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I wrote one of the aforementioned long-ass rants in response to someone's fanfic recently, and just today they posted a revised edition of the chapter I'd commented on—with a lot of the stuff I'd mentioned taken into account. That made me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside. waii
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I wrote a really long review recently (or not entirely recently any more) about one fiction pointing out all the problems with it, with suggestions on how to do it better, while at the same time en detail defending it against all the Fan Dumb that had accumulated in the reviews so far...

...and shortly afterward the story was deleted. :-/

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[up][up]That's how things should roll, IMO. If there's something wrong with my fic or something that a reviewer thinks that I can improve on, I would like them to tell me.

Without flaming, of course.
I tend to write reviews for things I like, rather than dislike.

Critique is nice, but some bad fanfiction cliches still have their market, such as mary-sues, ukefication, etc, so it's kind of pointless to go and say they're doing it wrong when their readers obviously like that sort of thing.

Perhaps FF.net could do with something like DeviantArt has where you can request critique if you want it. That way those who want to learn will be more likely to get what they want, and others will be more likely to be left alone.
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Because I love the works in question and want to create more of the same. My personal preferences are Original Flavor, but I've seen enough good work in Alternate Universe Fic and other far-out stuff not to reject it out of hand. I won't do shipping (though I would consider it if the pairing is supported by canon) or porn.

Though (unusually?), I started out writing original fiction and only discovered fanfic later. Original stuff remains my main interest, but fanfiction has given me a community and exposed me to a lot more constructive criticism than I would have found otherwise.
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I consider fanfiction a way of giving credit to my influences—that is to say, if a story sets up an interesting possibility, but fails to explore it, it feels more honest to write fanfiction than to change a few names around and treat the fic as if it were an original idea. So far, I've managed to get around this by hybridizing so many different stories that a name change makes it impossible to tell what my sources were* , but if I ever find a story idea that I can't cross over and can't change radically, I'll feel no shame in writing fanfic.

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I'm not a huge fan of fan fiction personally, I've written one or two over the years mostly just to pass the time or because I had a sudden idea spring into mind after watching/reading/playing said source material. the advantage of fan fiction is 1) you have a pre-built world in which to play meaning you don't have to go through all the trouble of building a believeable world for your stories (just look at the depth of the star wars or star trek universes, or middle earth from lord of the rings) 2) you have characters already fleshed out and ready to go with motivations, abilities and backgrounds already for you with plenty of room for you to add new characters

the way I see it fan fiction is a great way to practice writing without having to do all the hard work of world building
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On the other hand, a person who loves world-building and sees sitting down and writing the darn thing as the hard part will be able to use fanfiction as a way to practice dialog and pacing without giving themselves the opportunity to procrastinate by writing out the history of their world.
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Sometimes I'll imagine some characters from a work I like doing stuff, and I'll end up liking the idea so much that I'll want to write it down ^_^

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Characters from successful works of fiction who've been created by professional writers are generally more interesting than characters created by a sixteen-year-old amateur, so I find it interesting to get inside their heads.
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