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Anyone a fan of this around here?

It's illustrated and written by Suzuhito Yasuda (artist for Durarara! and SMT: Devil Survivor).

This show is notable to me for being the only show/manga in which I don't dislike any of the characters.

Also, does anyone know when the 6th volume will be officially released outside of the East Asia region? Haven't heard anything on it since the Kodansha USA takeover.

Edit: I suppose I should give the Wiki link.

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Never heard of it, but the artist apparently did the character designs for Durarara. Guess I'll have to check it out.
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I'm pretty big on this series, yeah. It's about the most generic tripe you can think of, but the execution and all the grimdark bubbling up under the surface make it worthwhile. The second Hoshi no Umi OVA just got subbed, you should go watch them!
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I would, but I'm the type of person who would rather watch on the disk. I usually watch a few episodes of different anime to see if I'll like them. Same with manga, of course.
I'm hoping that Kodansha USA will resume the serialization.

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Rise. RISE.

Kind of relevant, given the start of Hana no Uta, but I have to say it still feels a little weird. The show, while being billed as a revamped, seemed to be jumping off from the OA Ds Hoshi no Umi to go into the "fallen" arc in the manga (see Lilah in the lineup of badguys as a huge clue)... And yet we have people reference stuff from the first series like the Tsundere Song.

Still fairly bugged at the fact that the production passed on the manga artstyle yet again, but I suppose it's to make everything flow smoother. Based on the pattern, we should be getting two or three anime-only episodes to settle in the viewers not familiar with the setting, then we're going into the Fallen arc proper.
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No, the other one.
Episode 1. In which there are goldfish.

I get the feeling this series reboots all the time, but that's not really correct.

Ah, the Tsundere song has caught on.

Kinda funny how Kotoha was even more inept at goldfish scooping. And then she started cheating. Or tried to, at least.

Now that's how you eat cotton candynote  without getting sticky fingers.

I think someone got disappointed when she was told to leave the cute little girl to Hime...

Ao's rather skilled at keeping a mochi on her head.

"Everyone! Please don't panic!" And they all look at the panicked girl with amusement. Yeah, that's about right.

This is one of those I really should read more of the manga. I've read a bit of it, but then I ran out of time, and got other things to do. Not read about this arc.

Oh, hey, turned out the drawing was relatively accurate. Kind of expected, really.
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Episode 1:

Interesting city. And it's festival time already.

Kotoha's power's cool.

"Everyone, please don't panic!" Their response: "Okay!" Especially since they're not so panicked.[lol]

Ao's a satori. Sweet! I also like how she uses her power; it's not just mind-reading, she can be a radar, too!cool And about the bad drawing she did... Mind readers are never wrongnote 

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Alternately: Mind readers are never wrong unless their target is too.

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Should've checked the list.
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No, the other one.
Episode 2. Which is amusing.

Tentacle scarf.

Someone really wants to read his mind to find out who he's gunning for.

Someone who has to reaffirm all he's doing is for the good for people is kind of less trustworthy to me.

Overall, and random Ao pantyshots aside, I kinda like the fanservice in the series. Usually not detracting from the plot, and often while something amusing happens, so there's no mood-breaking. Or at the same time, like the Scenery Censor in the locker room.

So that's why he ran out... Not really unexpected, though. Especially considering how he came back.

Ao's nonchalance about the fighting felt rather in-place with the mood.

Yae is amusing here, like being prayed to while napping. Actually, I'm often amused when people are prayed to and they aren't expecting it, or are embarrassed by it.

I was also someone amused with Shidare and Shiina when he raised his hand in greeting, and she raised her hand to adjust her glasses.

Ao really needs a Head Pet.

I liked the dual perspectives of this episode. A generally soft and amusing episode that works well.
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Episode 2:

  • A day in the life of the main cast.
  • Ao's really good at balancing stuff on her head.
  • Kyousuke must have Oh-crap-Hime's-about-to-do-something-stupid senses or something.[lol]
  • Free ramen? A certain orange ninja would like that!
  • Yae's cool.
  • Hime doesn't go anywhere without that scarf, it looks like.note 
  • Looks like there's some bad blood in this city...
  • What was 'Lily' trying to pull...?
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No, the other one.
Episode 3. In which they clean the office.

There's a good chaotic and not very calm atmosphere there.

He should've waited till the day after instead, and get everyone else to help.

"In the confessional..." You know, isn't the point of those that no one else are to hear it?

Yae does not have good timing for teasing people. She made a funny face when the couch disappeared and she was left in the air, though. Serves her right.

Oni powers: Horns, hair colour change, and eye shadow. As a side effect, they get a bit of increased strength, but that's just minor compared to the real powers.

And then they clean the office.

And then the episode took a turn for the worse. Though I'd hardly expect them to get hurt that easily.

You know, blaming someone else like that is kind of just lashing out. And from what I remember of his ability, kind of unfairly too. And I'm sure they'll clear that up by the end of the episode.

Juri can be a little scary if she wants to.

It's not smart to beat the person carrying you. Has that ever worked out the way they wanted it? Well, assuming they're not carried against their will and want to get away by any means necessary.

Akina seems more evil than usual. He looks better that way, though. He should've said it wasn't a bluff, though.

I wonder if Touka enjoyed being held hostage. Emphasis on held by Akina.

I really don't like the phrase, "take responsibility". Besides, how could he if she went away to another dimension?

Randomly, I wonder how many different translations of youkai I've seen. In this series alone, in various places, I've seen monster, beast, demon, dæmon, and maybe more. Most common is to just leave it as youkai, though.

Next episode: Hime, in a swimsuit. With her scarf. Why do I find that awesome?

Edit: I also find that this version of the story makes me like the characters more than the other versions. Which is saying a lot, since the characters is the real strength of the series to begin with.

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Episode 3:

  • Kyousuke's very strict. But that'll cause him to unnecessarily lash out at others...
  • I really thought that those kids were super dead. Good thing they're vampires, eh?
  • Juri can be scary.
  • So, Akina's a tuner. And the youkai here are irregulars. Yeah, I don't want anyone passing over to the next dimension either, Akina.smile
  • That said, is Ao's brother capable of jumping between dimensions?
  • I'm pretty sure that Touka enjoyed being Akina's hostage.tongue
  • Akina made quite a face. In the past and right now. And he's quite tough if he can take Kyousuke's full punch and say it didn't stingnote .
  • To the pool next episode.
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That spoiler is explained later.

I was going to make a joke about Akina Just Tuning but I couldn't find any version of the opening with sound on Youtube sad
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I don't think we'd get to the point Enjin explains just how he's able to do what he's doing, as I remember it coming after the arc about the von Frankenstein sisters, specifically Leilah.
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You are right, I had forgotten where it was in the manga.

Is this season 12-13 episodes long?

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No, the other one.
Episode 4. In which Hime has doubts.

Fun political meeting. Well, they have to point out the ridiculousness somehow. But doing homework at a meeting is a little rude. Then again, it hadn't started, and if they often take time to start...

Then, fanservice. Notice how almost all of the girls are in the pool (at the beginning), and none of the guys. Shame, that.

The moment he started to complain about Aki's weakness, the conclusion was inevitable.

"I heard alcohol makes some people cry, but eating?" Isn't that the regular Hime?

Well, it is recognisable German.

"I can't help but feel that the last one isn't exactly right." Sounds like something I would say.

Young Hime is cute.

Complaining about window shopping is bad for business. But it's kind of inappropriately funny to use a crane to pick a little girl up.

"You're rude and selfish." While being rude and selfish. Sounds like some people I've heard somewhere...

I think someone's planning to have a puppet mayor...

That's got to be one of the things you least expect to greet at the door.
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It's 12 episodes, just enough time to squeeze two or so arcs, as the first 3 episodes have already been given over to introductory stuff (kind of a pattern for Yozakura productions). At the very least, we're going to see the wolf Han'you, which comes after Leilah.
Episode 4:

  • That mayor sure has it rough. It's so bad that he has to resort to doing skull-duggery behind the scenes...
  • Swimsuit + scarf= Good-looking Hime. Thanks, Kotoha.waii
  • Mermaid/vampire hybrid? Never saw that before. Such a cool combination.
  • Speeches are overrated, Akina.tongue
  • Kyousuke got drunk easily. Suika and Yuugi would be so disappoint.tongue
  • So that's the little princess who's running for mayor. Also, as said earlier, speeches are overrated, Kohime.tongue
  • The burdens of being mayor can be tough, Hime. Fight on!
  • Yikes, looks like it's one of those times when watching trees blossom is not a good thing... That said... Akina, couldn't you've told Hime that detail before she cheered herself up? Telling her after was kinda...cruel...sad
  • At the door is a Closed Circle?

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After watching two episodes... I think I liked the first series better.
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[up] I didn't know there WAS a first series.
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There's a first series, and a bunch of OVA's. (like, a lot of them)
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Specifically the first series came TOO EARLY in Yozakura's publishing life (barely volume 2 if I recall) that it quickly got written off by even the manga author as an alternate universe that can be ignored at a viewer's leisure.

The OVA, Hoshi no Umi, however follows the manga sort of faithfully, picking the arc that kickstarts the second half of its "plot", about the Youkai hunters.
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You know, I much preferred Hime's more angular facial designs in the first series.
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The character designs for the first Yozakura Quartet anime were some of my favorites across all anime. That's one of the reasons I'm having such a hard time warming up to the new version, alongside the shoddy pacing. Shame, since I really like the setting and some of the character concepts.

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