Best system for JRPGs?:

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[up][up]Er, have you heard about the fact that Tales of Graces for the PS3 has been confirmed for localization? Anyways, I have to agree with most of the people in this thread that none of the home consoles have an abundance of JRP Gs, so I'd go with portables if JRP Gs are the main thing you're looking for. I want to play Tales of Vesperia and all, but I can't recommend buying a 360 just for it...

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... No, I haven't.

That changes things a bit, then. Thanks for getting on the ball, Namco.
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Yeah, Vesperia is great and all, but from what I've seen, Graces looks so much better (and a MUCH cooler battle system IMO) so sacrificing one jrpg for another doesn't seem like such a bad thing. Plus Tales of Xillia is coming to the PS3 as well (we don't know if we'll get it, but with the way Namco's been looking at Tales stuff again, it could happen)
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