What would your character do in the above situation?:

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There is always a third option.

However: Ace would give up on the cure to save Angel. Tango and Athena would give up on the cure to be together. For Julian nothing would be worth losing his new family after the way he lost his old family.

The thing is that none of these people believe they are humanity's last hope only it's maybe it's best hope. The cure will come eventually even if it isn't from Phoenix.

Your character wakes up the morning to discover that they have turned bright orange head to toe including hair.

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June starts licking herself, and is disappointed that she's not orange flavored. She promptly bathes in orange juice to take care of that problem.

Jillian rolls her eyes and carries on with her day, figuring that no one will notice since very few seem to get past either of her racks (get it, because she has both a ridonkulously huge chest and antlers?).
Your character falls madly in love with a fish.

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Freddi realises something is wrong with him and sees a doctor, who prescribes him some pills to help with his mental health issues.

Your character is reincarnated as the god of another universe.
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Konfetty turns the universe into whatever he please at any moment,probably a big party place.
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Sewer Croc
Your character is reincarnated as the god of another universe.

While Gensar the Mad is already the insane god-king of Purgatory, he'd be happy to be the insane god-king of any universe as long as he gets to wreck as much destruction and havoc as he wants.

Your character wakes up to find that they now posses superpowers. What kind do of powers do they have and how will they use them?

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What the hell, hero?
Your character wakes up to find that they now posses superpowers. What kind do of powers do they have and how will they use them?

Hiroshi would have powers at the pair of those of a Hidden Blade mode Mitsuru, but his would not depend of he carrying a sword. And still he would have his ass handed to him EVERY SINGLE TIME as he would still be a Nice Guy against a little boy that murders and eats people in a regular basis, feeds of fear and blood of even his own "friends" and NEVER ASKS PERMISSION TO BORROW THE THINGS OF THE OTHERS.

Your character and xir rival finds out their parents were responsible of said rival's life turning up like it did. (yup, this one's for "couples", everybody...)

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Sorry if I didn't understand it right but here goes.

Ace's father destroyed a lot of lives. If one of her rivals was among them she would be saddened but not surprised. It would actually make sence if Ace's father was the reason Doc lost her faith . Which led to having a depressed, angry doctor controlling the supply of meds. If Ace found out about this or any other life negatively impacted by her father she would apologize, make it clear that she is no longer associated w/ him and please Don't Shoot the Message, and do her best to convince them that not all people of faith are corrupt liars.

Your character has a close encounter of the third kind.

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The Harbinger of Strange
Sorgo finds his world one day visited (or, more likely, invaded, from his perspective) by strange, short, pinkish-brown creatures. Their basic shape is like a Cel's, but overall, they're nothing like him. They're half his size, for one, and he could probably kill one by stomping on it. They don't have tails, either on their heads or on their backs. Instead, their heads, and parts of their bodies, are covered by hair—and not like the coarse, spiny hair on some of Torge's animals; a soft, feathery kind. They have no natural armour of any sort, their skin is thin and tears easily, and they're generally soft creatures. Sorgo finds it amazing that they survived long enough to make it to space. He is forced to treat them respectably because they're sentients, but doesn't think they're anywhere near as special as they consider themselves...

Your character is transplanted from the medieval age to the modern age. They see cars, computers, televisions, etc. for the first time. What's their reaction?
You need an adult.
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you need to vibrate higher

He would be very confused, but wouldn't suffer from sensory overload or anything. He would panic at first, realizing that he is an orc samurai in the middle of a setting with a distinct lack of orc samurai. He lives on the fringes of society until his cover is blown, and his existence causes a great shock in the world. Despite this, mankind's empathy wins, and Oni is treated mostly like a large and greenish human being. He writes several books about the realm he came from and sparked a new intrest in the Many Worlds Theory. Funny when the closest thing to a medieval setting I ever made has an entire nation powered by demonically possessed nuclear reactors and a church with a Kill Sat that fires bolts of divine retribution.

Your setting is invaded by an enemy that resides in the polar opposite spot in the Sugarbowl/Crapsack ratio. For instance, if your character is in an Arcadia filled with talking Ridiculously Cute Critters and no poverty, they would be invaded by an Elderitch Abomination that assimilated all biomass into its infinite form.

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2085 Philosopher6th Mar 2013 01:43:36 PM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
Dimitri would capture and detain the horribly cute elderich abomination and experiment on it. If capture would prove to be impossible Dimitri would then call his Life bender to steal the creature's life away. Afterwards Dimitri would dissect, maybe bring to back to life as he is doing so depending on what the Foresight bender saw and the risks involved.

Your character just landed on the Titanic.
It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
2086 LastHussar6th Mar 2013 03:59:05 PM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Deuteronomy Jones landed heavily. His head muzzy from the Transfer, he staggered, unable to regain his feet, the whole floor seemed to be heaving up and down. He grabbed a handy rail on the wall...

Ah, that was it, the whole floor WAS heaving up and down. As he regained his senses a portly man dressed in tails turned the corner. He looked at Deuteronomy with a look of disgust. "Get back to the engine room, you bounder!" he barked. "The Captain shall hear of this.

Jones had enough wits returned to touch his hat brim, and stagger into what appeared to be a small linen store.

He pulled the Link from inside his coat. "Ok, Computer, when am I?"

"April thirteen, Nineteen twelve, Twenty-oh-eight, ship's time."

Ships time? That explained the floor. Ship's time... a creeping realisation started to come over him. "That means I have, what a day before we hit the iceberg?"

"RMS Titanic will hit the iceberg in exactly twenty seven hours thirty one minutes," Computer purred.

"Ok, so what then, if I don't have the MacGuffin?"

"You must recover the MacGuffin, or the universe will implode."

"No pressure then." He looked at his clothes. Jones was wearing black; black shirt, black jeans, black boots, and black waistcoat, all under a long black coat. On his head rested a black hat that managed to be a cross between a Stetson, trilby and a straw boater. "Change this lot into something more seemly for the Captain's table." He shimmered, and the clothes were replaced by formal wear more suitable for the age. "And disguise this," he said waiving the Link. It to shimmered and appeared to become a cigarette case.

Jones sucked his teeth. "Ok, set up an automatic bug out, usual safe word, and an alarm for ten minutes before the iceberg. Time to earn the credits, I suppose."

  • * *

A man dressed in black- black shirt, black jeans, black boots, and black waistcoat, all under a long black coat with a black hat that manages to be a cross between a Stetson, trilby and a straw boater- appears from nowhere in the middle of the room. He says he needs help, because another multiverse is leaking into your one.

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"Dear me," Darien muttered, "that's a rather gloomy sort of outfit, isn't it? I don't think it suits your complexion very well, good Sir. Not well at all, indeed."
Surkha squinted at him. "My Lord, do you really think this is the time for a fashion review?"
Darien waved his hand casually. "My dear, there is always time for a fashion review. It is, after all, one of the driving forces behind the politics of our great nation. Or have you forgotten that infamous Red Dress incident, when the Lady Milina Khe Tania wore that particular shade to the Alignment Ball at the Hall of Will'o'the'Owl, what was it...six years ago?...right after Lord Sabevan Sabevanik's oldest son was killed in a duel with young Lord Remir Lyubovik. It was universally assumed to be a demonstartion of alliegiance with House Krasnatva, particularly since the girl had the poor sense to wear fuchsia shoes with it and Lord Sabevan Sabevanik threatened to withdraw his support of the Extended Zharin Settlement Act unless High Lord Brakhil gave him his leave to demand satisfaction off the silly girl. Well, his leave he gave, the girl was slayn - of course she was, I was on the fencing team with Milina Khe Tania and I much enjoyed being paired off with her, since it allowed me to mentally write up my homework for Introduction to Economics while she was whacking her fingers with her own blade - and ever since then, her father has made it his mission in life to bury every single proposal that has come out of Brakhil. Quite successfully, too, because his nephew is married to...oh, but never mind that. It's actually quite fortuitous, since High Lord Brakhil is a reactionary imbecile and a dreadful bore, to boot. In any case, fashion is very serious business and everyone who is anyone must pay attention to it. Particularly when there are serious affairs abound."
Darien smiled and blinked owlishly as his personal aide rolled her eyes. She was, for all intents and purposes, rather new to Sawhan politics and she was terribly afflicted with a bad case of sound common sense. Which was a quality he appreciated in her quite profoundly, but it did make it ever so much more difficult for her to accept the insane levels of foolishness and vanity that ran rampant amongst the nobility.
He turned to the man in black - all jokes aside, the outfit really wasn't kind on his complexion - and said, "My dear fellow, why don't you tell me more about this alternate universe business of yours? It sounds most fascinating."
It also sounds like I might spin it to my advantage, he added to himself. There is nothing quite like a world-wide catastrophe to get along your own agenda. If everyone is distracted with saving our reality from being obliterated, I just might sneak that addendum to the Chieftain's Priviledge Law past the bloody conservatives.
Your character(s) suddenly find themselves in Pompeij, just as the vulcano breaks out.
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
Ace at first would probably assume she was having a vivid nightmare. She watched her world fall apart so why not?. On the chance that it is real she would try to organize an evacuation, either to the sea or to the hills. She'd seen a history channel special so she knew there were some survivors. She would save anyone she could. Who cares if it changes history. She might die in the attempt because of her soft spot for children. It would go against everything in her nature leave a child, any child, behind to die horribly.

Your character is about to enter an extremely dangerous situation. They must bring one other living person with them on their side. Who do they choose and why?

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2089 Philosopher7th Mar 2013 11:32:38 PM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
John Smith brings Kathrine. John loves Kathrine and would do anything for her as well as anything to make her life easier. It also doesn't hurt that she can cast powerful magics that heal and burn flesh from bone.

Your Character just caused the zombie Apocalypse.
It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
This isn't what happens in my story but it totally could have been considering fighting one virus with another virus is in my basic premiss.

If he caused the Zombie Apocalypse Alexander would die of a heart attack. Which is impressive since he is already dying of cancer. The drive to cure the plague before the cancer kills him is all that has been keeping him going. The shock of finding out he only made things worse would kill him.

Your character turns into a dog
2091 MaxwellDaring9th Mar 2013 09:56:17 PM from YOUR MIND , Relationship Status: Desperate
you need to vibrate higher
Oddly enough, this is not the first time Tillea was turned into an animal. After being turned into a large toad by her brother, she has learned Morse Code just in case she is turned into an animal again. It's a simple matter of finding a telegraph operator and barking "Help. Stop. I have been turned into a dog. Stop. Get me a metamorphologist. Stop."

The setting's MacGuffin doesn't work the way it should, and instead turns into a lawn gnome at a very inappropriate time, like when said MacGuffin is supposed to save everyone.
I had the pineapple, I went to the Crab. I went to Crusty Crab's. I had it all, and I said this was a bigger Chum Bucket then I just got-
2092 David9th Mar 2013 10:55:19 PM from TV Tropes, duh , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Yugo Hitatsu
The MacGuffin of my story's setting is a sword that was enchanted by magic. If this happened to it, Eic the owner of the sword would blame the spellcaster that enchanted it of messsing of the spell and then he would declare that he hates spellcasters, which would be a chance from him declaring that he hates vampires.

The next character finds that the MacGuffin does the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do.

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"We're called the guardians of time" Yugo
Closest thing I have to a MacGuffin is the cure.

If the cure killed: Alexander would die of shock and grief.

Ghost, Ace, Tango and Athena would die together because the cure was tested on them.

With Ace and Ghost gone Julian and Angel would again be orphans which would really mess them up. Angel would end up living with Teach ( Ace's mom) and maybe become some kind of Emily Dickinson hermit. Julian would join the Pirates ( Tango's brother's gang) he would try to live by Ghost's moral code but he might become a violent drug addict.

Your character Wins! They achieve whatever goal they have been working towards. How do they celebrate?

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Terracotta Soldier Man
Alessandro is a cultured hedonist. Wine, women, and song all the way, until he passes out in a drunken, hormone-addled delirium wherever he happens to be. His only regrets in the morning will probably be that he drank himself into a massive hangover, and that he can't remember any of it and will have to hear about his exploits from others later in the day.

Lorenzo is a bit harder to peg down as to how he'd "celebrate," per se. He's a bit of a quiet, introverted type, so he'd probably prefer a quiet get-together with close friends and family, then maybe a few moments alone to reflect on what he's lost and what he's thankful that he still has. He's really at his happiest when those he cares for are happy and safe, although he has a hard time showing it sometimes.

Your characters are all in a high school class that is planning a class project for a school festival in the fall. What kind of project does the class end up doing, and who ends up assigned to do what? (Optional: What sorts of wacky hijinks ensue on the day of the festival?)
Razzin-Frazzin Robot
Here's what would happen.

It would be a pyrotechnics show, as per Holly's suggestion. Holly's rather eccentric way of thinking would make the show quite... bombastic, so to speak.

As for who would do what, Harry would be the bomb juggler, Frank would be the dragon trainer, Abigail would be the fireworks lighter, Annie would be the cannon firer, and Holly would be the cannonball.(more sensible characters like Arthur or Reginald would refuse to participate.)

Wacky hijinks would ensue, such as Harry somehow getting the bombs stuck to his hands or Annie putting a bit to much explosive power into the cannon and blasting Holly miles away. (Holly would still consider it a sucess.)

Your character is transported to a world made of food. What happens?
2096 David10th Mar 2013 11:34:13 PM from TV Tropes, duh , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Yugo Hitatsu
Eric: He would wonder how he was teleported to another world and then he would wonder how an entire world could be made out of food. When he got over the shock of the whole thing he would try to find a way off of that world, while eating some of it.

Jason: He would have about the same reaction as Eric, but he would't eat any of it. He's a nine hundred year old vampire and in my story vampires can't really handle human food to well.

The next character loses their memoreis, how do they and the other character's react?

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"We're called the guardians of time" Yugo
If Athena lost her memories Tango would be devastated. The idea that she didn't remember him would crush him. He need not wory though she would fall in love with him all over again. They are soulmates. Same goes if he lost his memories.

Your character is extremely drunk (if they don't drink someone spiked their drink)
Go to the dorm room, sleep it off, hope the hangover isn't too bad and none of the school staff notices it. Steele is surprisingly good at handling drunkenness.

Your character has just been asked by their crush what they feel about the crush.

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2099 David17th Mar 2013 07:06:22 PM from TV Tropes, duh , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Yugo Hitatsu
Eric: Seeming as he's dating her, he'll just tell her.

Jason: He doesn't really have a crush as of yet, but if he did and she asked what they feel about he thought his reaction would depend on rather she's mortal or a vampire or if she knows that he was a vampire. If she was a mortal that knows what he is, then he'll tell her, but try not to start a relationship with her, if he could. If she was a mortal that didn't know about him he'd lie. if she was a vampire they would start a relationship.

The next character get's the entire repositiry of the ancients downloaded into their head.

For those of you not familiar with Stargate SG-1 it's all the knowledge of an ancient race of aliens and the information will slowing take over their mind and they'll die from having to much information in their brain, well if your human.
"We're called the guardians of time" Yugo
2100 Alma17th Mar 2013 07:28:26 PM from Coruscant , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The Harbinger of Strange
As this is a setting in which the human(oid) mind has been more extensively mapped and data transfer to and from the brain is possible, Sorgo is able to arrange to have the information downloaded from his mind into a computer. The only problem is how that information will be used. The unscrupulous Protectorate would almost certainly use it to extend its reach and power; the motives of the anti-Protectorate rebels are more altruistic, but even they are corruptible. But Sorgo can't have the information downloaded—safely—without enlisting the help of one or the other. He goes to a friend of his, whom he can count on to not let the secret out, and has the information downloaded in a less safe manner. The procedure works, though Sorgo is left with some disturbing mental images. The tech gives Sorgo the information from his mind on a thumb drive equivalent, and to further guarantee the safety of the secret, Sorgo kills the tech. Whether this is caused by remnants of the ancients' infodump into Sorgo's mind corrupting his personality is left up to the reader.

"Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead."

Your character is chosen to negotiate first contact between their race and a bizarre extraterrestrial race with a Starfish Language barely comprehensible to their primitive translators. How do they handle it?

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