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What would your character do in the above situation?:

 2201 porschelemans, Sat, 17th Aug '13 3:07:32 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Alice readjusts to the situation before trying to find a way back home.

Your character wakes up naked in bed with their sibling.
 2202 Cahir, Sat, 17th Aug '13 3:30:57 PM from Speewah
Research Monkey
Starkad doesn't have any siblings related to him genetically, and the boysand girls from his generation of Project Einherjar were raised separately until they reached an age where the Westermarck effect wouldn't take place. As a result, his reaction would be to try and escape the inevitable handcuffs.

Your character sees someone fall off a train platform just as a train is starting to come
Cattle die, kinsmen die you yourself die; I know one thing which never dies: the fate of the honored dead.
 2203 soban, Sat, 17th Aug '13 3:37:06 PM from The Park Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Feeder Of Pigeons
Sacre would dive to intercept them and get them into the zone of safty. However, with her luck she will get mauled by the train herself, but not lethally.

Your character suddenly learns they have inherited fiction 500 levels of wealth.
As is in accordance with prophecy.
 2204 Blueeyedrat, Sat, 17th Aug '13 3:47:30 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Noah would keep a portion for himself (investments, interest, etc.), divert another portion to Arc's local charities and lower-city community projects, and use a small portion to fund research/construction for a superweapon he's been building in case things go sour.

Your character is in a rush to get to a meeting, and finds themselves a few cents* short of bus fare.
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Vlenn (a thief) would casually swipe a few cents from an unsuspecting passerby. If none are available, she’d sneak in the back way, or climb onto the back or roof or even storage compartment of the bus and steal a ride that way.

Eitri (an apprentice wizard) would probably try to appeal to the bus driver’s better nature, or beg fare off a fellow passenger. If nobody else has a soft heart, he’d resort to running as fast as he could, bitterly wishing he knew enough magic to fly all the way.

Your characters find a place to rest (an inn, a hospitable farm house, whatever is appropriate) after a particularly grueling day. Just when they have gotten settled, however, the person in charge of the establishment demands that one of them leave as they are a member of a hated or feared race/group/something appropriate to your setting. How does the person asked to leave respond? Their companions?

Nobody wants to be a pawn in the game of life. What they don't realize is the game of life is Minesweeper.
 2206 Avenuewriter, Sun, 18th Aug '13 2:27:28 PM from Tombstone Relationship Status: Robosexual
I'm your huckleberry.
Farrell's demand that Marie leave the outpost is met with Eveleen defending Marie on the grounds that, if she intended on betraying/killing everyone she had numerous opportunities to do so over the course of the adventure. Roland wants to agree with Eveleen, but is unsure about Marie despite everything that has happened. Marie volunteers to willingly leave the group, and Eveleen leaves with her.

Your character is trapped on an island with various pieces of strange technology scattered about. What do they do?

You're a daisy if ya do!
 2207 somerandomdude, Sun, 18th Aug '13 2:53:37 PM from Dark side of the moon Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Your character is trapped on an island with various pieces of strange technology scattered about. What do they do?

Erik, who has powers over metal, and who has a very firm "eyes-on-the-prize" mentality, would most likely just hijack one of the pieces and use it to Sky Surf across the water back to civilization.

Johnny, who does not have such powersnote  and is much more curious and academically minded, would probably inspect all of them to see which one he could use to leave the island, possibly taking a few of the more interesting ones back to study.

Your character is summoned to jury duty to decide the fate of a person they've admired all their life, and the evidence is pretty clear that they are guilty. What do they do?

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Wenn man nicht die Fresse halten kann, einfach mal Ahnung haben.
 2208 Avenuewriter, Mon, 19th Aug '13 11:52:29 PM from Tombstone Relationship Status: Robosexual
I'm your huckleberry.
Brian allows the sentence to be passed and Noah is sent to prison for life. Brian meets with Noah one more time to slip him a cyanide capsule, just as Noah trusted Brian to do if the worst were to happen.

Your character has fallen into a situation where they must choose to save the lives of either their parents/siblings/other family member or the person they're romantically involved with. What do they do?
You're a daisy if ya do!
 2209 ironcommando, Tue, 20th Aug '13 8:58:09 AM Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Calia would save the life of her family (specifically, her father). Partly because her father is the World President of her planet and they have a strong father-daughter relationship, and also because Calia's boyfriend has the ability to alter probability (on 1-2 targets), which he can use on himself to prevent harm.

AC doesn't really have parents, but if they were still alive, he'd probably choose his parents if there was no third option. His programming makes him unable to feel romantic love in the proper manner, and most romantic relationships are very temporary. Of course, if he could Take a Third Option, he'd definitely do that.

Your character is being chased by an adversary that is clearly more powerful than they are. What do they do? (Fight/Escape/Surrender/etc)

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 2210 soban, Tue, 20th Aug '13 10:05:07 AM from The Park Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Feeder Of Pigeons
Sacre would try to escape, (Probably heavily wounded.) If cornered, she would fight as long and hard as she could, get beat to a pulp, then get captured and tortured until a rescue team gets her.

Your Character is suddenly the opposite gender.
As is in accordance with prophecy.
 2211 Bisected 8, Tue, 20th Aug '13 11:59:38 AM from The home of Richard III Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
I don't know how to deal with catchphrases!
Nobody notices anything different about Uly. Not even her (him?) until s/he changes her clothes a week later.

Your character has just witnessed the moon turn black.
 2212 Darkblood Carnagefang, Tue, 20th Aug '13 12:04:59 PM from Middle of Nowhere Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Scary Monsters And Super Creeps And Nice Sprites
Sebastian would be sort of terrified, because the moon is normally red.

Your character is shot in the chest by an arrow, but survives
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 2213 m8e, Tue, 20th Aug '13 12:57:25 PM from Sweden Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
That's is completely normal for Sano and two weeks later there will not even be a

When it happens he would probably just lie down on the floor/ground and let 'Duckie' perform some Worst Aid.

Your character takes a ride in the "vomit comet".

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Carpe by all means diem, but not all diem are worth carpe.
 2214 Scorpio Rat, Tue, 20th Aug '13 1:07:30 PM from Houston, Texas Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
When horoscopes go wrong
Drakon would probably stumble off the ride and to the nearest trash can, wondering exactly how his sister had talked him into getting on in the first place. Tigris would try to drag him back in line for a second go at it.

Your character's birthday is coming up. What physical object would they want to recieve the most as a present?

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"Only women and cats are allowed inside my armor!"

 2215 porschelemans, Tue, 20th Aug '13 2:18:49 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Simon would wish to receive an actual 'Vomit Comet', simply to show Scorpio Rat what one actually is.

Your character, over exposed to the cartologist's 2D images, knows the areas where the water flowed.

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 2216 ironcommando, Tue, 20th Aug '13 9:07:38 PM Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
AC would make a massive holographic construction of the map, throughout the ages when the water started flowing, and when the water stopped flowing. Being part-extradimensional cyber alien kind of helps.

Your character has killed a really despicable villain (in a rather brutal and gory fashion) and broken their Thou Shalt Not Kill rule (or if they have no qualms about killing, this makes them wanted for manslaughter)

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Cale would detonate his body (effectively committing suicide), so that his next backup won't remember what he's done in pixel perfect detail.

Your character wakes up to find that their native language no longer exists, no one else but them speaks it, and it has been replaced with a language entirely foreign to them.

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What should I put here?
Tirisi's native language is already spoken by next to no one, so it wouldn't really effect him. If his second language, the common one, was replaced, he'd simply have to learn it, in the way explorers have in the past (me *points at self*; you* points at other*)

Your character awakes in a cell and is promptly taken to a trial for a crime they have no memory of committing. Said crime goes against all their beliefs, but all evidence points to them being the perpetrator.
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 2219 soban, Wed, 21st Aug '13 11:43:53 AM from The Park Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Feeder Of Pigeons
Sacre probably did it under the influence of some evil dark side sorcery. She will try to point this out repeatedly but will get condemned and punished anyway.

Your Character suddenly realizes that the world he is in is not real.
As is in accordance with prophecy.
Impudent Upstart
Vlenn decides she doesn’t give a damn about the ‘truth’ of the matter. She might use her knowledge to gain an edge in the world she lives in, but would otherwise chalk it up to more esoteric knowledge of more interest to scholars and mages then a common thief like herself. She’d only investigate further if she could think of a way to profit from it, or if she found some hint that the intelligence behind the illusion was in some way dangerous or attempting to manipulate her.

Eitri’s mind is overwhelmed by the concept. He would try to escape the illusion, probing the edges of the reality to find the places where it was weakest and he could find the truth –if any existed-beyond it. He wouldn’t be able to keep his discovery to himself and would probably alienate his peers with his ramblings. His actual companions would probably figure it was just another phase and patiently tolerate his theories. If his efforts ever became successful, he would attempt to share his findings with his companions. However he would realize that they were probably just as false as the rest of the world. He would hesitate, perhaps for a long time, but would eventually decide to go and find out just how much of what he thought he knew was false.

Your character discovers that one of their vital organs is considered a priceless panacea by the local aristocracy.

Nobody wants to be a pawn in the game of life. What they don't realize is the game of life is Minesweeper.
Unless they were after her, Fifi probably wouldn't care since she knows a greed demon that can conjure up money for her anyway. If that wasn't possible or if they were after her, then she might create an illusion to trick the aristocrats into paying her, and then give the money to her perpetually poor mom - but only if she promises to let Fifi watch her transactions so mom doesn't go out binge drinking some more.

Your character becomes aware that he or she has been manipulated through genetics and/or conditioning to create the ultimate version of whatever they are best at doing by someone close to him or her

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 2222 Avenuewriter, Wed, 21st Aug '13 8:49:32 PM from Tombstone Relationship Status: Robosexual
I'm your huckleberry.
Marie discovers she is a duplicate created by reality warping technology her husband, Markis, used to replace her original self who died years ago. This discovery causes her to question her existence and ends up driving her mad to the point she imprisons Markis using the very technology he used to create her.

Your character has suffered through impossible odds over the course of their journey, but has finally come out on top. How do they celebrate this much earned victory?
You're a daisy if ya do!
 2223 ramuf, Wed, 21st Aug '13 10:14:15 PM from irregular behavior
Tobias finds somewhere to sit and contemplate his achievement. After that, he would get drunk as hell.

Lily starts crying and falls to her knees.

Sturn eats his gun.

Your character has finished their quest, but they are the sole survivor.

 2224 ironcommando, Wed, 21st Aug '13 10:52:54 PM Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
AC would report back a Pyrrhic Victory to his superiors... then wait for the next command. He knows that many others will die in a war and that it can't be prevented.

Calia on the other hand would break down in tears despite being normally very stoic, as her squad are very close friends to her (Many of them saved her when she got kidnapped when she was younger).

Your character is facing a horde of very tough, hard-to-kill mooks, with only one other companion for company.

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 2225 Soban, Wed, 21st Aug '13 11:18:17 PM from The Park Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Feeder Of Pigeons
Sacre and her husband Jair prepare to fight the oncoming army back to back. Sacre providing the defense for Jair's amazing offense. They work beautifully as a team, unfortunately in the confrontation, Sacre is almost killed but barely survives.

Your character becomes extremely depressed and starts to have thoughts of self harm
As is in accordance with prophecy.
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