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The Trope-tans call it Extremus.

The end of the multiverse. The place where fragments of uncountable universes gather, pulled forcibly from weakened or randomized worlds, and drawn in by forces unknown - even to those whose task it is to observe and record. This... clump of fragments, once merely small and insignificant compared to even a city, has over the course of millenia, grown, and grown, and grown... becoming a size rivaling that of several continents, an eternal multiversal storm shrouding it, blocking it off to even the most well-equipped multiversal traveler. Those unlucky enough to find themselves here, pulled along with the fragments of their world and eventually awaking at the crumbling, yet growing edge of this wasteland, discover soon enough that there is little chance of escape.

In the distance, dominating the skyline day and night, stands a pillar of light, blazing white and tearing through the stormy skies above it... the only constant in this place. Rumors - and only rumors - have abound regarding its purpose; some say it is the very thing responsible for their plight, speaking of it as if it were sentient... and malevolent. Others speak of its maddening effects on those who are foolish enough to approach it, reducing them to pathetic, gibbering wrecks. Still others say it is a way home; a lone beacon of hope in this desolate land. Many have ventured forth to try and see what it truly is. None have returned.

Many have simply given up any hope of returning to whence they came, instead resigning themselves to life in Extremus. Small towns have cropped up over the years, each dotting the lands of this place. Societies have thrived as best they could, given the circumstances; some welcoming lost souls like themselves. If you think all of them are safe havens from the wildly-different landscapes surrounding them, however... you are sorely mistaken. Survival above all is the one true rule that governs this lawless land.

It is here, in this patchwork wasteland, that a tale weaved since time immemorial will come to its climax. Lines will be drawn, with these poor Recurrents trapped in the center of it all... these events testing their resolve, their determination to survive. As to how it will end? Only time will tell where the pendulum of fate will swing. One thing is certain, however:

It all ends here.

The Massive Multi-Fandom Role Playing Game
Season Three
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Entry Point A:

Those dropped off here find themselves on a massive fishing dock hanging over a monstrous lake and surrounded by the filthy water on three sides. The lake itself ends abruptly after a short while in a titanic waterfall, which runs down what seemed to be the edge of the world. The dock itself extends into the fog farther than one could see unaided…

Entry Point B:

Those pulled in here appear in the middle of a ruined town square, the enormous fountain in the middle cracked and broken into several pieces. Even the insects and various rodents one might normally find scavenging around such a place are absent…

Entry Point C:

Those dragged into this area have been brought to what was once a large shopping mall. While the stores themselves appear to be devoid of people, a mess of enormous trees and underbrush have grown over most everything on all three floors…
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A man in red spandex with spots of black on his mask appears in the mall. YORKKK!

He looks around. What the... Did I enter another alternate universe?

He sighs. No... No... There's no landmarks of any malls in America.

He sits down. So let's see what Leonidas-style madness I've entered today!
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-Entry Point C-

Frog suddenly awoke to the world. Moments ago he had been staring out at the horizon, the sun setting, of Denadaro Mountains. Now, he found himself in a strange building at the base of a large tree.

"What magic is this?"

Frog drew his sword and looked around for any hostile creatures. So, the exciting times are not over yet.

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Ben woke, as he usually did, suddenly. He sat bolt upright,. He stood, looking around him. "Okay, this has got to be some kind of prank. Alright guys! You can come out now!", he cried. No response. He scratched his head. "Huh. Weird." He looked aroound again. "Grandpa Max?! Gwen?! Anybody!" No response. He raised an eyebrow. "Double weird. I better see if there's anyone else here."

He looked down at his left wrist and drew the Omnitrix's display into view. His index finger and thumb clamped around the dial, switched through a variety of sillhouettes. He came to a stop on one of a lean, hunched over figure. "Perfect."

He slammed his hand down on the button. In a flash of green light, skin gave way to forrest green carapace. Two tentacular eyestalks shot out of his head as a pair of gossamer wings jutted out of his back.

"Stinkfly?! Aw man!"

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In the steamy bathing room of a luxury hotel...
"Ahh... nothing like a good bath to wash away all your troubles..." A long haired man sighed out, bathing in the steaming waters. He soaked in there for a bit longer, before he heard a noise, which sounded like the lock door opening...

Narrowing his crimson eyes, the man stood up out of the water and prepared to see who was intruding in on his bath...

The door opened to reveal an kid with brown spikey hair, and what looked like a giant key. Kid and man stared at each other for several moments, the man wearing nothing but steam, the kid clad in clothes with way too much zippers. After a moment, the kid closed the door slowly, and then rapid footsteps could be heard, as though he was running away.

Sighing, the man drained the water and put on his clothes. "Well now... time to apprehend the peeper." The man dried his long, brown hair, and put on his clothes, a blue military officer's uniform. Placing a pair of glasses upon his nose, he opened the door and strode out...

Into what appeared to be a fog, the sounds of a waterfall a couple of feet away. "..." The man looked around suspiciously, though the door simply faded away, leaving him without a way to get back. "What a surprise... did a hyperresonance blow me somewhere?" Jade inquired no one but himself, glancing around at the new surroundings. He then strode towards the sound of the falls, intent on locating his bearings.
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A small, dome shaped abode with a small wooden window, a chimney, and a wooden door with a star for a doorknob suddenly materialized nearby the shopping mall.

If you were to look inside, you would see a small pink puffball resting peacefully in a bed, wearing a green cap with large pale circles dotted about. He currently had a large, open-gaped smile with bits of drool oozing from the sides. He lie there for a bit, until finally, his eyes began to slowly open. He slowly sat up, and let out a loud, adorable yawn. He smacked his lips, and glanced outside lazily...

His eyes shot wide open and his expression turned to one of puzzlement as he realized this was certainly not his home of Green Greens. He jumped right out of bed, throwing off his sleeping cap and running to his door. The door swung right open as he quickly shuffled outside, eyeing around him as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. How did his house move without him waking up? And wherever this was, it was definitely not anywhere in Dreamland...

Wasting no time, Kirby made his way inside the shopping mall, looking around diligently for any clues.

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A young man, who could be best described as "nerd"-ish in appearance, walked, seemingly out of nowhere, onto the the massive dock stretched out before him. As he faded in, as if suddenly acknowledging existence, he found he had no memory of how he's gotten here.

"Hello? Anyone out there?...Is this some kind of weird-ass dream or something?" He called out, with a hint of doub in his own words.

The wild-haired, jacket wearing otaku gathered a look of his surroundings, or, atleast, as well as he could with the thick fog obfuscating his view of most of the dock. Sunglasses didn't really help with that. It reminded him of an Akashic Point, if anything.

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7:34 AM


"Ooooh..." came a thin voice from behind what appeared to be a decrepit checkout counter. "Where am I?" came the same voice, even as a figure asserted herself. As the dim lighting played over her form, anyone who wasn't a citizen of Tremorton, USA, would have a hard time believing what they were seeing- a robot in the shape of a young teenage girl, decked out in resplendant aquamarine and ivory-white, dazedly rubbing her pigtail-adorned head and taking in her surroundings. "What is this freaky place?" she said out loud, more to calm and steady herself than to communicate with anyone nearby. "This can't be Tremorton..." she muttered, examining the ruins, "and I don't think this is Cluster Prime," she added as an afterthought, rememberingn the last time where she had been sent to a strange new place against her will. The robot- XJ-9 or Jenny, as she preferred to be called, hesitantly took a step- and then another, as she peered out into the tremendously overgrown ruins of the mall. "Uh... hello?" she called out nervously. "Anybody here?" Bolstered by this, she realized something and called out defiantly, "If this is one of your tricks, Vexus, then I'll..."

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Fawful... just... wanted some kingdom conquering...
Fawful tried... Fawful gave the 110 percents... Fawful worked the overtime... Fawful was the team player... Fawful put in the hours... Fawful got the hands dirty...
Fawful has remorse, Fawful understands.
Here Fawful goes...The disappearing...Forever disappearing...

Out on the dock, a small green bespectacled man awoke, looking around in confusion to make sense of his surroundings.

"Where... do I have the location?"

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Anyone in the mall would hear the thin whine of a whirring blade as Jenny resolutely hacked her way through the more tangled parts of the overgrown complex, her hands apparently replaced with a pair of thin buzzsaws. She was frightened-only a little bit, she scolded herself- but her instincts as an action heroine would undoubtedly do her good. "Hellooooo..." she called once more, more unsettled by the fact that nobody was answering than anything else. "Anybody here?"
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Suddenly, something appeared in the sky and crashed roughly into the one of the buildings of the town square, namely that of a diner. The figure groaned and got up from the collision, and looked over herself.

She wore a form-fitting yellow and green outfit, which covered her body except for her head. She wore yellow gloves on her hand and large yellow boots on her legs. Her hair was long and brown, except for the perpetual white streak she had in it since birth. Her green eyes scanned the diner.

"Where are the people?" the woman asked herself in what was obviously a thick Southern accent.

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"Four's been four years..." thought a certain Pokemon Trainer. A Pokemon Trainer named Red.

In the past four years, after the events of the second City, he had basically stayed in the region of Kanto, spending the four years there after having left it behind for three years. Spending the time with the people he knows, yet had not seen in a long time.

Of course, he still had a journey, a dream to fulfill.

He had arrived at the airport, with his six Pokemon, the same six he had with him since that time four years ago, ready to go to the region he hadn't actually visited yet, willing to know about the Pokemon he hadn't seen yet, willing to challenge it's Champion. And some point later, he was there.

Just in case, he went into a Pokemon Center (which had a Poke Mart in it, which he found rather convenient), got his Pokemon healed, bought 6 Max Potions and 6 Full Restores, and stepped out...

...only to find himself near what seems to be an abandoned-for-years shopping mall.

"What...?" he said.

He went into the mall, since maybe, just maybe, if his hunch about this situation is correct, then maybe there would have been people already in there.

"Hello? Anybody here?"

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Ben's now insectoid head jerked in the direction of the noise. He took off, the humming of his wings an assurance of... something, he supposed. He came to a stop in front of Rogue. "You okay, lady?"
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It had seemed like a normal night for Gene, or as normal as it could be. He remembered getting in a fight Olivia (not a literal fight, that was something he would have won) over something trivial and sleeping on the couch. He didn't know why he slept there, it was not like he had to listen to her. One would think that both saving her life from demon sacrifice and having both God Hands would have given him some leanway. But nooooo.

His first clue that something was amiss was the sound of water. While the hotel was on a island, it was not this close. The second was that his comfortable "bed" was suddenly much, much harder, like laying on bare wood. Opening his eyes showed that he was, in fact, laying on wood. Gene pushed himself off the planks, looking around to find he was certainly not in Kansas anymore.

It had seem he had been on the dock of some immense lake. One that apparently lead to a waterfall, which begged the question of what the point of the dock was. Gene began dusting his long coat off as he looked for people or maybe a ramen stand when he noticed the change. He looked down to his left arm. It was not the other god hand (or the Devil Hand as it's previous owner had called it) but his normal arm. Fear struck him. He looked to his right arm, but was relieved to see that it was still the God Hand.

Still, this was a problem. Even with Angra's defeat, demons would still be after the two powerful weapons and Olivia would cut him to pieces if she learned he lost one. Giving one last look around his surroundings he moved further into the dock to search for answers.

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Jenny pushed through the last part of foliage, only to find herself face-to-face with a boy wearing a red baseball cap. "Uh... hi?" she said guardedly, her chainsaws still whirring at full tilt. "And who are you?"
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Red ended up meeting...what seems to be a robot in the form of a teenage girl with chainsaws.

"Whoa! Um...hi there, my name's Red! What's your name? And do you know where I am?" he asked in a fit of panic.

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The otaku thought he heard an echo a little bit far from his location, but could not confirm, what-with barely being able to see and all.

He called out once more, just a little bit louder. "If anyone's around, give me a shout!"

Though he wanted to find someone else who could possibly inform him about this strange lake, he quickly fingered what looked like a complex lightsaber hilt, hanging from a part of his belt. also next to it were several others, all different in design.

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"I'm Jenny, but you probably already know that. Why don't you tell me where I am first?!" retorted the robot, her eyes glinting suspiciously.

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"I don't know! I just got here...though admittedly, this situation was similar to something that happened before..." Red said.
A pie bus falls into a multiversal convergence point. Hilarity ensues.
"...huh?" said Jenny, her chainsaw blades folding back into her arms and being replaced with the far-less-threatening set of hands. "You mean you've been here before? But where's here?"
The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide. Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein.
In The Empire Porky Building, Floor 100

A small group of people stood, gathered, staring at the apparently decrepit old man lying on the machine in front of them. The old man laughed for a moment, before descending into a coughing fit. When he composed himself, he began to speak:

"Bring it on! If you can catch up to me, that is! Here, you can use this elevator all you want! Spankety, spankety, spankety!" The man descended into another coughing fit before his bed ascended, pulled by chains of some sort.

The people stared up as he ascended, wondering what he meant by elevator, when the platform in the center of the room suddenly jerked downwards. The four people (and one dog) standing on this platform looked stunned for a moment, but it only lasted a second before the entire platform began to fall, and they had no chance to react before they all fell, too.

Duster never felt himself hit the ground. He opened his eyes and pushed himself up into a sitting position, apparently sitting on some sort of rock or something. He appeared to be sitting in a ruined town square - a sight which reminded him uncomfortably of the now-empty Tazmily Village. He stood up, glancing around at the fountain and buildings around the square.

"Lucas?" he called, looking around for any sign of the young blond boy - or even any of his other friends. "Kumatora? Flint? Boney?" he waited for a response and didn't hear anything.


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23 BeholdTheTheremin11th May 2011 05:47:10 PM from A blank white windowless room Get RP Mod
"No, not here, just something similar..." said Red. "Were you just pulled here, or do you live here?" Red asked.

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Did Nothing Wrong
Entry Point A

When Aki's eyes opened, they did so to be greeted with to the damp white blankness of a heavy mist.

That in itself was an odd occurrence. Not just waking up to it, either, although the Schola did have a tendency to have a roof. Perlia had a very dry sort of climate, even in its more inhabitable regions, and mist was practically an unheard of phenomenon anywhere that wasn't up a mountain. That would also, the girl realized, make the rather loud and persistent sounds of running and crashing water something of an oddity as well.

The fact that she was lying on what felt suspiciously like damp wooden planking probably fell into that category, too. This was slightly worrying.

Aki stopped staring into the whitened sky and bolted upright, struck with a sudden curiosity for finding out exactly where she was. Her were met with a completely and utterly sodden dock, and a lake reading off into a not-very-distant waterfall. That explained the mist, at least. And the planks. In the grand scheme of things, however, it was perhaps not quite so helpful. The girl's head swivelled around at the sound of a voice shouting something about fury and a location from somewhere in the fog, but the mist made it impossible to see who it might be or where it was coming from. The addition of strange half-heard voices didn't really help much with her confusion.

She got to her feet, hair and greatcoat gently swinging in the moisture-laiden breeze, and tried to work out what exactly she should do next. Only one idea sprang to mind, one that brought with it a small measure of panic. She tried to ignore it. He'd promised they'd be together nomatter what. He wouldn't have let her get here on her own. He'd be here, wherever here was. He always was. He had to be.

Aki opened her mouth, and tried to raise her voice above the crashing of the waterfall behind her.


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Kenshin sat in the doorway to the Kasshin dojo, his eyes blinking slowly as the sun set. He could hear Ayame and Suzume playing hopscotch near where the laundry was hung, keeping energetic as always. Yahiko was busy working out inside of the dojo, and Sanosuke was off with friends of his. It had been a long, arduous journey, but with the death of Shishio, everything was slowly coming back to peace again. Even miss Megumi seemed to have her clinic repaired enough to properly take on patients! Yes, everything was finally coming back to peace... Kenshin smiled as he laid a hand on the hilt of the reverse-blade sword, watching the sun disappear beyond the dojo doors.

"I believe that this peace, this happiness will last. This day, this month, this year, it will last. The fighting got tough, but in the end we all prevailed. And now, we will all see such a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow..."

—Arrival, Area A—

Kenshin blinked, then blinked again as he suddenly stood up. He was on a platform of some sort, with strange water nearby that had an unpleasant smell to it. He covered his nose with one hand and looked around, the fog partially covering his sight. "Excuse me, is-" He began to call out, but then stopped as he listened in to what sounded like other people shouting around the scene. He removed his hand from his nose and raised an eyebrow, but otherwise remained quiet as he tried to zone in on these voices.
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