What would your character do in the above situation?:

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Again with Tessa (apprentice mage): Initially, Panic. She has experienced something like this three times so far, once when her magical talent first appeared (she figured out how to draw power to herself but not how to release it again properly, leading to a very terrifying incident that was headed fast towards Your Head A-Splode), once when forcibly drugged by some very unpleasant people and once when she was suffering from a massive infection (full-blown sepsis, really) after running afoul of a halberd blade and arrow in rapid succession when only medieval medical care was available. Each incident was pretty damn traumatic, so her first reaction would be one of absolute terror of the 'oh shit, anything but THAT' variety. Given a few minutes, she'd calm down slightly and try some meditation techniques as well as 'diagnostic' magic to find the root of the problem. She'd definitely be very, very fucked up for the entire duration though.

Somebody very, very close to your character (close family, lover, best friend since childhood...) has just pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to save them.

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That has happened in my story, kind of. Seigi Kaminari pulled a Heroic Sacrifice against Senso one of the Big Bads of my story. He used a power that makes what happens to one of them happens to both on Senso. After that he killed himself, taking Senso with him.

Seigi Kaminari is the father Tora Kaminari and the uncle of Rai Kaminari.

They just gave him a nice funeral and said some nice words about him.

The next character becomes trapped by someone, or something that's about to absorb their enegry, and if they finish this the character dies. What would they do?

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Ace: Pray, also scream, attempt to make radio contact with her friends, and fight in any way possible but mostly pray.

Your character wakes up in their underwear on the roof of their home
Still Tessa:

Remarkably unbothered. She's from a culture without much of a nudity taboo, and they're arboreal on top of that (they live around treetop level in a tropical mangrove swamp) so climbing on rooftops isn't much of a challenge...if she was capable of walking around, she was also capable of safely making it to the roof. So she'd go through a somewhat abbreviated version of the usual What Did I Do Last Night? checklist ('did I get roped into another Gruuvokh tribal ceremony?' followed by 'did I screw up epically on some spell I was trying to cast?').

If both of those returned negative, she'd start getting worried: Sleepwalking can be a sign of Demonic Possession.

Continuing from this theme, though...

Your character finds that they are, for one reason or another, suddenly 'missing' a 12-hour span from their memories. How do they go about reconstructing the lost time?
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Ace :Would ask her friends what happened. If she had been on a mission then the buddy system prevails and she would be able to ask her partner. if she was at home she could ask mom or Angel, and if she was on base there is always someone around. She'd only really panic if she found herself alone and with no memory of the previous 12 hours. Who knows what she could've done under the influence of plague induced hallucinations, if nobody was there to stop her. She would check herself over for injuries, mostly to figure out whether she'd been involved in anything violent, and then she would try to get herself back to base where there should be a record of any radio calls she may have made.

Your character wakes up with a broken bleeding hand, torn jacket, and various scrapes and bruises

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The three of the above: For any people, it would be strange. For Jay Hawk Thompson, that's just Wednesday. The one of the underwear is almost everyday and it's very likely it was on purpose. He's probably stinking at alcohol or laying over a villain. He would just shrug it and go for a breakfast.

Your character finds out everything they know is a computer simulation and they got a glitch code that would help them out

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Yugo: He would just go about his life as normal, except he would try to learn how to use this glitched code to his advantage.

Rai: He would have a Heroic B.S.O.D. at first,but after he pulled himself together he would also try to use it to his advantage.

Yurei: He would try tomake this glitched coded do more, if unable he would do the same as Yugo.

The next character/s has to fight someone who's skin is harder than steal, but still has the ability to move normally, what would they do to win?

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Uly would modify her pistol or secondary weapon to be able to punch through their skin (or do something clever like drag them into a pit with the grappling attachment).

Your character is trying to solve the mystery of the missing cookies.
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Your character is trying to solve the mystery of the missing cookies.

Cerne: Immediately blame Naruto (this is pretty much his standard response to anything) and make him get more cookies. The cookie thief may or may not present him/herself in time, but that's in the future and Cerne wants cookies right freaking now!

And moi:

Your character(s) stumble upon Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart having a knock down drag out fist fight. What does he/she/they do?
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Yugo: He would ingore it. He's a time traveler that traveled to this time. He's not that familiar with the costums of this time, so he would think that it's what normally happens.

Yurei: He wouldn't care, if it doesn't effect him, then there's no reason to care.

Rai: He would wonder how that came to be. He wouldn't spend that much time on it, but he would still want to know why it happened.

The next character got into a fight with someone that appears to be immortal. The only weaknesses of that person is to attack the brain. How would they damage that person's brain to kill them, or how would they incapacitate them?

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Ujasiri: Well, nothing a good axe whack won't fix.

Eon: He'll probably attempt to tackle the opponent down and then "crown" him with a revolver.

Luther: Ditto, although he'll try to wait for an opening instead of forcing the attack himself.

Latiana Ofelia: First, she would get some distance, then she would probably go to town with bow and arrows.

Your character is transported twenty years into future to their hometown. What's their reaction?
"So this is how Berserk is going to end."

"With Guts high as fuck?"

"High on distilled Behelits."
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Naoki: I wonder how the future me is like! -starts looking for himself-

Joshua: I wonder what changed in all these years... -starts looking around-

Your character finds a Humongous Mecha in an abandoned warehouse, what do they do?

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Cora: She's not a giant mech person, and if anything, she's learned to dislike having powers she doesn't know how to deal with. She probably tries to hunt out someone who does know how to use a giant robot, or who would be much better figuring out how one works thanshe does. But she probably wants to move it, because she is concerned about what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands.

Ran: Hella sweet! Giant robot! She jumps right into the cockpit and tries to go for a joyride. Oh, so THAT lever is the ejection seat... ehehehe...

The next character is confronted with a figure or object out of one of their traumatic childhood memories.
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Diego: He would probably try to incinerate it if he couldn't stay away. Being reminded of the fire and his friend's death makes him...touchy.

What would your character do if they found a stray dog?

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[up][up] I found this one rather interesting...

Perry: As he leaves a café, a strange trick of the light occurs; in the reflection of a window, he thinks he sees several pale women dancing on air. His heart skips a beat, and he shudders involuntarily. Without thinking, he begins to run, muttering under his breath like a sleepwalker: "You'll not take him, too. He's all I have left; you took them all. But you'll not take him." He speaks even less than usual that evening.

Emil: It's like cold water down the spine, neither fear nor anger precisely but something between, confused, paralysing. Years playing at confidence tricks have trained him to pretend that he hadn't heard that certain phrase, said in that certain way, to pretend that the friendly hand on his shoulder that had followed hadn't made him want to jump out of his skin. But he manages. He pretends. Like always.


Jacob: He debates what to do with the dog for a very long time, all the while standing and staring vacantly at the poor beast. Eventually, giving into his softer side, he attempts to bring the dog home... and it abruptly runs away. Sighing, he walks back to his apartment, only to find that the dog has followed him home. He curses under his breath and lets it in before him.

Your character is confronted with an irrefutable fact that challenges the very foundation of their worldview. How do they handle this new development?
Yurei woouldn't really care. He's not the kind that would let something like that get into the way of his plans. Yugo also wouldn't mind to much, he doesn't care rather his veiws are right, or wrong. Rai on the other would have a Heroic B.S.O.D. and when he pulled himself back together he would try to find another worldview, or decide that it doesn't matter, it depends on how wrong his was with his original view.

The next character has found out that their powers no longer work, if they had no powers then they lose the weapons and/or talents that helped them out before.
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Drakon: He would probably believe he just wasn't using his magic correctly, but as soon as his loss was confirmed, he would freak out and immediately go to Luciano (head wizard) to figure out what was wrong with him.

What would your character do if they misplaced an important object that someone entrusted them with?
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Uly would search for it until she finds it. She doesn't like to risk upsetting (and thus losing) friends or admitting she screwed up.

Your character discovers an item of their Trademark Favorite Food over 20 times the size it should be.
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Mitsuru He only eats apples, so he either gets a full of a sweet apple, or gets the a long leaf vine with it. His other trademark food is human flesh, so there...

Your character suddenly wakes up with bad luck. Wile E. Coyote Level bad luck. WTH?
Yugo: He would hope that it'll only last one day and try to survive that day.

Yurei: He would try to use his ability to see in other times to couner act the bad luck.

Rai: He would do the same as Yugo.

The next character becomes a Reality Warper, but using the power slowy tears a hole in the universe.
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Jay would not give a shit. Really.

Jesse has that on canon, as he can alter the space-time fabric due to come from a destroyed dimension and his effects make the streams of fate to move in weird ways. The Multiverse watchers can detect this powers happening, something known as the Invader Alert. He has to fix the mess in order to allow himself to leave said dimension.

Your character wakes up a day and finds out he can break the 4th wall for the rest of the day. Holy guacamole!
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I'll go with one of the characters I play around with, Tabitha Logan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the body of Triple H.) She would snark the hell out of it. All day. Lampshade Hanging. Leaning on the Fourth Wall. Break The Fourth Wall. No Fourth Wall. Make fun of the conventions in the work she's in. The whole day.

Your character wakes up one day to find they are in their favorite work, but for the characters in that work their life absolutely sucks and your character is going to get it just as bad.
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Wow that's meta.

Ace's favorite work is probably Doctor Who. Which means some sort of alien invasion. Probably some evil aliens using humans for experimentation. Weird thing is being a guinea pig is nothing new to her. She would be relieved to have an experienced hero around, and try to be on the right side. Yeah she may not survive but that possibility isn't new either. At least there is every chance Angel will survive. She would do her best to find The Doctor and beg for help. Baring that she'd do whatever she could to make him aware of Angel's existence. It's not like he could turn his back on an adorable precocious orphaned little girl.

Your character is snowed in at work.
Taking it is school he attends at, Jensen tries to keep his mouth shut to not need to communicate with anyone and by trade awake suspicion over his behavior.[down] A man on his 50's looks at you, makes a popping sound with his mouth and says "noice" (Nice) in a brit accent. What do?
Ace would ignore him and keep walking.

Your character discovers they have a long lost brother

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