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"Smith" Will Suffice is about people responding to "Oh my God!", "Jesus!", etc. as if it's addressed to them. So you'd think the trope title would mention the part where someone blasphemes. As it is, it's almost impossible to guess what the trope is about from the title.
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The image isn't an example of the trope either, because Joker isn't joking about him being Good Lord, but "where's this Good Lord you're referring to?"

Stating 40 wicks and almost 400 inbounds at the present time. 400 inbounds seems pretty good at first glance, but we've got no time interval to interpret it with.

The Trope Namer is allegedly The Matrix, but I don't remember the exact lines when Smith's name was introduced.

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FWIW, I remember that we had a huge thread about this trope some months ago. Can't recall exactly what was decided, but it obviously didn't result in changing the name.
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According to IMDB, the trope-naming scene was a two-second speedbump in the viewer's attention span near the beginning of the movie, just before Smith assimilated Bane.

Bane: "Oh God..."
Agent Smith: "Smith will suffice."

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I don't think said prior thread was opposed to a rename but we couldn't agree on what.

That said, I think the page has grown significantly since the last time I saw it. It's gonna need a wick check now.

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[up]Come to think of it, you're right. Nobody liked the current name much, but nobody could agree on a good replacement.
How about I Am Not 'Oh My God'? Not perfect, but it's fairly clear what the trope is.
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Sounds an interesting name, is particularly clever for its clearness, and now no longer depending on ptitles I completely support it if a rename comes in. Where were you during the last thread about this? just bugs me
Eh, doesn't appeal to me... [up][up]

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I like I Am Not 'Oh My God'. It's definitely a vast improvement, at any rate.
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Or perhaps Who's 'Oh My God'? ?
Rhymes with "Protracted."
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^ But the Wiki Word underneath it sounds like something else entirely. No good.
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[up] True but we are going to have to custom title it anyway the underlying code could be anything even the current trope name.
[up][up] And that is the magic of custom titles! wink
Rhymes with "Protracted."
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I think this was here before, and I suggested Oh My God Yes My Son, or thereabouts.
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So... does anyone else have any more suggestions? I think everything that's been suggested so far is at least better than "Smith" Will Suffice, so I really want to see this renamed to something.
Well, I think we've established that there are plenty of good alternative titles, but we still can't rename without checking the wicks. If there's no misuse, then we can't get rid of a name that we already know is good enough to get 400 inbounds.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
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There's only 40 (now 41) wicks, how hard can that be to check?

Correct usage, with sufficient context to explain the trope without clicking:

Correct usage, quoting exact lines only (Whether these should be "fixed" is a debate for another time)

Seemingly correct usage, but context isn't entirely clear:

Seemingly correct, potholed context:

Unable to call, from a pothole context:

Little to no context given:

Misuse, identifying the Trope Namer instead of the actual trope:

Other misuse:

Quoting the Trope Namer:

Exempt context:

A glitch in the matrix:

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Not really following what you guys are doing, just wanted to point out that the image is practically the opposite of the trope as it is now.
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No, it'd be the Super Trope where a profanity built around a religious name is mistaken for an actual name. Like the Bill Cosby context.

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That sort of thing goes under Image Pickin'.
Okay. The current name is unacceptable. "Smith" was and is a very common name, in Real Life and media alike (which is why the Agent used it), and this comes a good deal further into The Matrix than Red Pill, Blue Pill.

My immediate thought for a rename is You Know I Dont Like The Name God. This is inspired by an old entry on Poison Oak Epileptic Trees regarding a Battlestar Galactica guess.

That is clearly not ideal. Maybe You Dont Have To Call Me God.
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Given that there was no old crowner on the crowner index for this page, I made a single proposition rename crowner here.

I agree that the name is pretty nonindicative of the trope. I think that it is actually somewhat confusing given how common the name Smith is (as Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan pointed out).

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Bumping. The crowner is currently in favor of renaming: 5 yeas and 2 nays.

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14th Apr '12 8:05:23 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
Note: no dialog-like titles are allowed on the crowner!

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