed game where he only uses swords. One of the only things that the 2ed game didn't do better then the 1st.

Double Weapon: Tsuna uses a double katana made from his old katana and the katana of a slain friend. Also a Bifurcated Weapon.

An Axe to Grind: Kintoki, a very big axe... that's sometimes on fire.

Sinister Scythe: Sadamitsu's weapon, also a somewhat creepy little girl with ice/water elements.

Improbable Weapon User: Suetaki uses what can only be described as a floating wagon-wheel as a weapon, it is surprisingly effective.

Paper Fan of Doom: Seimei Dual Wield's these, there not very strong by game standards, but by real life standards they would be the deadliest melee weapons ever.

Carry a Big Stick: The Crimson King carries around a stone Kanabo so big you could use it as a support beam for a house.

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Hay! Look at that! I found out how to edit without scrwing up everything!

Would still like some general help, but at least now I can add the tropes to the page.
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For the record, the Moonlight is actually from King's Field, and it shows up in practically everyone of their games. Armored Core has it has a Laser Blade, for example. And you can also find it in Demon's Souls.

And yes, Otogi kicked ass. I think I liked the first just a bit more, but both were simply amazing. It blows my mind to think what they could do on this generation of consoles.
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Oh ya, it was in Armored Core wasn't it. I should have noticed that, of course the Moonlight in Armored Core doesn't look like the one from Otogi, which is probably why I didn't think about it.

What does the Moonlight from King's Field look like?
I've finished putting all the tropes and info that I can think of at the moment into the article.

I still need to type up the discription for Otogi 2, but for now I just want to get some feedback.

So take a look and tell me what needs to be immproved.

Otogi: Myth of Demons
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Never played it. But the one in Demon's Souls is a transparent BFS. Sadly, it doesn't shoot laser beams, if I recall correctly.
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Just looked it up. The Moonlight sword from Demon's Souls looks just like the one from Ninja Blade (or maybe it's the other way around?), and the one from Ninja Blade is just an oversized BFS version of the one from Otogi...

I still want to know what the King's Field one looks like, gonna look that up.

Oh, and what did you think of the Otogi: Myth of Demons page so far?

Ok, found some info on the King's Field Moonlight Sword, it looks more like the Otogi one in most of the pictures I can find, though some of them look bigger... Maybe the sword can change size.

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It's a good start. A little bit too much gushing; you might want to dial back the praise for how well it was done, but a good start.
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Are you sure there's to much praise? I can honistly say that it's one of the best games on the old Xbox.

But if you still think it's to much could you tell me WHERE I should tone it down?
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Everything I've bolded here is subjective praise. It's a given that the people who make pages feel strongly about the work, one way or the other, but this reads more like a review than a description.

Otogi: Myth of Demons is what happens when From Software take a legendry figure from Japanese history and the tales that surround them and turn it into a video game, and a GOOD video game at that.

At the beginning of the game, Raikoh wakes from his death, revived by a shadowy princess that was banished to the netherworld. She tells him that someone has broken the seal that protects the human world from demon kind, and tasks Raikoh to find this person, and to execute them. He is also to find a way to restore the seal that was broken, but neither of these tasks will be easy, as with the seal broken the human world has been flooded with demons who will show no mercy to any that cross their path.

The game itself is wonderfully done, the environments are stunning and beautiful, not to mention eerie in some places. The music is classic Japanese and mixes with the world near perfectly. The controls are simple and effective, and the fighting is quick and powerful. There is also one feature this game has that it does better then most, destructible environments. If you can hit it (or hit an enemy into it), then you can probably break it. From buildings, to castle walls, to trees, and in some places even the floor, you can leave half a ton of rubble in your wake.

The demons that you fight are also deserving of mention, as each is just as well done as the environments and even get descriptions that you can read before the levels, which not only tells you what to expect when fighting them but describes them in a way that is worthy of their origin from Japanese mythology.

Needs More Love

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Ok, I did some toning down... though I'm not sure how else to discribe the environments, most of this game is outright Scenery Porn.
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Add that trope to the list.
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I've just finished adding tropes and typing the discription for Otogi 2.

I also moved the YMMV items.

So take a look Otogi: Myth of Demons.

Feel free to fix any spelling errors and give sugestions, hell add some tropes if you can think of any I missed.
Found out how to add an image to a page, so I put the best image I could find into it.

I hope you guys like it.
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