What would your character do in the above situation?:

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2151 montmorencey17th Apr 2013 03:29:31 PM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
No, actually, I know the custom. They do it here, too. Just, we call it 'fasten' and since the German and the English terms are almost identical, I never had any reason to look it up in a dictionary. I didn't realise there was another term for it. Language confusion at fault.
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2152 Lockedbox17th Apr 2013 06:12:42 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Your character is stuck somewhere without access to their favorite vice.

With Corbin, it would be a toss up between drink, and sex.

One he has access to all the time, the other seldom but is much more satisfying.

Take drink away from him and he'd be pissed off, he's not an alcoholic but he needs it to help him cope and de-stress after everyone around him has finished heaping their shit onto his lap. Without it his blood pressure would go through the roof and he'd become a huge ball of repressed rage and frustration, and while he'd probably end up taking it all out on the people who deserved it (which would inevitably end up with him getting his ass handed to him by someone, hes fit but he's no fighter) there's no guarantee he wouldn't unload on the few people who care about him, which would be very, very ugly, so much that it could run off what few positive elements there are in his life. But if he managed to not alienate everyone around him, and be forced to actually express his emotions instead of drinking them away, he'd probably be a lot healthier for it.

Take sex away and it would be a very different story. If alcohol is a coping mechanism sex is a life line. It's really the only time he can put his trust and masculinity issues aside and let loose emotionally. It doesn't happen very often, but it's one of the few ways of connecting with other people that he can do, and do well. If went without, he'd be fine for a while, a few months maybe, but it would weigh on him, he'd get increasingly angry with people in general and shut himself away, his sense of self worth would begin to corrode, and he'd probably end up drinking more and more to deal with stress. Without someone to help him through it he'd probably end up an alcoholic, and even if he did have someone with the patience and understanding to stick it out he wouldn't take a life of celibacy too well, and would try to push people away out of self loathing and spite.

Kinda straying from "somewhere" part of the prompt i know, but I wasn't sure how long you were thinking of, and taking either things away from Corbin would probably entail removing him from the entire world, knowing how accessible the two are.

next: If your character could change the outcome or course of one of their relationships, be they romantic or platonic, past or present, would they change something? If so, how and why?

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Ace has no past romances, but as for the outcome of a platonic relationship, she would have had had her best friend not die of the plague.

Teach's past romance was a disaster, but she wouldn't change it. As bad as her marrage was it gave her her daughter, Ace.

Congratulations your character just won an all expense paid trip for two to anywhere they want to go.

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2154 DiurnalBrocolli6th May 2013 10:05:49 AM from Somewhere... , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Time to revive this sucker...

Tina: Japan, being she's Japanese, and she wants to see her home country.

Heidi: The Superbowl. Where else?

Maxwell: Comi-Con

Your Character is in the streets, when The Purge starts up. (The movie where all crime is legal) They have no weapons on them, and they have to rely on their wits to escape.

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2155 ironcommando6th May 2013 12:54:38 PM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
AC (pre-transformation): As an Artificial Human with survival skills, he would create an Improvised Weapon and Improvised Armor. Having above-average strength, he would probably find an enclosed shelter and barricade it until the purge ends. If found, he will use his parkour skills and above-average speed/reflexes to avoid attacks, and kill his opponent with his weapon.

AC (post-transformation): A powerful Lighting/Light manipulator who's a sentient Energy Being program from cyberspace. Unless the criminals have energy weapons or flamethrowers, the Purge would be turned on its head (bullets, melee weapons pass through him).

Calia Rayfer: A half-goddess with magic powers that can create/transmute any solid matter, and a crystalline man-eating Guardian Entity that resides within her. In a bid to protect Calia the Guardian Entity would eat everyone in the city to prevent harm from coming to her other half.
  • W/o Guardian: Calia would create diamond dust snow in the air (1km radius). She would then use these to detect movement. If hostile movement is detected within this, she would turn the diamond dust around her foe into sharp diamond spikes, impaling them to death.

My scenario: Cyberspace is revealed to be an Eldritch Abomination that corrupts the minds of humans. It sends in an invasion force of Energy Being programs that emerge from various electronic devices around the world, which start brainwashing everything and killing those who resist.

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This honestly could not happen in my universe because the Internet is dead.

However if it wasn't Ghost would come up with the simple solution: cut the power. The level of government cooperation he had would determine if this would take the form of electromagnetic pulse weapons or guerrilla type bombings of transformers and power stations.

Chaos and Pandora would write computer viruses to fight back with. If attack the entity directly didn't work they would write one to destroy all 3G and 4G devices.

While all that was going on Athena, Tango and Ace would be fighting/trying to save the human victims.

Your character gets covered in poison ivy.
2157 montmorencey8th May 2013 04:17:23 PM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
Something like that would never happen to Darien. He has a personal aide and an advisory to get covered in poison ivy for him. If, by any chance, he did get covered in poison ivy, he'd berate them for dereliction of duty.

Surkha would make her displeasure known by cursing like a sailor and find someone to provide her with something to make the damned itch go away.

Tanisha would never go anywhere where there might be poison ivy without bringing something to make it go away, so she'd apply that while blaming Darien for it in a dignified manner. Even if he wasn't present, somehow it's surely his fault.

Tohmir would resist the urge to scratch and tough it out until whatever he's doing is done. If he squirms at all in a manner unbecoming of a Warrior, you didn't see it.

Allessan would wonder whether it's more of a hassle to put up with the itch or to go and find something against it.

Your characters find themselves lost in unfamiliar terrain without a map or a compass. After walking for miles, they find one homestead, but it looks downright creepy. It starts raining.

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Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
Bodoh would get his sword sheathed and entering the house in case of anything attacks him while having Zrevix watch from his back.

Kilrea would stay outside and let the rain hit her as the rain would not affect her anyway since that she is a crystalized ghost.

You end up in a fictional setting which happens to be exactly the same setting as your fictional works with a potential love interest taking care of you so that you can adjust well. There is absolutely no way back to your own world.

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2159 ironcommando10th May 2013 09:46:24 AM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
So I'm dropped into Terra 102, a high-tech world where Gifted (Half-Human, Half-Pure Magic Being) have been recently introduced into the society. Most normal tech-using humans get along well with Gifted, but there are factions that have Fantastic Racism on both sides, and there have been magic vs science wars. Thankfully, the Gifted working for the Galactic Federation know how to curb such threats.

First thing I would do is to ask the people about what I should do. They'll call somebody experienced, most likely a Gifted to help me out. Probably one of these four women (Potential Love Interests) would find me and understand my situation:

As high-ranking soldiers in the Federation, Calia and Amber would be rather harsh at first and make me man up. Melanie and Rae are civilians (who are trained to fight) that are much nicer and would treat me softer.

All of the four women are daughters to extremely rich people, and they would have enough money to help me adjust to their futuristic world's infrastructure/technology/culture. Being Gifted themselves, the four girls above could take care of any threats that attack me by using their powers.

I'll probably become a soldier in the Galactic Federation and kick ass alongside AC, Calia and Amber. They may have powers and I may not, but the advanced technology in the city can easily make me fit and instant-train me in combat skills.

(As for the "no way back to my own world", this is justified as Earth in the setting is an Earth That Was)

Your character gets caught in the middle of a magic v.s. tech war.

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2160 Wolf106610th May 2013 11:52:59 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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You end up in a fictional setting which happens to be exactly the same setting as your fictional works with a potential love interest taking care of you so that you can adjust well. There is absolutely no way back to your own world.

What happens would depend on which fictional world I wind up in.

One wouldn't be too different in many ways from here and now except there would be a few advances in various technologies, and the love interest would have explain the ways in which my own country's laws are different from what I'm used to.

It wouldn't take me much to adjust to that universe.

Another is Post-Cyberpunk with significant advances in prosthetic surgery, so I'd be wanting to get work as soon as possible in order to be able to afford upgrades for my faulty eyes.
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2161 Matues11th May 2013 02:03:43 PM from eye on the horizon , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
(You're supposed to post a question afterwards)
2162 Wolf106611th May 2013 03:53:29 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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There's already one above mine about "being caught up in a magic vs tech war" - I answered an earlier question on the grounds that it's better to answer an interesting question that can be answered imaginatively than answer a different interesting question with something like "well magic doesn't exist in Jack's world so technology would win by default." (Which seems to be a common type of response to far too many questions.)

So I left the magic vs tech war question for those whose characters are likely to face such a thing.

'twould be rude to put up my own question, in such a situation.

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2163 Tarsen11th May 2013 04:51:13 PM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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Your character gets caught in the middle of a magic v.s. tech war.

Sam And Ian would be stuck firmly in the tech side, but unwilling to join in on the war efforts without sufficient pay, and actively trying to screw over the tech side when they're inevitably given less than they think they deserve. Ennis would also be in the tech side, and would refuse to fight, but would aid the tech side in tracking down Sam and Ian, at least until they convince her that joining a different faction (in the tech side) would allow her to adhere to her personal honor code more, and remove the need for her to hunt them down. Rhys would be more or less neutral, leaning towards the tech-side with his wife/girlfriend; he would act as a sort of go between between the two sides at first, before forcibly putting a stop to a particular battle and getting fed up and starting his own faction. The Contractor/Celeste would be firmly on the magic side, but mostly uninterested in it. he eventually sets up Rhys as a go between to get the two sides to settle down; when that fails he would give up and go into hiding. Arianne and Blaise would go between the various factions in the tech side and trade "sensitive" information about them; their blackmail, treachery and extortion plays a large part in putting the final nail in the tech-sides coffin. Eli would try to elevate himself into the center of the conflict, in order to gain power and dominance, attempting to put himself in the same position as Rhys. unfortunately for him he didnt quite have the same charisma Rhys did, and ended up attracting the ire of far too many people. still, not one to be a graceful loser, he goes down taking as many people with him as possible. Rhys's faction takes the most damage, and are finished off by the magic side. Vienna would join the tech-side in hopes of regaining some functionality of her kicking-leg. indeed, she gets it, and proceeds to go rogue (she's not one to respect authority of any kind), along with her True Companions. she becomes a notorious Wild Card who ravages all sides of the conflict seemingly at random (due to her deteriorating mental state) and under the influence of her lover, becomes more and more psychotic and bloodthirsty until eventually killed by Ennis (with the help of Celeste and Jeff, a particularly short tempered man who entered into an...unfortnate contract with Celeste shortly prior, and was thus slowly reaching god-mode at the time)

the magic side wins, with considerably fewer setbacks than the tech side had to deal with. poor techie; having to deal with my protagonists. sad

actually, this would be a fun alt verse crossover concept to expand on later...

Your character is plagued by a very antagonistic character who, as it turns out, has a completely legitimate and arguably morally righteous reason for his or her actions towards your character that is in no way a misunderstanding of anything, or wrong. how does your character deal with this?

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2164 Eagal11th May 2013 06:18:54 PM from This is a location. , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
This is a title.
Your character is plagued by a very antagonistic character who, as it turns out, has a completely legitimate and arguably morally righteous reason for his or her actions towards your character that is in no way a misunderstanding of anything, or wrong. how does your character deal with this?

Well, that's right up Erhaben's alley. He doesn't care about moral ambiguity or the legitimacy of his opponent's claims. You hurt the people he loves in any way and the rest of your very very short life is a mere formality.

So: Should the antagonistic character cross that line, Erhaben will kill him. If he's just hanging around being a twat, Erhaben will tell him to bugger off. smile

Your character goes on a trip with the Doctor to...let's say Venice. There's something off about the Calvierri family and the Doctor wants to investigate.
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2165 DarkbloodCarnagefang11th May 2013 07:13:25 PM from Free Climbing the Mountains of Madness , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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Seth Morton: Seth, being an avid Doctor Who fan himself, would be entirely willing to help, but would still take extreme caution in the situation.

Your character finds themselves exploring a town where everyone seems to be a little fishlike
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Ace would treat said fish people the same as she has learned treat any other strangers : respect, charm, abundance of caution, using intimidation only when necessary. She would then immediately return to base to have her medication adjusted.

Your character is hit in a the face with a pie, they didn't see who did it.

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2167 DiurnalBrocolli2nd Jun 2013 04:09:39 PM from Somewhere... , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Omelette: Mmm, chocolate! (Eats pie) THANK YOU, whoever you are!

Your character spots some bullies tormenting a young kid.
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2168 Ringsea2nd Jun 2013 07:50:30 PM from Fly-Over Country,USA , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
He Who Got Gud
He points an adult to the bullying, or if unable to do so, give the bullies some pocket money to leave the poor kid alone.

What would your character do if the villian had the family hostage, and had the McGuffin, prompting him to choose.
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Funny I just recently realized this about my main character. Ace is compleatly willing to sacrifice the cure to save Angel. That said she would do her best to Take The Third Option and save both (and time permitting give whoever was trying to make her choose a righteous beat down). Nevertheless the kid is her top priority.

Your character is betrayed by someone close to them

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2170 UmLovely7th Jun 2013 05:30:34 PM from 2814 , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The Darkness Grows
Alice would be very upset, but not spend much time worrying over it unless it had an effect on her current problem.

Martina would expect it, and have a plan ready.

Beth would have no idea what to do, and try to pretend it didn't happen.

Your character's fourth wall is permanently broken. How do they deal with it?
2171 NightChaos8th Jun 2013 12:39:01 AM from In The Gates of The Watchtower , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
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Your character's fourth wall is permanently broken. How do they deal with it?

"Wait a second." Steven gave Knox a terrified look. "This is... We are... In a fiction book? How... What the..." Words simply refused to come to his mind. Knox didn't know what to say either, that didn't make sense, such situation couldn't be possible.

"No... They're trying to play with us, Steven! Trying to drive us crazy!" Knox grabbed Steven's shoulders and shook him as trying to make him come to senses. "This must be some kind of drug! Lorenzo wants to break us!" Steven didn't look convinced.

"No, Knox. Now everything makes sense. How and why we got this far. We were supposed to get this far, to rise against the government, to take them down, everything was planned." While it felt awesome to know that he could be just like the heroes from the books he read through his life, Steven also felt rage building upon him. One thing is to have yourself being watched by government spies every single day, another is to know that your life and your family has been put in risk simply for someone's amusement.

Knox let go of Steven and looked down, analyzing their story so far. "You're right. When you decide to run away from your home city to make a uprising against the dictatorship, and manage to stay... let's see... thirty or so chapters alive, you're not lucky or skilled, you got yourself a fucking fiction author watching over you!" Knox grabbed his steampunk gun and threw it on the floor with all his strength.

Steven took his newsboy cap off and scratched his head nervously. "What you think we should do? There must be way to stop this person!"

Knox looked up, trying to stare at me. "Nothing. This way he or she can't continue to write any more sentences."

Your character became the new leader of the country you live in.

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2172 porschelemans8th Jun 2013 01:09:39 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball , Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
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Christine would turn the country into a utopia, on the grounds of being a blatant Mary Sue.

Your character decides to listen to the entirety of I Found A Star On The Ground without taking a break. Twice. In one day.
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2173 ironcommando8th Jun 2013 06:30:50 PM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
Start of day, in Federation army HQ:

A.C. (Half human, half-otherworldly cyber program): "So there's this 6-hour song floating around on the internet. How 'bout a challenge to see who can listen to two loops of this, non stop, no breaks. I'll be playing this in my sound program installed inside me."

Calia (Half human, half-otherworldly arcane being): "Well, this seems like a reasonable challenge. I'll play it on my radio earpiece for these 12 hours. But you had better give me a good reward if I win."

Later that day, in the middle of a fight against an anti-magical, hi-tech terrorist group:

A.C.: (This song is too slow for me, it's even affecting my reflexes! I'm can't afford to get blasted!) *dodges plasma bullets*
Calia: (S***! This is annoying, distracting, and it's affecting my ability to cast spells or fire my gun. But I think I can still do this.)

Evening, 12 hours later, after two loops of the 6-hour song:

Calia: "A.C., challenge complete."
A.C.: "Ok, fine, you win. I turned it off after 9 hours. It was getting really boring."
Calia: "Alright A.C., where's my reward? (Chris, remind me never to do such ******* stuff again!)"

(Chris is the name of Calia's Guardian Entity that is part of her)

Your character from a modern or futuristic sci-fi setting somehow ends up in a fantasy world (or if they're from a fantasy setting, they end up in a futuristic world)

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2174 RESP8th Jun 2013 08:04:51 PM from somewhere... solid? , Relationship Status: Californicating
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Daniel "D-Cross" Toledo would feel like not wanting to know shit about it, specially because he hates fantasy, given his world is suffering a fantasy invasion and he won't stand it. That said, he's a former CIA agent trying to beat down the game, so he might see that as a firing range... literally, as he has a .60 Magnum ready to fire. and he can use it because he's that big and strong.

Your character becomes a Magical Girl (males become females and those out of the 10-18 years range... well, become 10-18) and find themselves being called into adventure to save the world under the promise that, once done, they can choose to get back to their lives or retain their . What would they do?
2175 porschelemans9th Jun 2013 10:23:22 AM from A Giant Hamster Ball , Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
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Christine would remain a magical girl, as this will allow her to remain 18 forever!!! [lol]

Your character is caught taking upskirt photographs.
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