Verbal tic bait, "I" in the title.: If You Know What I Mean

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So If You Know What I Mean has the same problem that ...Or So I Heard once had, it is often used as a verbal tick. Plus it has "I" in the title which is conversation the the main page sign. It currently has over 5000 wicks but only a few of them used correctly. However, it seems to be a valid trope. What to do?
I put in a custom title request to have it show up as If You Know What I Mean.
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Eh, Eddie, you already know renames are exactly what custom title requests are not for, right?

Can I call for burden of proof? The time Understatement came into TRS on the grounds of being Verbal Tic, the defense was that it was, technically speaking, being used correctly.

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But there's no "I" in Understatement. There is an "I" in If You Know What I Mean.

[Edit]: Seems changed.

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^^Not sure how you got the idea that custom titles are not for renames. Anyway, this one's over.
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