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Is there a trope for the final shot of a movie pulling back wide?:

David Bordwell had an interesting post about how many movies end with the camera pulling back, or the character turning and walking away (or both). The opposite often happens at the beginning of the film (pushing in, walking towards the camera).

Early on, he writes, "It has no name that Iím aware of, but itís one of the most common conventions of movie storytelling. At the end of the film, the story world closes itself off from us. The characters turn away, perhaps walking into the distance. We may get a distant long shot of the scene. In some cases the camera accentuates this withdrawal by craning or tracking away from the action."

I am SO sure I've read a TV Trope about this very thing, but no matter how much I google, I can't find it. Am I crazy, or is there a name for this trope?

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 2 Tzetze, Wed, 4th May '11 1:32:19 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Lost and Found is for this sort of question. In the meantime, look through Camera Tricks?
That, and see Pan Up To The Sky Ending
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 4 Madrugada, Wed, 4th May '11 2:17:10 PM Relationship Status: In season
For some reason it wasn't on the Camera Tricks index — he's talking about the Hat-and-Coat Shot. And I think it's fascinating that a 3-year-old can recognize one even when she's never seen the movie using it before.

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