Is this really necessary?: Four Element Ensemble

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Four-Element Ensemble

Most of the examples of Four-Element Ensemble can be found in Elemental Powers and a few of them don't even fit in exact water/earth/fire/air formula.
I would say that it's a real trope, but so rare in its 'genuine' form as to make it questionable whether it really needs its own page. Many of the examples there seem to be shoehorned in — things like 'well, you could interpret these as the four elements'.

Most 'ensemble' tropes suffer from that problem (especially Five-Man Band, which for some reason people love to stuff groups that don't even have five people into), and it's not as bad here as in some of the others, but the description should make it clear that only groups of exactly four people who are explicitly each themed to an element qualify.
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The best example I can think of off the top of my head is Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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[up]And yet, not even that seems like a straight example. For the first season and a fair bit of the second, Team Avatar consists of three people (one of whom has no elemental powers), and by the time the "earth" and "fire" members join, Aang has already started branching out from being "air". Not saying it's not an example, just that it's not a straight one.
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Wait it's a team? I thought it was four elements as the Elemental Powers.
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I would suggest changing this into a redirect to Elemental Powers, because there really isn't enough difference between them.
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