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[up][up]But occasionally, despite desperately wanting it to end, some of us still have things that we need to do. For example, as soon as I introduce PMD-B!Shedinja!Eskay, I'll be joining Luke in an early start of Kanjoh.

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I've got Almer, FE, and Ammy saying bye to her parents, as well as a few minor things with Tracer. So yeah.

(Of course, most if not all of that will have to be R Ced... >_>)
At the very least, you should do "Ammy saying goodbye" yourself. I wanted to RC Ammy, but I wouldn't try to do that. It's really something only you yourself could make work well.
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I'll try, but I DO have limited acess to a real computer, and I was planning on using most of that for Rt AU Alt.

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I understand. I just feel it's too important to the character for it to happen under someone else's writing.

Anyway, I've decided more about Famire. Aside from being Spectrum's ancestor, she doesn't really have much in common with her currently-living descendant. Rather, descendants. Instead of being color-based like Spectrum, she's more music-based, humming songs near-constantly with both her wings and her voice. She doesn't talk much, even to those who actually would understand her. She's a very sweet, loving Flygon most of the time, and it takes a lot to break her kind-natured personality.

That's all I have for now.

Also, I'm still open to anything for Diane's ancestor.
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On the subject of what happened with Musik, that was handled very poorly. Musik got misinformation from Tropeless, who was given misinformation from us, who then blew up on him as if he'd just run over a bunch of innocent Pokemon with a train. As Luke said, we shouldn't be leaving newbies to fend for themselves.

On that note, Since it appears that I most likely have the best recall of the RP's lore and events, if anyone has any questions about that I suggest that you direct them at me. My PM box is always open, and I'm normally inside the chat.

Other problems

It seems we in general have this problem of assuming. Assuming that people know everything, and assuming that they think as we do. Now, I recognize that a lot of people around here have ASDs (including myself) or are otherwise socially inept, and that sort of screws with our concept of theory of mind, but I'm here to tell you that if you want to work at 100% or close to it socially, both here and over in meatspace, you need to kick your assumptions to the curb. (And you know what they say about assuming, it makes an ass out of both you and me.)

It's not a good idea to go around assuming that people think exactly like you and their behaviors can be categorized easily, since that can and will cause major problems. (IMO about 95% of our arguments can be chalked down to this.)

Another is that we have an unfortunate tendency to make mountains out of molehills. Now, I know someone who's a US Marine, and he told us that in the military they have a system of 1 to 10, with 10 meaning it's time to click the safeties off and start shooting. He then talked about NYPD officers he knew, and how some of them had a habit of jumping from 1 to 11. In this case, we'd be the NYPD with our habit of instantly jumping to conclusions and proceeding to instantly jump to the attack, causing emotional turmoil and mistrust in the populace.

Should I mention this plot idea? Will it cause another several hour derail from things we really ought to be doing because someone feels the need to aggressively voice their disapproval of said idea (Most often without even giving you a chance to properly explain.)? Believe me, I've felt this and other feelings over the past couple months.

People, there is no need to get so angry over ultimately trivial, ephemeral things such as the RP. Are we really not going to interact with one another over such trivial things as disagreements over interpretations of the world of a children's JRPG? (Or any media for that matter.) Come on, life's too short for something like that. Yes, I recognize that people aren't always going to get along, and naturally even people who get along will have the occasional (or not so occasional) fight, but I feel this is something we ought to try to minimize, not only for the sake of the RP, but for ourselves as individuals.

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Hugging a Vanilluxe will give you frostbite.

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....Thank you.

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-Applauds Tagg-

And sorry for yelling at Musik.
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[up][up][up] Well said, Tagg.
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  • Appluads Tagg.

Also, a big thank you to Tagg and Luke, although i still think it was mainly my fault.

Thank you, Tagg.

Assuming happens to be a major pet peeve of mine (I should have also mentioned that when Umbra almost made that drastic change of plans...) so this... really says a lot for me. Thank you.
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On an unrelated note...

Second draft of my essay, now on the wiki for extra findability.

This is completely a work in progress right now, so if anyone wishes me to add/remove anything please bring it up.
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Still wondering who my Ancestor should be...
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Trip, could you turn on avatar sharing? I wanted to send you some, since you can't upload any yourself.
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OK, sent. Enjoy your new avvies. :3
Dry Paratroopa

I suppose I should apologize too for guiding new people as if I know everything about everything when I clearly don't. I'm just not used to being near the top of the ladder (for the record, I DO know everything about everything on another forum I browse, and I'm an admin on a Minecraft server, and that's most of the other stuff I do on the Internet.)

On Newbies

Why are we suggesting that Matt wait until the arc's end? I was allowed to jump in in the middle of it, in the middle of a stage (for lack of a better term), even.

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Because while you acclmated yourself fine, Tropeless, a few others didn't do as well.
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Ah, but I had to join before I could acclimate.
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Hmm... Point. Still, we don't really want to take too many chances.
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Spiked shield.

Every's ESSAY

Nice job.
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Prolio's "weapon" will be Magmortar. Having, for all intents and purposes (I won't factor the 5-10% difference when writing), two Perfect Links is a good trade-off for a weapon.

Emma, I'm still not sure about.
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Okay, some more stuff. This time on Attributes.

On Importance

In the past, Attributes have been rather hard to avoid. They were a key point in both the AU arc and Infinity Keystone, which has lead to making them appear more important than they actually seem. Which isn't so good for people that aren't so keen.

Generally, I don't think this system is something that should ever be forced upon anyone, so they shouldn't be important in plots that affect the whole RP, like the AU and Infinity Keystone did. If anything, Attributes should only be important in mini-arcs that people can have the choice of avoiding without having to be left out of the main plot of the current arc.

That means that if you happen to be planning a mini-arc that does place importance on attributes, by all means, go ahead. But if it's something that could become a fully fledged arc itself, you may want to reconsider.

Moving on...

On what kind of lame power heart is, anyway.

All the attributes have a special ability or two. Souls are more likely to be Aura Sensetive and can dispell the Obscura Fog produced by Obscura Wizards. Mind's are immune to having their memories altered and can understand Kyurem, and Hearts...well, nobody has been able to work out what Hearts can do.

Until now.

I propose that Hearts have "Super Empathy", meaning that they find it easier to make connections (I.E, friends) with other people and Pokémon.

"Well gee, Luke" you say "That does sound like a lame power."

Ah, but hear me out.

Hearts in general tend to be friendly (Case in point: Lake and Spectrum), which means they find it easy to make allies out of most peoplemons that they meet. Now, consider a trainer doing the same. It's more than likely that a good Heart, with a little bit of effort, can make friends with any Pokémon.

Including wild Pokémon.

Which means that the whole act of Pokémon Training comes much easier for a Heart. Granted, that doesn't automatically make them the best trainers, but it's a really big help.

Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Now for the last point...

On how am I supposed to know if I've got an attribute, anyway?

Until now, the only way of being able to tell if you have an attribute is for a legendary to tell you. Which isn't much good if there aren't any legendaries around.

So, what's needed for an easier way to be able to tell if you have an attribute or not. We haven't been able to figure this out completely yet, but we do have some ideas:

Reading from a Psychic Pokémon: Basically, Attributes become something that any Psychic type can pick up on just by giving a simple reading. Since Psychic Pokémon are pretty commonplace, this would make it much easier to find out whether you have one or not.

Aura Reading: Same as above, but from a Pokémon that can read Aura (Lucario, Meinshao, etc.). However, since those Pokémon aren't so common, this may not be as ideal a solution.

Some sort of item: Some sort of device, perhaps like the armband, that when used, can show whether someone has an attribute or not.

Again, we could use more ideas here, so feel free to suggest some.

And that's pretty much everything. Thoughts are appreciated and encouraged.

On Super Empathy

I can actually see some use for it beyond just "incredible Trainers." If we ever manage to get to an Orre arc, the whole "becoming friends with any Pokemon" bit... could even extend to easier Shadow Pokemon purification. BEFORE ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING: I am not saying that Hearts are the only ones who can purify them. They merely have the ability to do it incredibly easily, due to their enhanced empathy.

On how to know

We also discussed the possibility of Hearts/Souls/Minds being able to tell if someone else is also the same Attribute, such as a Soul being able to recognize a Soul. This does not mean, say, a Soul can recognize a Mind, though. And it's only if the Heart/Soul/Mind knows s/he is a Heart/Soul/Mind. Basically, it's like the current method of being told by an associated Legendary... only minus the "Legendary" part.

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