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This thread is to request that a locked article be unlocked. Please read the guidelines below before making a request.

  1. Please see Locked Pages and Permanent Redlink Club first. If an article is on the Permanent Redlink Club, it will not be unlocked, ever.
  2. Pages cut a while ago were automatically locked. Before asking for an unlock, make sure that the article you want to create is in the proper Namespace, has gone through YKTTW if it's a trope, and otherwise fulfills our guidelines for Creating New Pages.
  3. If you just want to make an edit to an article, post here instead.
  4. Don't ask for new Main redirects. Those are only for old articles with lots of existing inbounds.

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edited 18th Nov '14 1:26:41 AM by SeptimusHeap

JustForFun.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary was locked over blue text in the quote. Since it's replaced by bold, I think the lock could be removed now.
1302 dsneybuf31st Aug 2013 08:10:47 AM , Relationship Status: I've been dreaming of True Love's Kiss
Can someone unlock WesternAnimation.Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse in anticipation of the upcoming TV specials in that series?

edited 31st Aug '13 8:11:05 AM by dsneybuf

That page was cut for being a WebAnimation/ series at the time.
1304 Bisected81st Sep 2013 05:45:03 AM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
Maximum sadness
The VideoGame.Super Metroid article I mentioned on the foot of the last page is ready to go (or at least there's not much more that it can gain from still being in YKTTW). The page being unlocked is all that's stopping its launch....
1305 dsneybuf1st Sep 2013 06:20:42 AM , Relationship Status: I've been dreaming of True Love's Kiss
[up][up]If someone wants to write about the TV specials, could we unlock that page, or should the person just add a subsection to WebAnimation.Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse?
When moving the awesome and heartwarming pages from Spider-Man Edge Of Time to Spider-Man: Edge of Time, I accidentally cutlisted the new pages, getting them deleted and locked. Could someone open them again?
1307 Twentington2nd Sep 2013 12:30:54 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
Any chance that Sonichu and YMMV.Sonichu could be unlocked? The Trivia and Characters pages aren't locked, and they've both been faring well without any Take That! edits, vandalism, or trolling.

Also, Sonichu fever has long since died down he hasn't made a comic in years now, and all trolling of Chris-Chan anymore seems confined to Facebook.
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Trivia and Characters are less likely to be targets of vandalism.
1309 Fighteer3rd Sep 2013 09:37:14 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
This thread has been neglected; our apologies.

@1271: Clown Car has been unlocked. I suggest Clown Car Base be looked at for name confusion, though.

@1278: We don't create new Main redirects, regardless of the namespace icon issue. The new auto-disambig page should help with the situation, anyway.

@1289: Pantheon.Disgraces is not locked. A mod must have done that and not posted here to confirm.

@1300: VideoGame.Super Metroid has been unlocked.

@1301: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary has been unlocked.

@1302: WesternAnimation.Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse has been unlocked. If it turns out to be redundant, a redirect can be made.

@1306: I unlocked the two pages for SpiderManEdgeOfTime that I found on the lock list.

@1307: If the comic is dead, then why would we need to unlock the articles? Is there new material to add?

Edit: Locked Pages has been updated. I don't think any of these would be on Permanent Redlink Club.

edited 3rd Sep '13 9:41:03 AM by Fighteer

Rider of the Storm
The Conversion Bureau insanity seems to have died down and there a lot of new stories set in that 'verse that have been released.

Not to mention, there's a lot of old information that needs to be cleaned up.
Hi, I was trying to launch the "Love Theme" YKTTW. Clicked the launch button, etc, etc. But when I went to the page itself to add the text from the YKTTW, the edit button was locked. Could it be unlocked so I can finish the launch, or is there a reason it's locked? Thanks.
1312 Fighteer4th Sep 2013 01:00:08 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
I assume the article was cut for being a premature launch. I just searched YKTTW for a Love Theme discussion, since you didn't provide a link, and the only one I found was this, which only has one hat. That means it's not launchworthy.

edited 4th Sep '13 1:01:11 PM by Fighteer

I didn't even know that one was there! Here's the link to the one I was working on:
1314 Fighteer4th Sep 2013 01:07:25 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Aha. That one I found was probably the premature launch that got it cut. No way to know now, though. Unlocked.
Thanks :)
Rider of the Storm
Ahem, I would like to know if my request has been accepted or denied.

Right now, all the subpages in The Conversion Bureau are much more neutral and civil than before.
1317 TwoGunAngel8th Sep 2013 01:36:16 AM , Relationship Status: Singularity
The Demon Slayer
Could someone unlock and restore WhamLine.Professional Wrestling? It was mistakenly thrown on the cutlist in the effort to phase out the Pro Wrestling namespace.
1318 Fighteer10th Sep 2013 08:56:01 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
[up] I unlocked it but the restore tool wouldn't work. I tried to edit the page and it destroyed the previous history. Sorry for that. I'll ask Eddie if there's a way to repair it.

[up][up] I unlocked all the articles. Please notify us immediately if the hate crew shows up again.

edited 10th Sep '13 8:59:03 AM by Fighteer

1319 SeptimusHeap10th Sep 2013 08:58:34 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
There is always the Wayback Machine, of course. Too bad that page sources don't work without a login, apparently.
1320 Fighteer10th Sep 2013 11:26:40 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Eddie says he was able to restore the original article.
1321 DriftingSkies10th Sep 2013 12:43:38 PM from The Space between nowhere and somewhere.
Grand Exhausted Poobah
Can the cut page Stuttering Into Eloquence be unlocked? There are 21 inbounds on that page; I would like it unlocked so it can be redirected into Stutter Stop.
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1322 Fighteer10th Sep 2013 12:44:21 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
No need. I just have to enter the redirect myself, which I did.
Could someone please unlock the GameBreaker.Fire Emblem page? The edit war that caused it to be locked was almost two years ago, and since Awakening has been released since then, it seems rather strange for the page to hardly even acknowledge its existence (especially as the YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening page has a ton of Game-Breaker examples).

[edited to make links clearer]

edited 12th Sep '13 8:25:42 PM by DeathBySnooSnoo

Hollywood Thin is coming up as a redlink. I couldn't find it listed under Locked Pages or Permanent Redlink and the page itself isn't locked.

EDIT: thanks for the link Drifting Skies, I'll post this in that thread.

edited 15th Sep '13 9:55:23 AM by Emptybee

The Empress
There was a recently cut Sandbox page for it, and the new redlinker is wonky with cut subpages. It'll go away probably within about a day.
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