Planescape: Torment 2:

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Being considered. Good thing or bad thing?
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Just imagine the first planescape.

Then imagine every line of dialogue VOICED.
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Sad.... :(
That depends...

A direct sequel of the Planescape: Torment would be, frankly, a horrible idea. The story was fully completed within the game and ended on a rather final note and I cant imagine a way how could they justify a sequel without utterly butchering the story.

On the other hand, having a spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment, either as another story set in the same setting, or as RPG that focuses on story and its depth, almost to the point of exclusion of anything else? (Or both?) OH HELL YES.

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Just imagine the first planescape.

Then imagine every line of dialogue VOICED.

Honestly, I would say that of all the games I've played with voice acting, the majority have suffered for it. Things are certainly better in the business than they used to be, but even so, I find myself wishing more often than not that they'd cut the voice acting out entirely if they're not going to do a better job.
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So long as it's not milking the thing directly, it would be pretty awesome. The problem is that the whole Dn D model is more or less a relic in terms of gameplaying...
Jonah Falcon
Planescape: Aftermath, maybe? In which you play someone having to sweep up after The Nameless One?
Jonah Falcon
Nah, leave Nameless alone. He's been through enough, and he's gotten his peace. The Planescape setting is stupidly huge; the problem won't be coming up with something as unique as PS:T, it'll be narrowing it down.

If Obsidian wants my advice, and they don't, I have one word for them: Spelljammer. cool
Jonah Falcon
All I'm saying is that you can have a new character, and have the save file adjust what Sigil is like after The Nameless One left.
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Or you could go to other parts of Sigil.

I mean, they used the Hive, the Lower Ward and the Clerk's Ward. That's half of Sigil and not an entire half to boot. The only other Planes you travel to are part of Baator and the Negative Energy Plane. There are the rest of the alignment planes and the elemental planes as well; and that's not counting the many, many Prime Material Planes.

Nameless was a great character, and I can't see any Obsidian Planescape games going forward without his presence affecting the gameworld. But the actions of the Last Incarnation are going to have far fewer repercussions than those the Practical or Paranoid, or any of the ones with long-term planning capability in between. Plus, it's a twelve year old game; I don't relish the thought of trying to dig out details about where the player was naughty or nice for a sequel a la Dragon Age. Planescape just wasn't built with that in mind.
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There was already a spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment, wasn't there? It was called Knightsofthe Old Republic 2.

Also, voice acting could totally work with the right talent. Just look at Dragon Age and the Mass Effect games. Also considering how good New Vegas turned out in that department, as well as the aforementioned Star Wars game, it's fair to say Obsidian knows what they're doing.

Other than that, I'll have to wait and see more before I know how to feel about this.
Jonah Falcon
Keep in mind, there's no plans. It's just Obsidian saying, "We're thinking about it and we want to hear if there's a market for it."
Jonah Falcon
That's all the impetus the assorted nerds of the fora need to get on the discussion bandwagon, though!
The Planescape setting is stupidly huge
I Read That As "the Planescape setting is hugely stupid" and I was preparing to unleash nerd rage. Then I actually read it correctly and nevermind.
Cmon, Obsi, make my inner child happy
Gunpla is amazing!

Planescape was a paragon of video game storytelling.

Lets not ruin its legacy.
Jonah Falcon
Anyone actually ever play the Planescape universe of pen and paper D&D?
Jonah Falcon

Yes. The campaign was alright, but it kind of petered out.

I did love the art though.





Obsidian, I am begging you, make it happen!

....Er, sorry. Inner fanboy got the better of me..
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I'm with Drakovicz. Leave the characters from the previous games alone (same for very small cameos) and let the Planescape game go it's own way. It's not like the universe was just created for the game.
Gunpla is amazing!

Rarely is a sequel/remake of an older series done well.

Now if it took place in the planescape WORLD but seperate from the first story? I'd be cool with that.
Jonah Falcon
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