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13751 nrjxll13th Feb 2013 10:45:09 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
You're right, I'm thinking of Dig Site.

But then what was University's problem? I know I just found it kind of boring, but I don't think that was what the problem was for most people.
13752 Ryuhza13th Feb 2013 10:48:18 PM from San Diego, California
Dropping out.



Too many people dropped out of University. grin

Jokes aside, the dropping out stranded other people in situations they weren't sure how to handle, leading to more dropping out, and eventually, the characters who were left clustered together because there was nothing happening anywhere else anymore.

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Dropping out.



Too many people dropped out of University.


I kind of want to join Mansion. What's going on, exactly?
Let's not go there. *flails noodle arms*
13754 Yomegami14th Feb 2013 08:14:14 AM from out of nowhere
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At the moment, it's mostly just a bunch of people having conversations. The most notable occurrence at the moment is the group of people in the Entry Hall attending to or otherwise drawn to an unconscious Oswald.

As for where everyone is at currently:

Characters whose presence is still in question:
  • Oracle, Tora, Leo, Anita, and Yuki. Leo, Oracle, and Tora are technically in the library, and Anita and Yuki are technically in the Entry Hall (specifically, on the stairs).

And I think that's it.
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13755 Ryuhza14th Feb 2013 08:25:24 AM from San Diego, California
I'm afraid I won't be able to post until after school, or if I'm a very fast worker, at the end of my break. So that's, uh... seven and four hours respectively.

See you then.
13756 CrystalGlacia14th Feb 2013 08:42:51 AM from Cedarpointland
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I was going to wait until you posted anyways; plus I have to go to the store on my way home from school. So... yeah.

Also, KC, assuming I'm reading your most recent post correctly, Sora isn't really... 'young'-looking. Gracefully-aged and well-taken care of, but not young. Just so that others don't get the wrong idea going forward, because Ryu and Sora are identical twins.

And re time: I have tomorrow and President's Day weekend off school, so I'll have lots of time and stuff.

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13757 m8e14th Feb 2013 08:50:20 AM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Tora and Oracle is kind of parked in the library. Tora is still reading books, and Oracle sleeping on the table.

Have been busy with a new job and the time difference doesn't help.
13758 Ryuhza14th Feb 2013 04:07:46 PM from San Diego, California
Oh geez, I didn't anticipate this large of a gathering. Well, I'm getting to posting now... won't be long. Also, Masterofchaos, you made a bit of a goof in spelling Oswald's name, but that's okay because it was a really funny goof. grin

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13759 Masterofchaos14th Feb 2013 04:14:11 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Imma fix it

Edit: I'm probably just gonna have Abeiyuwa head to the Entry Hall in my next post.

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13760 Blackfire66714th Feb 2013 07:18:08 PM from The Outer Limits , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
What a cool dude.
If accessibility is a problem, and non-modern settings aren't good (Mansion's clockwork/nanite droids don't count?), then we should use a public place... Character Public Library? Stadium? Park, even?

I've said this before, but also, everyone idly milling about in a perpetual meet-and-greet is working fine for Mansion, but in future threads, I should think you'd want to give some motivation for characters to band together? Some kind of stress that would make them rely on one-another, and thus get to know each-other to establish trust - or generate tension, depending on the characters.

P.S: On the note of stress, Character Abandoned Mine-shaft?
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13761 BiggerBen14th Feb 2013 07:28:48 PM from Arizona,USA
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How about Character Gym? Or maybe Character Mall?
13762 Masterofchaos14th Feb 2013 07:41:16 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Character Mall, library, and gym sound more like causal threads to be honest.

I think there was a character park before? I'm not sure; I wasn't here in the beginning. But I think there was a character park.

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13763 Night14th Feb 2013 07:44:16 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Pillow, unless you've got something planned currently I'm probably going to detach Nara from the Dining Room. Lemme know?
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13764 Yomegami14th Feb 2013 07:44:50 PM from out of nowhere
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Library was part of University (a pretty important part, at that); Stadium, Park, Gym, and Mall all sound more like casual threads. Gym and Mine Shaft also both sound really restrictive in terms of setting. However, I imagine we could take Mine Shift and enlarge it into Character Cave - cave systems are enormous and can have a lot of variety within them, so that's not as restrictive as it sounds.

On another note - I spent some time thinking about the Island/Archipelago concept last night; trying to come up with a reason for characters to be on the Island to avoid the Ontological Mystery thing, and perhaps an overarching plot to give the characters something to work towards. After some time, I realized that a really in-depth plot wouldn't work so well, since it would detract from the point of the threads. I'm not saying we should excise any plot and make it up as we go along, but that the plot should probably be an Excuse Plot at best. Something that provides direction without overriding the things that we're trying to work on.

Edit: And I got ninja'd.

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13765 DarkbloodCarnagefang14th Feb 2013 07:46:16 PM , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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I'm off to bed, and I'll respond to any interactions with Donovan and Talbot on either the ride to/from school or when I get home. I also have a week long break off after tomorrow, so I'll be able to respond more.
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13766 BiggerBen14th Feb 2013 07:46:33 PM from Arizona,USA
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There has not been a Character Park.
13767 Gault14th Feb 2013 07:51:07 PM from somewhere far, far away , Relationship Status: It's complicated
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Aqueos, I have to ask, is Linza doing this on purpose?
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13768 Aqueos14th Feb 2013 07:58:47 PM from Orange County California , Relationship Status: Californicating
Yeah she is. This whole entire thing has basically been on purpose. She hasn't really acted as she normally would this whole time. Just about everything she has said up to this point has either been a partial truth or lie minus a few things.

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13769 Masterofchaos14th Feb 2013 08:07:33 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Aqueos, Mary responded to Frendrich.
13770 BiggerBen14th Feb 2013 08:21:30 PM from Arizona,USA
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Wait, I think Picnic was in a park. But that thread no longer exists on the internet so it might be okay.
13771 Ryuhza14th Feb 2013 08:49:29 PM from San Diego, California
Ozzy's manhandling caused very cold blood to flow into the core of his body, the shock pushed him into cardiac arrest, and he died. He died. You killed him.

Just goofing, though doing a bit of research into hypothermia recovery did make me do a retrospective wince. It's not a good idea to move a hypothermia victim much at all. If necessary, you're supposed to be gentle, otherwise the above might happen. But it's not a big deal, I can give more than a few reasons to let it slide, not the least of which being that this is just a CDT. I'll also probably speed up Ozzy's recovery a bit, so that he doesn't have to spend several hours unconscious.

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13772 Aqueos14th Feb 2013 08:52:43 PM from Orange County California , Relationship Status: Californicating
[up]Elven healing magic is awesome.

As a note Bianca is from a warm climate, she would have no idea either.

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13773 Ryuhza14th Feb 2013 08:53:26 PM from San Diego, California

One of several reasons. smile
13774 KillerClowns14th Feb 2013 09:17:06 PM from MN House District 5 , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
@Aqueos: Samira replied to Sven in the library.

[up][up][up]Yeah, I have to wonder. Irilemi should have basic first aid knowledge from the whole "guerrila warfare" thing she does, but she's from a tropical rainforest, so I doubt she'd have much hypothermia to deal with.

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13775 Aqueos14th Feb 2013 09:20:08 PM from Orange County California , Relationship Status: Californicating
I am blind today. One moment.

And done.

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