Make YMMV or Trivia: Death Of The Author

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Word of God has a trivia banner, so I don't see why this doesn't.
It is definitely an objective trope and already does not have examples.
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Raven Wilder
Well . . . it's not exactly a trope. It's a criticism tool, not something that occurs within the story itself.
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Word of God is trivia because it is something that someone says in addition to the canon they produce. it is nice to know their opinion, but it isn't an essential part of the work. Death of the Author is literary analysis concept. A way of explaining how fiction and narrative works, not extra tid-bits. Word of God is more like a DVD extras-commentary track or an author doing their own "oh by the way" type of thing. The meta index is the right place, but it could equally go under useful notes.

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incidentally I'm not seeing the Trope Repair Shop label on the Death of the Author article itself.
It is now. Someone else must have fixed it.

And I'd say make it YMMV. Some fans feel this way towards their favorite series, others don't. Star Wars stands out as an example. George Lucas says some weird stuff about it, and a lot of fans like it better if they ignore him. But Your Mileage May Vary. Hence the need for the banner.
It is a meta concept, and already flagged as such. It seems to be fine.
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I'd agree on both counts, that's it's not a trope used in creating fiction, it's a literary criticism position; and that it should be YMMV. Whether someone accepts it as a valid position is entirely their choice.

It can be objectively stated that this critic or that one uses it or doesn't, but that should only be on pages for the critics themselves, not on works pages, since we've already gone in the direction that what critics say about a work shouldn't be included on the work's page.
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9 Deboss5th May 2011 09:54:33 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Should we have a Cirticism Terms index? We could stick stuff like Mary Sue on it.
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^ I'd support that idea.

I'm less keen on the idea of tagging it as YMMV because the term does denote an actual phenomenon in the field of literary criticism, whether tropers approve of said phenomenon or not.
Cure Candy
[up][up] Good index idea there.

I want to say that we should have an "Undisputed, as it did happen, but brings others opinions of it into the mix" banner (I probably explained that really badly.)
12 SilentReverence6th May 2011 09:34:05 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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I agree. That people's opinion about a thing might be more or less receiving does not undo the fact that the thing itself exists, objectively.
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