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Doctor Who Big Finish:

Any listeners here?
I want to but I HATE how they are putting the TARDIS as a jerk they making her out to be a villain-.-

 3 Nicknacks, Fri, 13th Jan '12 2:31:25 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
[up]Did you listen to the story that happened in, or did you just read the spoilers? 'Cause it's only in the one story that happens, and I really understood why, given the circumstances.

There's a fairly decent explanation as why in said story, and the character's well acted too. Which is nothing less than I expected, given the actor. *sniff*

I'm btw, a pretty avid listener — but I was always a bigger fan of Bernice Summerfield and Sapphire And Steel.

Edit: It might be better to talk about this in the Doctor Who general thread, over in television. It'd get more traffic, for one. I reckon more people might like to be exposed to Big Finish's output, given the quality of their work is at times incredible. (The recent Silver Turk was a very cool Gothic twist on the Cybermen — though probably inevitable after they invaded Dracula's Castle last year.)

edited 13th Jan '12 2:34:38 AM by Nicknacks

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