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What would your character do in the above situation?:

Ace would realize she was dreaming/hallucinating as fast food as not existed in years and children are rare. Nevertheless she would politely ask for some food.

Your character falls in a lake.

 127 d Roy, Sun, 1st May '11 5:10:03 AM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
  • John nonchalantly swims out of the place because...what he's gonna do there anyway?
  • Madeline swims out of the place too, but would feel embarassed because she got wet.
  • Travis either swims down, trying to see if there is any crocidiles or alligators he can fight or taste, or asks the above two who made them wet.
    • Catherine smacks his head.
  • N just floats there and chills out.

Situation: Your character(s) house is under attack of hordes of rabid weasels.

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 128 Wolf 1066, Sun, 1st May '11 5:16:29 AM from New Zealand Relationship Status: In my bunk
Ian and Andrea: That's why we have the .22 rifles...

Your character's home is gradually subsiding. Finds out it's because there is a cavern underneath it...
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 129 chihuahua 0, Sun, 1st May '11 7:58:54 AM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
  • Justin Peterson: Would say to his parents that the floor is sinking, and then call someone to go examine it.
  • Ian Down: Since he lives in an apartment building, he would call the owners of it, and inquire the safety of the building. He would then sue.
  • Lizzy: Would try to find a way to go down there.

Your character finds out that his or her drink is spiked after taking a few sips out of it.

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 130 KSPAM, Sun, 1st May '11 8:09:24 AM from The Slaine Pain Train Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Malcolm: Laugh and keep drinking. He's a robot after all.

Your character is left in possession of a dead/disappeared neighbor's cat. What do they do?

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Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
 131 d Roy, Sun, 1st May '11 8:17:19 AM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
[up] Hold on, clarify the situation a bit more; you mean the dead cat a character has is the cat that a neighbor is looking for? Has that neighbor been looking for it?

 132 KSPAM, Sun, 1st May '11 9:13:33 AM from The Slaine Pain Train Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
[up] No, the neighbor is dead and they left the cat to them.
Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
 133 d Roy, Sun, 1st May '11 9:31:43 AM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
[up] Ah! I see.
  • It would go to Katerine because she's the only people in Five-Man Band to whom animals do not respond with fear/extreme discomfort.

Situation: Your character is swimming in an ocean. There's a shark pin circling around him/her....

My college student would try to swim away and hope he doesn't get eaten.

My Villain Protagonist would amp up his aura, most animals avoid him anyway.

Your character witnesses their favorite (or least hated) store clerk get gun downed and killed, they also have received a bullet wound to the leg (if they can heal their is magic or tech preventing that at the current time), how do they react?
Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 135 Bur, Sun, 1st May '11 11:05:53 AM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
If Rho's been recently enough on duty he'll activate his hard light shield and then fill the guy full of plasma holes. If not, he'll still have a sidearm and try to take the guy down, while calling for backup because there's an ever-loving hole in his leg.

Saunder gets strength from pain so the killer doesn't stand a chance and will probably be beaten half to death. Saunder will then be in rehab after inadvertently making his injury worse. And probably gaining a couple more bullet holes.

Your character just accidentally drank curdled milk from a carton.
 136 Sal Fish Fin, Sun, 1st May '11 12:04:19 PM from on top of Your Mum Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Trolling Swordsman
Toshi has a Stomach of Steel.

Chad has an excellent Fort Save.

Neither are very affected.

Your Character has had an opportunity to protect the life of a small child, who he or she otherwise has never met before, but failed.

My College Student would likely have a Heroic BSOD, and would most likely shatter him.

My Villain Protagonist might react negatively for the sake of keeping up public appearances but it most likely wouldn't bother him, and if it did it would be fleeting.

Your character has just been Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (if they already have cancer AIDS, if it's fanatasy a deadly curse with no cure.)How do they react?
Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 138 Turn Table, Sun, 1st May '11 1:07:45 PM from That Place There
Freya would be torn between fear and relief. Fear because he didn't really want to die, and relief because it might be the end of his life-long running. It would probably make him want to do something good before he died, because he himself admitted he was a coward.

Situation: Your character found out that someone of his/her gender is having a crush on him/her. Said someone happens to be their best friend?

 139 Rynnec, Sun, 1st May '11 1:49:33 PM Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Ashte would find this awkward, though she's a lesbian, she has no real desire to have a serious, committed relationship with anyone, this does not rule out having at least one sexual romp with her though.

Your character finds out that s/he is an artificial human (or an artificial version of whatever species your character is).

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Ghost would think it was cool.

Ace would think that it explains a lot about the last few years, and wonder what happened to the original. No major angst over not being “real”, she’s had prayers answered that’s proof enough for her that she has a soul. She would worry that going off the drugs may not help the insomnia.

Your character is asked to be the best man at a friend’s wedding

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 141 Turn Table, Sun, 1st May '11 6:57:26 PM from That Place There
Jacques would say yes, if only because it would mean he gets to wear that expensive fifties suit his housekeeper was so desperate to save for "special events". (Said housekeeper acted as a guardian of sort to the millionnaire's estranged son for as long as he'd lived.)

How does your character cope with the lack of their morning caffeine?

 142 JHM, Sun, 1st May '11 7:06:03 PM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Jacob fumbles and grumbles in weak agitation, then walks a block or two to a nearby doughnut shop. Having quit smoking a year earlier, he contemplates the benefits of nicotine while mentally about-facing himself.

Perry acts exactly the same, albeit just slightly chillier than usual. If pressed, he will answer that his routine has been disrupted.

Your character is beset by armed strangers in a lonely, isolated area. What do they do.
 143 Crystal Glacia, Sun, 1st May '11 7:10:49 PM from Cedarpointland
patience, young padawan
  • Your character is beset by armed strangers in a lonely, isolated area. What do they do?
    • Matt: Beat the shit out of them in a Daredevil-like fashion, proving that not all blind guys are useless and feeble.
    • Eli: Act like a complete psycho until they're scared away.
    • Rafi: Cry and let them take everything on him.

Your character has been talking with someone they recently met, and then the person tells them that they're actually blind.

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[up][up][up]My characters are on a drug called Sunshine. They therefore have little problem waking up, but find it nearly impossible to sleep unaided. Sudden lack of Sunshine causes severe physical withdrawal symptoms. I picture it like caffeine and nicotine withdraw at the same time up to eleven. Ghost would deal by going off and meditating alone. Ace would deal with the help for very supportive friends and family whom she would later apologies to.

[up][up]Ace early in the story would watch terrified as Tango kicked the living crap out of them. Later she would actively participate or kick the living crap out of them all by herself.

[up]"Ok then that’s cool." Any blind adult that survives in this world would be either badass, intelegent, or have poweful friends therefor is very worth knowing. Ghost may ask “How blind?’’ as he doesn’t have great vision himself.

Your character experiences a Freaky Friday style body swap with another character.

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 145 jasonwill 2, Mon, 2nd May '11 12:27:23 AM from West Virginia
Jason would: scream and think he was dreaming

Logan would: be like 'wtf' and think someone spiked something.

Tanya would: idk...

Lee would: "wait, what?!"

William would: blame some wacko experiment on it, and demand an instant cure

Dickens would: pray to God, and precede to find a cure once he got over the shock.


SITUATION: Your character is threatened to be sued for something trivial, how do they react?

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as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
 146 Zolnier, Mon, 2nd May '11 1:39:24 AM from A suspiciously dull shop
The Odd Lad
Tariq: Would ask his [[Satan"Mummy" ]] to make something bad happen to the guy.

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Life's Gonna Suck When You Grow Up... But Is It That Great Now?...

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 147 jasonwill 2, Mon, 2nd May '11 2:53:00 AM from West Virginia
what if he was the same personality/person inside, but make him an everyday joe that never had all this fictiony stuff. how would he react then? Realizing this will help you learn more about your character without context of your story getting in the way. trust me. it limits you when you think in terms of context of your story. Just consider the personality. It might help, or so a book I have seems to subtly imply this.
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
 148 Archereon, Mon, 2nd May '11 4:00:47 AM from Everywhere.
Ave Imperator
Jason: Ethan, being a military officer in a Post-Cyberpunk interstellar civilization, has the pull to make trivial lawsuits go away, just like that. Hell, if he really pursued it, he could probably get the person behind the lawsuit to "go away" just like that. Of course, not many people, Ethan included, would arrange for a person's assassination or long term imprisonment over 20, 000 credits.

Your character realizes that they're in a dream.!!

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 149 Motree, Mon, 2nd May '11 4:26:52 AM from certainly not from under your bed. Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
Right then, I'll use my Mentor character.

Kota: Whut. Eh, oh well. Time to go back to bed so I can get up. And then maybe I'll have to reconsider drinking that much before going to bed... NAH.

SITUATION: Right, so some chick comes up to you and tells you she's pregnant... and you're the father.

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[up][up] [up]Well

Jess would live.

Ace, Ghost, Tango, and Athena all finish collage. Tango and Athena get married and have kids immediately. Ace and Ghost never meet, none of them meet Julian. No one would have earned there nicknames (Ace = Anna Evans )

[up] Tango: unless it's Athena do not believe her if it's Athena be scared but happy. Ghost :freak out, but can't completely rule it out (do to blackouts not promiscuity). He'd see she was well taken care of weather he turned out to be the father or not. Julian : very unlikely but if it happened " Oh Crap! Ghost is going to castrate me for this".

Ace’s father (in story): He tried to get Ace’s mother to have an abortion. When she didn’t he decide a wife and kid may have career benefits and married her, cheated constantly, and eventually took off.

Your character is transported from one of your stories into another one.

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