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I looked around for Halo threads and since the series is complete I figured it would be ok to make one about the entire series.

I'm not the most qualified to talk about the gameplay as I've only played Halo 3, but I must say the story is impressive. I watched Halo 2 and Halo Reach and am watching Halo Combat Evolved and Halo Wars.

The story is pretty depressing. They all go on an all out attack on each other, much of the human race got destroyed,the Covenent was royally screwed by The Flood and had to fight a civil war with each other, and Master Chief got left behind at the rim of the milk way when they fired the Halo ring. Not to mention Reach getting glassed. There's no sign the Elites would ever want to be friends,and everyone thinks Master Chief is dead.So after all those sacrifices, what's left is the Covenent still not being friends,most human colonies are glassed along with half of Africa,the Covenent is nearly destroyed by the Flood and will have to rebuild,and Master Chief is left behind at the rim of the galaxy. The only good thing to come of it is that everyone is still alive. Sad.

Well, at least it was well written.

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You also forget that the Covenant's homeworlds and colonies are in mostly good shape except for the civil wars going on.

Compare that against the fact that Earth is all humanity has left in the entire galaxy, and it's in horrible shape and mostly drained of resources. Humans are prety much doomed to become a minority player in the galaxy for the next few centuries to come, that's for sure.

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^ Some of the Expanded Universe stuff says Earth is NOT all Humanity has left. Sure it was all they had left as far as significant military presence, but Sol was not the only inhabited star system remaining.

Then you have the Distant Finale ending to Halo: Reach showing rebuilding efforts happening on Reach.
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I never did get why Noble 6 just stood there waiting for the Elites to come kill him. Why didn't he just run away? He might have eventually been extracted and could have been another SPARTAN they could have used.Instead he just waited and fought the Covenant as long as he could. Dumb idea to me.

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If s/he hadn't stayed behind to distract the Covenant, then they would've shot down the getaway ship.

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They don't really explain the details of the ending of Reach. We can reasonably assume 6's Last Stand was the end result of a long guerilla campaign, eventually being overrun. Unlike the other games in the series Halo: Reach doesn't really try to fill in the blanks with its own story, it's a series of events connected by the characters and doesn't show everything from point A to point B, it just shows A and B.
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Why didn't Noble 6 fall back to CASTLE base? Surely s/he should've known about the other Spartan I Is on the planet.

Halsey went right there with Jun right after they left Sword Base.
Halo was pretty So Okay, It's Average to me, I liked it, but it really doesn't live up to the untrammeled awesomeness on display before the Xbox retool. I was also cheesed off that the story is almost entirely All There in the Manual rather than being tucked away inside Pamphlet Shelves and stuff in the games themselves like earlier Bungie titles.

As the IJBM page notes, probably only half of the human colonies at most were attacked by the Covenant, since it would've been a feat of astounding incompetence to go from one end of human space to the other without tripping over Earth in the process.

More people die in Halo than in nearly any other story I've read. It's just depressing. There are also signs of Cortanna going rampant, which is a Fate Worse Than Death.

I believe that eventually people got a happy ending. The Elites got home and everything was fine, Earth began rebuilding it's colonies, The Spirit of Fire finally reached human space after a really long time, same with Master Chief. Maybe they found a cure for Smart A.Is, I don't know.

Whatever happens, I'm sure it was good.
I thought about something yesterday. Cortanna is a scan of Halsey's brain, right? So if you can take a human mind and make it into an AI,then theoretically you could take an AI and translate it into a human brain. And if you can do that, then theoretically you could make an AI human...


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Whoa.....when did all of this happen?!
To be entirely fair, every Bungie game has a Kill 'em All ending (along with an Everybody's Dead Dave beginning of varying intensity) so Halo is really par for the course.

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Except the first Marathon, which has a happy ending.

Of course, then in Marathon 2 we begin the game by finding out that our Hero was kidnapped by Durandal immediately after the last terminal of the first game and that soon after the Pfhor fleet arrives and nuked the Tau Ceti colony along with the nine MJOLNIR cyborgs that defended it and then conquers the Marathon colony ship and dismantle Leela.

Now that I think about it, Reach and Noble Six are basically expies of Tau Ceti and Nine Cyborgs.

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I'm dieing to find out what happened to Master Chief. Surely he made it back?
Heh, imagine the Halo equivalent of Infinity's main timeline, with the MC captured by the Covenant along with… Kalmiya or someone gone rampant, fighting Cortana and Keys on Halo to stop the flood while playing politics inside the Covenant, and then merge Cortana with Guilty Sparktongue.


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The stage after Rampancy is metastability. It's highly implied that Cortana and Medicant Bias reached that stage.
That is, you know, if they survive long enough to reach that stage.
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One thing that always bugged me about Halo; what made the Insurrectionists the bad guys?
19 AnnoR23rd May 2011 08:50:01 AM from Honnouji Academy
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The Innies were bad because of their tactics. As in, suicide bombing innocent civilians and severing entire colonies from the UNSC against the colony's will.
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Haven't read in a while, but I'm pretty sure they started that when they realized the Earth gov. wasn't listening to them.
21 AnnoR23rd May 2011 08:52:22 AM from Honnouji Academy
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Then they shouldn't have suicide bombed innocent civilians.

There's a lot of stuff I don't remember off the top of my head about the innies, though.
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22 Kino23rd May 2011 08:57:04 AM , Relationship Status: Californicating
It's kind of ironic that the UNC gov acted like that; what with America's history being the same.
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Telling your gov. to fuck off and leave us alone is so American.
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