Is Prototype like Incredible Hulk?:

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Well, I think yeah. You see, Alex Mercer has Hulk's characteristics such as scientist turned monster by own experiment, learned how to love in that state, and being hunted down by the military. The difference is that before the incident, Alex is a Complete Monster but Banner isn't.

On the top of that, the former is where I get some theories for the latter. For example, the theory "the final villain Hulk will fight against is Betty" is from "the final boss of Prototype 2 will be Dana". It revolves around Hulk and Alex will have Start of Darkness upon having killed the characters that would lose their Morality Chain. They would go on a rampage around the world and be named PARIAH and the Beast.

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Are you aware that the developers outright stated that the Hulk was their inspiration?

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.....okay, I'm really going to have to ask and point this out, because it's going to bug the crap out of me, but is there any particular reason you have the same name pattern, post-content pattern, interests in Prototype, interest in Complete Monsters, interests in other shows based on your page edits, and country (based on your I Ps) as Death Note Fan?
Did DNF get banned or something?

Also, the devs were the developers for The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.
Maybe I could think of the roles:
  • Bruce Banner/Hulk = Alex Mercer
  • Betty Ross = Karen Parker
  • Jennifer Walter/She-Hulk = Dana Mercer
  • General Thunderbolt Ross = Raymond McMullen
  • Doc Samson = Bradley Ragland
  • Supreme Hunter = Abomination
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