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Writers have a lot of tools they use to self-isolate while writing (otherwise, how would we concentrate?), one of which is probably some sort of music - or a white-noise generator. This troper tends to use music. A lot. She listens to everything ranging from Mozart to Jimi Hendriz to Anal Cunt, depending on what she feels like. Usually she finds that what she listens to influences the tone of her writing, and often vice-versa (if it's a sadder piece, it might be Evanescence; a romantic one, Brahms; an angry one, Dope or Slipknot; and so on).

Who else listens to music while writing, and what do you usually listen to? Or does it range from piece to piece? Does it influence you, or just block distractions out? Do you find noise or silence helps you more?
2 JHM23rd Apr 2011 09:07:47 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Jandek, Mirror, Merzbow and late-period Swans seem to work best with me.

And yes, a lot of what I write is pretty creepy.
When I'm writing or get the urge to write something, music is usually playing. Oftentimes, I get so engrossed in writing that I just completely ignore whatever music was playing. ^^;

I just now turned on some ARIA, which has a reputation for some very beautiful background music, and scenes started popping into my head. So I guess music for me is better for getting ideas than actually writing.
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4 DJay3223rd Apr 2011 10:33:04 PM from Cornwall , Relationship Status: Less than three
Prog. Always prog, though sometimes I might go with the simply rock/metal with progressive influences. Prog has influenced me so much over the years, both in the stories told and in the structures shown.
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Oftentimes, I'll just put on my master music playlist (which contains pretty much everything I own, and has like 48 hours worth of total content across just about every genre) and let that play. However, sometimes, if I need to get across a specific mood, I'll spam one specific piece to myself. Oftentimes it depends on what I like at the time, but there are a couple regulars. Like this, which I play when I really want to write a Tear Jerker. Over and ovrer.
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6 animemetalhead23rd Apr 2011 11:44:51 PM from Ashwood Landing, ME
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I'm pretty much always listening to music (I feel antsy and nervous when I'm not), so all I really do is switch genres to get me into the appropriate mood for writing.
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7 Gault24th Apr 2011 12:11:44 AM from beyond the kingdom , Relationship Status: P.S. I love you
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I draw much of the inspiration for my writing from a lot of music. It helps a lot.
8 Wolf106624th Apr 2011 04:18:04 AM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Sometimes music helps me get in the mood, other times it's a distraction or downright irritating/blocking. When I'm playing it, what I play depends on what I'm writing. I've got extremely varied musical tastes Classical, Easy Listening, Rock, Punk, Goth, Jazz, Metal, 50's through to the 80s, some modern stuff, folk/World music and more besides.
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I play music when I write all the time. I go as far as to make a "soundtrack" for my work on CD, which contains certain songs from the different genres I listen to (mostly old school Pop and R&B, New Wave, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, and Classical), scores from films, TV theme songs, and video game music. I also assign one or two songs for each of my characters. They are a lot of fun to make, and it really helps me get in the mood.

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10 MrAHR24th Apr 2011 06:44:10 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I can't. If music inspires me, I need to get up and move to it. Can't write to it.

So I usually just act out fight scenes in my story, and write them later. :)
11 Fancolors24th Apr 2011 08:09:30 AM from Land of the Mamelucos
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I usually listen to background music, the more suitable it is for the scene and atmosphere the better. For instance, I listened to this when I was writing about my characters having a conversation with a man in the back alley.
Depending on what I'm trying to write. If I want my character to be badass, I listen to Ennio Morricone, if I want to write an emotional scene, I might listen to the inception soundtrack.
13 Wolf106624th Apr 2011 02:39:31 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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[up][up][up]I have a tendency to get up and move around with the music as well - dance around the house or dial up the volume on certain pieces and go outside for a cigarette - I use it as my thinking time, map out the scene or work out the dialogue in my head then go back in and write what I've come up with.
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14 drunkscriblerian24th Apr 2011 03:05:12 PM from Castle Geekhaven , Relationship Status: In season
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For me, the music/writing interface can be broken down into two groups: what I listen to while being inspired, and what I listen to while writing.

While being inspired, I'm usually driving, and I'm usually alone. Something about the combo of music, driving and solitude (enhanced by puffing on a cigarette) gives me good ideas. At that time, the music is something that relates to what I'm dreaming up. I can name Queensryche, Led Zeppelin, Loreena Mc Kennit and Abney Park as common bands, but it's usually all over the map. I find lyrics more inspiring than the music, though there are exceptions.

While I'm actually writing its a different story. I want something to fill the silence, something pleasant to my ear but not too catchy to distract me. For this, Bad Company fills the bill. I don't know why, but something about it just works as writing background music. For my more depressing pieces, I use Stabbing Westward for the same reason.

I can't, however, imagine writing without music.
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15 Ronka8724th Apr 2011 03:25:37 PM from the mouth of madness.
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I can't write and listen to music— either I ignore the music, or I ignore the writing. I like pop music when I'm thinking up plots, though.
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16 Dec24th Apr 2011 04:16:37 PM from The Dance Floor
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I tend to listen to any song I'm currently obsessed with, unless the lyrics are really distracting. I've also got a playlist called "Background Noise", specifically for songs to write to. I definitely don't listen to them all the time though, just when things seem too quiet for me to concentrate. I can be a bit odd like that.

On listening to specific songs/artists when I want to write a specific mood, I don't really do that — that's more something I do when I'm daydreaming, not writing, because if I'm getting lost in a song's mood, I'm going to end up pacing instead of writing. However, I imagine that about half of the songs by Pendulum would make awesomely dramatic fight music. Case in point.
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Ólafur Arnalds.

Bohren & der Club of Gore.

For writing, those two bands (well, Ólafur isn't a band but whatever) are my friends. so much.

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Sometimes, I do enjoy Soundtrack Dissonance when I'm writing. Like doing a deeply dramatic fight scene while listening to something like "Cartoon Heroes."
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Mmm...Soundtrack Dissonance is lovely... I've written some of my most difficult (read: ones that were Tear Jerkers for their author) scenes to some really angry music (as in metalcore, death metal, and doom metal, ala the below ).


If heavy sounds aren't your thing, don't listen to the above. It was just the best example I could think of right away. If anyone is offended, you have my apologies.

I've written some of my most conflict-filled scenes listening to a mixture of Alternative Rock...and Bubblegum Pop ("Caramelldansen"-type music, mixed with more appropos bands like Flyleaf, Disturbed, and Xandria.)

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I was once annoyed when writing an All Love Is Unrequited story that I didn't have a fitting song for it, but yeah.

I have been told that Chapter 48 of my novelish thing is incredibly dread-filled, but I wrote it while listening to some pretty fluffy stuff (a lot of bubbly europop, very Soprano and Gravel-y).
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21 lee4hmz24th Apr 2011 11:17:38 PM from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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...actually, I could kind of see "Cartoon Heroes" as the BGM to a Battle Royale With Cheese. It works for me!
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22 DJay3224th Apr 2011 11:24:44 PM from Cornwall , Relationship Status: Less than three
Soundtrack Dissonance is always fun. The most horrifying and depressing thing I've ever written was written while I was listening to PSI Radio, which was at that moment playing random tracks from EarthBound. Quirky. Goofy. Cheerful. Big contrast to what I was writing. xD

I mostly put music on so I have something to listen to when I randomly get bored of writing. Which does happen a lot.
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23 KyleJacobs26th Apr 2011 08:07:28 PM from DC - Southern efficiency, Northern charm , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
I go straight for my thrash metal playlist and ALWAYS start off with something from Exodus's Exhibit B.
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I usually stick on something to fit the mood of what I intend to write - usually The Birthday Party, The Damned, Black Flag, Sonic Youth or the like. Dissonant and jarring enough to stimulate me, but not intrusive or distracting enough to bugger up the flow.

Ooooh, and anything by Converge or Mogwai if i just want to wash out every distraction with a meaty wall of sound.

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I understand Spielberg wrote Close Encounters of the Third Kind to "When You Wish upon a Star" from Pinocchio, which is why the melody of "When You Wish upon a Star" is quoted a few times by the film's soundtrack.

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