What would your character do in the above situation?:

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Yugo Hitatsu: If it was Rai Kaminari he would tease him a little before helping him find a cure, but if it was Tora Kaminari he would just help find a cure if there was any way to cure it, this would probably take the course of a whole book.

Rai: He would tease either Yugo Hitatsu or Tora Kaminari and then help either to find a cure, again taking up a whole book to do so.

Tora Kaminari: She would try to help find a cure for either Yugo Hitatsu or Rai Kaminari, this too would take a whole book.

(Rai and Tora are cousins, thier fathers are brothers.)

The next character meets a Fish out of Temporal Water type of character?

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I've actually considered this may happen to my main character at some point in the story.

Being over 200 years old himself Owain would appreciate the level of change that the F Oo TW is feeling and being used to various forms of magic, would not at all be stunned.

He'd simply talk and help the F Oo TW adjust as best he can.

The next character becomes a Fish out of Temporal Water

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Yugo Hitatsu: is already a Fish out of Temporal Water, he needs Rai Kaminari to explain almost everything to him and he Angst's about this time a little, but he stays so he can finish his mission, because that's the way of his clan.

Yurei Hitatsu: on the other hand, took it pretty well, as Villains usually do.

(Yugo and Yurei are brothers, Yurei is five years older than Yugo.)

The next character has to go up against a Magnificent Bastard type of character?

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[up]That one doesn't really seem like a scenario. If you mean Your character becomes a Magnificent Bastard, that's not as specific as a Fish out of Temporal Water, so it's doesn't really sound workable, and if you mean Your character meets a Magnificent Bastard, it's not really an event.

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[up]Sorry, I forgot to add some of the words, but now it's fixed.

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James follows the Magnificent Bastards lead as long as no one is endangered.

Adriana flips the Magnificent Bastard and goes back to getting drunk.

Isaac smiles broadly, salutes the Magnificent Bastard while cracking a joke about his appearance.

The next character is made leader of a superhero league.
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Cassidy's an Honest Corporate Executive in training and would use this opportunity to fuse superheroes and business together. She wouldn't interfere with actually helping people, just work on things like marketing, public relations, organization, discipline, and so forth. Afterwards, she'd generally spend time working on addressing various issues which might come up, act as The Chessmaster & The Strategist, do the best she can to protect the heroes because their her people, and overall a Benevolent Boss.

She'd also create a Black Ops organization within the heroes using the darker ones for more "morally ambiguous" operations that the public and plenty of heroes can't know about. They would genuinely not be used except for extreme situations or ones she judges necessary. Her given reason is I Did What I Had to Do & least regard it as Dirty Business, though her Iron Lady front won't let anybody see that side.

Next question: A Phantom Thief has stolen your character's most cherished possession! What do they do now?

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Tessa is an apprentice mage. She belongs to a race of reptilian humanoids similar in physique to the argonians of the Elder Scrolls universe. She has a few good friends with skills she personally lacks, including three Boisterous Bruisers she could recruit as 'muscle' in a pinch. She is fast, agile (she could be a reasonable contender in regional-level gymnastics competitions) and has learned stealth through what might be called the school of hard knocks. Her magical talents lean towards spells that affect the properties of matter (a 'signature spell' of hers is destroying an inanimate object by causing it to rapidly decay) and she has recently picked up some first-hand experience in healing magic.

She would be wary about going to the local authorities with the problem due to some bad experiences with discrimination and prejudice, and she feels no particular obligation to follow the law for the law's sake. She also strongly dislikes violence and is likely to pick flight over fight whenever possible. She was recently forced into killing in self-defense and is genuinely frightened by how easy it was to end a life, falling into the Reluctant Warrior trope and hating herself for it. She will fight surprisingly well (relying largely on instinct) if cornered, but do whatever she can to avoid that. Her social skills are somewhat lacking and she is painfully aware of that limitation.

Given these assets and limitations, she would first attempt to locate her possession through magical means (dowsing is a very simple form of magic in that setting, taught to beginners, and tracking an item she has a strong personal connection to would be easy enough even at her level of skill). She would then gather as much information as she could about the location it is held in, relying on stealthy observation rather than social skills. If possible, she would attempt to stealthily take her lost possession back, substituting magic for skills and equipment she lacks and possibly bringing along friends to provide a distraction. If she reckons that such an approach would be too likely to force her into a violent situation, she would reluctantly write off even her most cherished possession.

Next situation:

Your character is faced with a choice between dealing a crushing blow to what they hate most or protecting what they love most. For the sake of the argument, there is no Third Option. If one option is chosen, the other opportunity is lost forever. If neither is chosen, both are lost. Which do they go for?
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[I don't want to reveal the name of the characters, so say they're Bob and Alice.]

Bob is a dangerous hitman for the mob and he is obsessed with the daughter of his boss. It may be love, or it may be not, but she was his first love and even though he chickened out when his boss threatened to have him killed if Bob kept seeing Alice, and Alice subsequently married another man not entangled with crime, and Bob is in a marriage too, with children, he is still head over heals for her.

Now, the situation would probably be: deal a crushing blow to the top competitor or protect Alice. If he deals the blow and something happened to Alice which he knows he could have prevented, he'd go batshit insane over his grief and shame (even if she lived). But opting to protect Alice would result in his peers losing respect for him, thinking he can't do a proper job and obey the food chain, choosing a moll he can't even have over them.

Bob would go for Alice. Always. If they want to kill him for it, let them come. He's not going to chicken out, not a second time. You touch Alice, you touch an Ax-Crazy inducing Berserk Button.

Situation: Your character is placed in a closed mental institution and, as above, for the sake of the argument let's say s/he cannot escape. How does s/he cope with the day-to-day life and activities of the psych ward?
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Isaac wouldn't leave the psych ward even if he could. There are too many fascinating people to interact with, each with their own unique mindset. He thinks of it all as a game, from playing telephone with the schizophrenic patient, to charades with the multiple personality patient. Even when he's locked in the quiet room in a straight-jacket for being too loud, he has the company of all his little friends no one else can see. Besides, he looks oh so dashing in a straight-jacket; he wore one to prom. (All of the above may happen at some point to him)

Situation: You character is forced to fight in an arena with a group of innocents to the death. Think Hunger Games, without the pansy suicide-pact loophole; they don't care if nobody survives.
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Naoki would try to stall until he thinks of some way to avoid having to kill innocent people, in the worst case scenario he would actually fight instead of just parrying attacks.

Joshua would try to immobilize all of his opponents to avoid killing and think of a way to escape the arena.

Everybody in the world has been gender-flipped! How does your character react?
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Jillian: "This is really gonna change things up in the bedroom! You know, I always wondered what Jerrod would look like as a girl…"

June: "Hee hee, I can pee standing up now!… Oh wait, I already do."

Overall, both would be torn and "What the [extremely long profanity]?!" and "Hey, this is pretty cool", with Jillian leaning towards the former and June towards the latter. At least one of the two would a.) realize that everyone will be flipped back in the next story arc, b.) joke that the cartoonist just discovered the wonders of Rule 63, or c.) acknowledge that they could've just gender-flipped themselves at any time.

Your character becomes the only one in the work who is capable of Breaking the Fourth Wall. How do they and others around them react?

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Reactions to gaining the Capability to break the forth wall

Since the Fourth Wall is strong in my story, any of the characters (except of course for Yurei) that gain the Capability to break the forth wall would take a while to get used to this No Forth Wall type of experience, but when they do they'll started Breaking the Fourth Wall all the time. Yurei's reaction to gaining the Capability to break the forth wall would be to ingore it until he could figure out how to use it in his plan.

Reactions to another character gaining the Capability to break the forth wall

Everyone (except Yurei) would have a Audience? What Audience? type reaction to another of my characters gaining this capability. Yurei's reaction to someone else gaining the Capability to break the forth wall would also be to ingore it until he could figure out how to use it in his plan.

idea I might make a character in one of my stories that can do this, but before that I'll have to do some reading on the pages for it.

The next character finds out that the object that they cherish the most is really a MacGuffin?

Edit: In case you're wondering, yes all my questions are events that actually happened, or will happen in my story, it makes it easier to come up with situations and I like to see how other characters would do in the same situation.

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[up]Ace:" My old iPhone is a mcguffin ? How so? The internet and phone networks are dead. Is it my pictures? My music? Somthing in the code? I have to talk to RC about this. Good thing all my files are backed up.

Your character must do somthing stupidly dangerous but nessary. Their best friend, their love interest, and their apprentice (or any kid they feel responsible for) also volunteer for the stupidly dangerous thing. Who do they try to talk out of it, and how do they deal with some of their loved ones risking themselves.
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Zaya: I knock all their heads together, tie 'em up while they're unconscious and throw 'em in a room. Persuading is only useful when you don't have an easier alternative. Then I go do what I have to do.

Your Character has discovered an artifact that would let them spy on the personal lives of anyone anywhere. How do they react or use the artifact?
Ghost Would have little used for spying but maybe he could put the artifact some useful purpose. He would try to use it to find his sister's exact location thereby reducing his epic journey to find her to a slightly inconvenient journey to pick her up. He probably also use it to keep tabs on his teenaged apprentice while he was gone.

Your character wakes up to find his room has been completely filled with bananas

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At a gathering of friends, someone suggests a group game (Charades, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Cranium etc)- which do they pick. If a propriatory game assume they know the host has that game

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Ivan picks "Smack the Club on the Seal".

Your main character's aunt is dying of an unspecified cause. How does the main character prepare for the death?
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"Preparing for death is for the dying." My characters consider death their personal enemy. They would do anything to save someone they consider family, from intense prayer to holding a doctor at knifepoint. Some of them (Ace, Julian) would probably do both.

Your character suddenly and unexpectedly finds themself 100 years in your worlds past.

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Tina: Oh, crap! I better warn everyone about Hitler!

Your character signs up for a game show.
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Ivan: I will pick к, for капиталистический

Your character is writing a book about their quest/journey, but relizes they have not finished their quest/journey as they are wrapping the book up
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Leave the book for later
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Your character suddenly and unexpectedly finds his/herself 100 years in your world's past

Verbrannte: Try to figure out how to get back while affecting the time line as little as possible, including, regrettably ignoring any crimes in progress.

Your character signs up for a game show.

Element Enigma: Coast through the contest by using his illusion powers to cheat like a son of a gun. Because he's evil.

Your character is writing a book about their quest/journey, but relizes they have not finished their quest/journey as they are wrapping the book up

Cerne: Probably blame Naruto (no, not that Naruto).

And for moi:

Your character enters an MMA competition and their first match is against the Queen of England, who it turns out is the five time reigning champion.
The madness is catching.
Ace: Realizes that this must be either a dream or a hallucination. Nevertheless she goes with it and takes the opportunity to kick some major butt.

Julian and Ghost : Also realize that this must be a dream or hallucination but they're chivalric tendencies are so strong that they can't bring themselves to hit a woman (even in a hallucination) They will snap out of it and defend themselves when attacked.

Athena : Jumps out of the ring (octagon?) and leads the audience in a dance number.

Your character is alone and without a phone when they fall and break their ankle '
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Immobilises the ankle with whatever he can find to hand, wrapping it in his shirt if need be. Uses whatever support he can - furnishings, walls, trees, tree-branch-fashioned-into-crude-crutch (depending on where this takes place) - to get to where he can find/call assistance.

Your character starts experiencing chaotic and terrifying hallucinations for no apparent reason.

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