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Pulled up Moo2 and decided to play a Vanilla character. Gnolans are actually really really good. Sure they don't start with creativity but Fantastic Traders and the +1.0BC is nothing short of amazing.
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I got MoO3 off GOG.

What the bloody hell were they thinking?

They took everything that had made the game good and threw it into the incinerator. And then it expects you to manage a realistic simulated empire in its entirety. Now I'm no stranger to micromanagement, since I've played X-Com before, but even I know that there's a clear difference between a strategy game and a glorified management simulator.

Unrelated Note: I've seen some elements from 3 in Galactic Civilizations, especially in the sequel. IMO, GalCiv is what 3 would be like if it were done right.
Okay, fine! I'm going to do something I'm sort of good at!
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