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I notice we don't really have one of these. Just a bunch of threads with people asking for a player or GM. So I propose one grand unifying thread to encompass requests for players and G Ms in Play by post, email, etc games.

I'd like to start us off. I find myself wanting a third player for a World of Darkness game, play by Email. I have the core book(new), and Vampire: The Requiem. I also have Genius: The Transgression 1.1 on PDF(not sure how well it meshes with the others though...any tips on including that in my game or not?). So, any takers? I really only want three, and I'm already running it with a classmate and online friend. It'll be a Prelude(human only) story.
Never played a play by post or play by email before, willing to give it a try, although would have to deal with a GMT +10 timezone.

On the IRL front, any one in Canberra need a player?
3 BlueNinja09th May 2011 07:25:33 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Anyone in the slightly-north-of-Seattle area wanting to game, I am running a BESM-3rd game set in the FF 7 universe, a few hundred years after the game. I can fit two more players with little problem.
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4 Sakan4k24th Aug 2011 05:06:36 PM from The Other Rainforest
Hey all. I've been wanting to play again, but I've only played Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, and only a tiny bit of Palladium. Still don't know too much about the games, but I've been going mad as it's been months since I've played. I'm GMT -9 with a very inconsistent work week, but I have Ventrilo and Skype.
Cheeky son of a....
I'd be willing to play 3.5 with you if we can find a GM. I as well have Skype.
6 Sakan4k24th Aug 2011 06:27:56 PM from The Other Rainforest
Should have more than two players. Grab at least two more?
Cheeky son of a....
Of course. We'll look around.
8 Sakan4k12th Sep 2011 05:16:45 AM from The Other Rainforest
I haven't been able to find anyone ;_;
9 Slender13th Sep 2011 08:33:50 PM from Somewhere near myself
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There is an IRC based game of Dresden FATE that needs more players, it exists right here

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10 EviIPaladin26th Sep 2011 03:36:18 PM from Middle-Of-Nowhere, NS , Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
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Delimanman is running a Skype D&D one-shot (probably) 4e game. Myself and Taco are the only current adventurers so one or two more would be ace. PM Deli for more info.

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Cheeky son of a....
I'd be interested, thanks.
12 Sakan4k28th Sep 2011 10:39:20 PM from The Other Rainforest
I'll give 4e a shot. Never done it before, but it's always good to try new things!
13 BlueNinja01st Oct 2011 06:31:59 PM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
Chronically Sleep Deprived
Anyone interested in a play-by-post Genius: The Transgression game? I maybe running one in the near future. Room for at least 4 more players.
TBH, his ego doesn't need more stroking. Nor does any other part of him. - M84
14 TheyCallMeTomu2nd Oct 2011 12:03:50 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Assuming the defender doesn't show up Wednesday (he didn't last wednesday and hasn't sent word since) I'm actually still looking for a 4E player for either Second Striker position or Defender.

Not to mention, who knows if this new monk guy is gonna work out...
15 Slender4th Oct 2011 02:51:09 PM from Somewhere near myself
King of kings
Is anyone interested in a game of FATE? Since the one above seems a bit dead. PM me for more info.
16 TheyCallMeTomu4th Oct 2011 02:53:32 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Well, my defender showed up-family funeral (I kind of assumed as much at the time-which is why I didn't just assume he had dropped the campaign-and no problems with the monk so far.
17 TheyCallMeTomu5th Oct 2011 02:52:34 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
I am thinking of starting a very short run epic level 3.5 game. Everything goes, so it's just a "let's far around and be absurdly overpowered" type campaign that will shortly implode on itself.

Gauging current level of interest.
Cheeky son of a....
If it's run on Skype, I'm in. Bard.
19 TheyCallMeTomu5th Oct 2011 03:13:22 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
It will be run via a combination of mIRC and Maptools.

mIRC will be utilized for non-combat sections, and Maptools will be used for combat. In the event that any combat encounter lasts beyond the first initiative count <_<
Cheeky son of a....
Hmm...I don't mind maptools, we're using it in my other campaign. I've just always found being able to talk to your allies aloud helps.
21 TheyCallMeTomu5th Oct 2011 03:18:13 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
I don't have a mic @_@

Maybe if my tutoring sessions start paying some cash, I'll purchase one (and a replacement PS2 controller-I just found that I've worn through the cables! It's amazing it still works at all @_@)
Cheeky son of a....
Alright, no big deal...I might still play, give me a shout if you get enough interest and not another bard.
23 TheyCallMeTomu5th Oct 2011 03:24:26 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
It's just a random thing. Again, it'll be very short lifetime. I expect to break down and cry by the end of the second session :P
24 KyleJacobs21st Mar 2012 06:02:36 AM from DC - Southern efficiency, Northern charm , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
Looking for someone to GM Call of Cthulhu / people to join in playing it.
25 Envyus21st Mar 2012 12:56:56 PM from Behind you , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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@Sakan. One of my players is going to have to drop out of my 3.5 game so you could join that. We think we are going to play on saterday.
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