Laptop users: Do you use your trackpad for gaming?:

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I always try to have at least a dinky little reel-up mouse with any laptops on the go, when using a laptop at home? Plug in real monitor, plug in real speakers, plug in real keyboard, plug in real mouse (I should note my desktop rig has a KVM switch on it though.)

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Why would I remove the sticker? It's a handy guide to the system specs.

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When I wrote the post, I was on my computer at training, so I couldn't have looked at the sticker. But now I'm on my laptop, so I can see that it's a 7736G.
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I find they come off anyway, so rather than having messy adhesive on my wrists, I get rid of them.

I play with a wired mouse on my laptop. And by "play" I mean "lag about and overheat", obviously. Poor, poor laptop really just wasn't built for any game made after the turn of the century.

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