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What would your character do in the above situation?:

 2126 Khantalas, Sat, 6th Apr '13 1:49:56 PM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
Piter would do it in a heartbeat if he had reason to expect he would not be shot afterwards. After all, he has no belief in redemption or no need for it, and he has done far worse under far less duress.

Takaki would laugh at it, because putting a gun against his head is a pretty useless gesture. He might or might not turn the gun against its holder, depending on how generous he is feeling.

Mandy would try to convince the man holding the gun to either spare the child and let her go, or kill the child himself and let her go. If that fails, she would probably give the man a heart attack.

Temperance would probably choke all the puppies to death, and go back to sleep. She is not really a morning person. Or a dog person. Or in fact a person who appreciates life.

Your character just made an utter fool of himself in front of someone he is attracted to.

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"Be mine, dear big brother."
 2127 Lockedbox, Sat, 6th Apr '13 5:43:07 PM from Australia
For Lauchlan this would be nothing new at all. He manages to make a fool of himself in front of everyone he cares about, often without even realizing why. If he did realize, he'd stutter and flounder nervously, trying to mask his embarrassment with humour and failing, secretly hoping that the person might find his social anxiety endearing.

Corbin would try to ignore the incident all together. If the person brought it up, or tried to lord it over him he'd lash out, retaliating with a cutting jab or cruel aside to deflect the topic. Unless someone's shedding blood or tears, he'd be too proud and emotionally guarded to admit he'd made a mistake or acted foolishly, though he knows it's his fault.

Your character, for whatever reason, needs to mate or die and is not currently in a sexual relationship with anyone.

 2128 porschelemans, Sat, 6th Apr '13 6:30:42 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Mary Sue walks up to a random stranger. Mating occurs.

Simon walks into a bar, and immediately starts scanning the area for potential mates. After a fruitless night he approaches the point where he considers shagging some random animal or something stupid when Mary Sue appears. Mating occurs.

Nikola would just try to work out a really awesome way to die rather than bother with the whole mating thing.

Your character wakes up to find they have been sleepwalking. When they awake they are torching a paedophile's kiddy porn dungeon.
[up] Ghost would look around, be absolutely revolted and continue destroying. Hopefully the perv is dead of the plague, since Ghost doesn't like killing. When he was done he'd go to Doc. Sleepwalking is not something he would want to live with.if Doc couldn't cure him he'd take to sleeping in locked rooms.

[up][up][up][up] I want to answer the puppy one.

For Angel it would be the BEST DAY EVER! I could even see it happening. Angel is a Friend to All Living Things who has always wanted a dog. However since the virus hit dogs have avoided humans like the plague. Right after the cure was discovered so was Kendra, a pregnant lab/shepherd mix. After the pups are born I could see them curling up next Angel any time they can't find momma.

Your character finds out they are sterile

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 2130 porschelemans, Sun, 7th Apr '13 12:31:48 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Simon would celebrate the fact that he is now certain he'll never have any of those disgusting, screaming, clingy things we call children to deal with in his life.

Mikhail would feel disappointment, as he will now never be able to teach his kinder the way of the tree climbers.

Your character is photographed holding a banana in an unfortunate position.
 2131 Wolf 1066, Sun, 7th Apr '13 5:54:31 PM from New Zealand Relationship Status: In my bunk
A couple of earlier ones are too cool to pass up:

Your character finds out they are in The Matrix
Ian would do a damned sight better than Neo. For a start, he'd think in terms of all the FPS games he's played with cheat codes and apply them to The Matrix - conjure up whatever weapons and ammunition he desires (and vehicles or anything else he wants), turn "clipping" on and off at will so bullets etc pass harmlessly right through him and he can run in a direct line through something built like a labrynthine fortress with the same ease as he could run across an open field - in short, he would "reshape The Matrix to suit himself".

Given he's a fan of science fiction, expect to see Agents having to contend with Daleks, Cybermen, Predators, Xenomorphs, Terminators and anything else that takes his fancy. He'd also dream up a few constructs based on his own geeky imagination.

He'd fuck with the minds of his enemies by rewriting the code and turn their guns into bananas or egg whisks or live squids just for shits 'n' giggles.

He'd bring inanimate objects to life to attack his enemies and affect anything around him - shatter windows and walls at his enemies, send things flying at them.

Being a computer technician, he'd also realise that doors are effectively just icons that lead to a particular subroutine/address/url to signify what they "lead to" and therefore must use some sort of standardised addressing in their properties to invoke the "next room/area". He'd analyse the doors and learn how to alter them to take him anywhere he wants (as the Key Master could) and send pursuers to random places after he's passed through the door (as was done to Neo) just as he'd edit the properties of any shortcut to point to whatever file he desired.

He'd rewrite his appearance at will, taking utmost advantage of there being no Shapeshifter Baggage in a purely virtual environment, to disguise himself as anything from a child to an elderly woman or make himself look like an 8-foot-tall wolfman or Godzilla.

Agents would gain upwards of 40lb and all have faces like one of those exaggerated Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan masks while dressed like Ronald Mac Donald.

And he'd do it all extremely visibly and publically, he'd also alter entire streets to look different, change random people's appearances, remap random doors, every phone box in The Matrix would suddenly resemble a Police Call Box, change the colour of the sky or grass or both, change the colour pallet to 8-bit, make the BGM audible to everyone, insert random celestial bodies in the night sky - couple of extra moons, large ringed planet, whatever - and do everything he could to jar the minds of those trapped in The Matrix so that they'll see it's not real - actually show them a world without boundaries and without rules. Teach and encourage others to do the same. Take over every television, computer, radio, mobile phone, plate glass window and use it to transmit "This is all a simulation" sort of stuff.

Pretty much everything that was promised in the first movie but not delivered on by the Wachowski Brothers...

Wolfgang (head of Black Knight Security):

Literally to his head? Really? "Oh you fucking idiot."

The gun would suddenly be pointing skywards and the arm holding it would be gripped firmly.

Wolfgang's other hand would be rotating the gun back against the perp's index finger, breaking it with the trigger guard, and the gun would be taken while his knee collides with the perp's groin.

Once the gun was under his control, the perp's gun arm would be swung downwards and pressure would be put on the elbow to drive the perp face-first into the ground or any nearby wall.

I'll leave someone else to deal with unfortunate bananas...

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Dangerously Genre Savvy since ages ago...
 2132 Eagal, Sun, 7th Apr '13 7:06:28 PM from This is a location. Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
This is a title.
Your character wakes up to find they have been sleepwalking. When they awake they are torching a paedophile's kiddy porn dungeon.

Nevan: Hope he's being paid for it. He doesn't do anything for free.

Your character finds out they are sterile.

Nevan: Not care because he's not married and not interested in having children.


Nevan: Ask if he's getting paid to do it. He's an assassin, so killing isn't a problem, he just doesn't do anything for free.

Your character is photographed holding a banana in an unfortunate position.

Nevan: Threaten to kill the photographer.

Your character wins a free trip to Disneyland.

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The madness is catching.
 2133 nekomoon 14, Sun, 7th Apr '13 8:01:26 PM from Oakland, CA
Your character wins a free trip to Disneyland.

Nigel doesn't eat the souls of children or their parents, so he would spend his time scrutinizing the various characters and enjoying the rides.

Randall would be eating the souls of women and enjoying his time with Nigel.

Winter is coming.
 2134 David, Mon, 8th Apr '13 8:47:23 PM Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Yugo: He would't use the wishes, he is from a clan of time travelers that believes in not changing the past, that whole soul thing wouldn't really bother him.

Yurei: He would make one very carefully worded wish, again that whole soul thing wouldn't bother him.

The next character finds themself stuck five hundred years in the past, with no way out.

 2135 Matues, Mon, 8th Apr '13 9:18:14 PM Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
Zaya: This is going to be great. I already know what's going to happen, and a few hundred years is nothing to me.

Your character is deprived of their main strength or advantage. How do they cope with whatever the plot requires of them, or their daily life?
 2136 Khantalas, Mon, 8th Apr '13 11:52:20 PM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
Depends on what one would consider Hisui's main advantage to be. If it's her diplomatic abilities, she would lean towards the blade side of her personality and become a weapon of focused destruction. Good for solving magical problems, bad for her career as a lawyer (and a counselor). If it is her conflict attunement and access to the Arsenal, then she needs more finesse when dealing with the magical world, but it wouldn't be something she can't handle barring some unfortunate accident, and her mundane career would be unaffected. Either way, though, she would consider herself to be less of a whole being until she can regain her lost ability.

Your character has to tell someone they are fond of that they are a horrible cook without hurting them. For the purposes of this situation, the person they are fond of does not realize that they are a horrible cook.
"Be mine, dear big brother."
 2137 Lockedbox, Wed, 10th Apr '13 2:31:33 AM from Australia
Being a terrible cook himself, Lauchlan would be loath to mention it, and would likely suffer through it. This person would have to be exponentially bad for Lauchlan to say anything about it. If that were the case, he'd try to do it very delicately, offering to cook for the person whenever they have to eat together or to take the both of them out. If the person ploughed on obliviously he'd probably try to disguise the news as a complement, saying that their cooking style is a bit to exotic for his stomach, or that he simply cannot palate fine food so frequently. He'd be too polite to just out and say it. He has so few close friends he'd consider bad cooking a small price to pay for a little companionship.

Your character, or a group of your characters, find themselves trapped a popular fictional world (i.e. not one of your making) where are they, what do they do and how does this affect them?

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 2138 Wolf 1066, Wed, 10th Apr '13 3:17:59 AM from New Zealand Relationship Status: In my bunk
Your character, or a group of your character, find themselves trapped a popular fictional world (i.e. not one of your making) where are they, what do they do and how does this affect them?
Adults Andrea, Ian, Cath, Helen, Artur and Bettina and children Connor, Conal, Vanessa, Talia, Karl and Erika find themselves in the Serenity 'verse.

They'd work their passage on any ship to take them as far from the Core Worlds, and the reach of The Alliance, they could go and still be able to make a living.

Ian and Andrea, the two hoplophiles, would be utterly rapt at the relaxed attitude to personal firearms (open carry not even raising eyebrows) compared with their life in early-to-middle 21st Century New Zealand and would happily wear firearms - and would have the skills to use them if needed.

All of them are self-reliant and adaptable and would make the best of the situation (after all, they would've gone from surviving in a world that was in the death throes of "getting used up" to a multitude of terraformed worlds and moons with plenty of opportunities)

Their aim would be to get themselves a homestead somewhere and make a living and get a cheap but serviceable old ship to aid them in trade (supplemented by a bit of "courier" and "salvage" work...)

Depending on where they settle, Andrea, Ian, Cath and Helen's "unconventional" romantic arrangements might not even raise eyebrows.

Your character(s) find themselves transported 20 years into the future of their 'verse. What's happened in the intervening years? What changes do they see?

Dangerously Genre Savvy since ages ago...
 2139 Dudeacus 97, Wed, 10th Apr '13 2:11:29 PM from United States
Well, I think that this question would be better for what my characters would be doing at this time:

The [[Jerkass Storm]] Drain Alligator would probably be dead. Alligators don't live that long.

Ricardo Gunsmith would be in the military in some position.

Arizona Gonzales would probably be a priest in the atheist church that she attends, probably a cardinal if she gets high enough.

Elijah would be a Future Badass Scary Black Man and be a police officer, or some other position where he gets to practice the Storm Drain Alligator's great teachings: Communism is evil, violence is always the answer, and don't trust those goddamn manatees!

Your character has been unwillingly transformed into an animal. What animal would they be and how would they get out of it? (If already an animal, then Humanity Ensues.)

[up][up]if Ace where sent 20 years into the future she would find:

1) The cure would have spread across most of North America an a few other places. In places where the cure has spread the Plague has almost unheard of.

2) Society has started rebuilding itself. Who knows what form that will take. Phoenix will probably still be very influential in local politics. The people of the Phoenix organization would be great heroes. Some would (including herself) would have achieved mythic status.

3) Most importantly to Ace, her adopted daughter Angel would be a grown woman. Most likely she would be married to Julian with children of her own. She'd probably be running her aunt's school, since if Teach (aka Auntie Mary, Ace's mom) is even alive she'd be over 70. If anyone in my world lives to be 70 it would be Teach.

[up] Ace would be a German Shepard because she is smart, faithful, loyal, and violently protective of those she considers "her's".

Sticking with the dog theme Tango would be a Labrador because he genuinely loves everybody.

As for getting out of it that would involve waking up, sobering up, or snapping out of it. My world doesn't have "magic" but it sure has hallucinations.

Your character falls in love with their best friend.

 2141 porschelemans, Thu, 11th Apr '13 2:08:22 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Louane would feel awkward, but go along with life normally, before eventually bringing it up in private with them, and seeing how things went from there.

Antonín would keep it a secret until the day he died, but that's what he does whenever he feels anything about anyone, so it wouldn't be that weird.

Your character is asked to find An Aesop after a strange day in which they are forced to drink orange juice, learn how to use the force, and purchase a new suit.

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Ace : "Sometimes you have to do what you're told to get what you need."

Athena: "I can do anything I put my mind to"

Tango: "The World Is Just Awesome and I look good in a suit"

Your character has to give up something for lent or similar observance


Your character is stuck somewhere without access to their favorite vice.

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 2144 montmorencey, Wed, 17th Apr '13 11:19:29 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
I'm not sure I understand the first one? Could you explain it?
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
 2145 Twentington, Wed, 17th Apr '13 11:40:25 AM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Desperate
Mustelidae = awesome
[up]You don't know what Lent is?
Windmill, windmill for the land / Is everybody in?

 2146 montmorencey, Wed, 17th Apr '13 11:44:51 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
Ah, yes, I think that's probably the issue. Is it a thing? I only know it as the past tense for 'to lend'.
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
 2147 Khantalas, Wed, 17th Apr '13 11:53:07 AM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
Lent is apparently a Christian tradition where you are supposed to give up meat for a month before Easter. I think. I'm not sure, not being Christian.
"Be mine, dear big brother."
 2148 montmorencey, Wed, 17th Apr '13 11:58:51 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
Ah! So it's like fasting? (I'm not Christian, either)
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
Sorry for the confusion. It's mostly a Catholic thing. I'm not Catholic but most people around here and some of my family are. In practice it amounts to no meat on Fridays (fish is ok) for like 50 days leading up to Easter and you are supposed to give up something temporarily during that time. People I know tend to give up things like TV or sugar. A lot of people fail.

I thought most people had heard of Lent but I guess that was Creator Provincialism on my part. My badsad

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 2150 Khantalas, Wed, 17th Apr '13 3:26:51 PM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
I don't even live in a Christian country, let alone a dominantly Catholic one. The only reason I sort of know about it is because of the internet.
"Be mine, dear big brother."
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