What if your main characters were the opposite gender?:

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126 Masterofchaos3rd Mar 2013 12:33:14 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
127 Tiamatty3rd Mar 2013 05:51:32 PM from Now on Twitter , Relationship Status: Brony
Hmm. I think mine would remain the same people at their cores, but there'd be some definite differences in their outward behaviour, at least for most of them. I actually do plan to introduce gender-flipped versions of them at some point. Just for a few chapters, and not for a long time.
128 TheMuse4th Mar 2013 01:55:07 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
To answer the question, the main villian is a somewhat sympathetic, Bastard Bastard with some emotional issues. He acts as almost a 'puppet ruler' for the Evil Matriarch.
  • If you switched that, the main villian would probably be seen as much more sympathetic, (just Audience Reactions-wise)which isn't the point of the original character.
It's just that the main villian is intended to be sympathetic, but not too sympathetic because he isn't supposed be interpreted as a straight up Woobie or a Draco in Leather Pants. The Evil Matriarch is a horrible person, but has hints of Magnificent Bastard to keep her charismatic; swap that around and you'll get a character that will probably get interpreted as a Complete Monster.
Sorry about the initial Unfortunate Implications, I should have gone further in depth.

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Ohhhhh okay that makes sense. I would probably have the same thing if you switched the genders of some of my villains too.
130 nrjxll4th Mar 2013 05:18:10 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
My standing position on audiences who might change their perception of my characters if their gender changed is... let's say rather more impolite then I'd like to get in this thread.
131 TheMuse4th Mar 2013 05:38:41 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Yeah, there's the trope (I don't think we even have a trope for this, correct me if I'm wrong) that involves the female villan who does evil things 'only to ensure her security/safety. Flip that around, and a majority of the time you'll get a male character who is probably going to be interpreted as much more of an asshole.
I don't know, I think male villains tend to get a lot of leeway too thanks to being granted leather pants if they're reasonably attractive. Does that tend to happen as often with female villains?
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[up][up], [up] It's interesting that y'all are discussing this, since I ran into exactly that issue thinking about one of my characters (who isn't even supposed to be a villain in the story, but whose ulterior motives seem to become much more sinister as a man).
Male villains are substantially more likely to get a pass for being attractive, and, though I'm not sure about it, I think that female villains might be more likely to get a pass for being a Knight Templar.
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135 chihuahua06th Mar 2013 07:54:29 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Time to revisit this as I come back to Manifestation Files. I'll just keep it with in story.

Female Bryan might be perceived differently by her peers due to be overly dominant, and people might give her a harder time to being uptight and hard to get.

She'll also have tennis in the fall instead of the spring, causing some changes to the story.

Female Finn might have an easier time being accepted into a misfitish social group, despite her shyness, although she'll still be reluctant. People might notice her strange personality less, but might expect less from her.

Male Scout...might have an even harder time. He'll stick out among the few "friends" that can tolerate his behavior, and everyone else in the grade might see him as "that pervert", even though he has standards.

136 Ninjaxenomorph6th Mar 2013 08:00:02 PM from Texas, Texas, Texas , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Hmm. An interesting question. (Original char->'gender flipped char'). Note that the changes that would result are a combination of perceived audience reactions and how I would write them differently.

Wurhan-> 'Wurha': it could work, as Wurhan is a non-action guy, and was just brought along on the mission as a historian. As a woman, Wurha would get some Unfortunate Implications by not being able to fight, though it could be explained better.

Naea->'Naeon': geez, this one gets plowed over. As a man, Naeon would be a massively intolerant prick, Naea being slightly more sensitive being a woman who fought through patriarchy to become a holy warrior. She's just religiously intolerant as a woman.

Allezio-> 'Allezia': interesting, actually. As a woman, Allezia would be more crazy and less charming than as a male, Allezio enjoying supplementing his natural rugged charm with his rogueish sensibilities and tragic, mysterious past.

Derzin-> 'Derzia' It might work, but would be meh. As a girl, Derzia would become a generic ninja girl. Bisexual tendencies are the norm, and would cause less strife than coming out from asexual, at least from a consumer standpoint. Might be able to pass off some sort of Sweet Polly Oliver, though.

Krixie-> 'Krixen": hmm. As a male, Krixen would probably be even more waifish and frail, being more of a crippled seer than a female oracle. This would make him grumpier than Krixie, and less of an amusing character, or maybe in an amusing way. It would be frigging hilarious to have him and Allezia hook up, though.

Now for the villains:

Scaebious-> 'Scaebia': while the name slightly improves, as a woman Scaebia's backstory would involve a lot more Unfortunate Implications, in that her itzon, hairlike sensory tentacles on head, were cut off, leading to both some sort of rape analogue and the idea that a woman would grow insane without her hair.

Thail Manslayer-> 'Thailya Manslayer': well, as a woman, Thailya's Nomme de Guerrero becomes a huge double-entendre, which is glorious. Would actually probably become nicer, due to having to fight her way up a hierarchy of men. Basically Naea on the wrong side, interesting.

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