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So, as a counterpoint to the other thread, this is where we talk about entries that we find incredibly amusing and intelligent. To start us out, I present the entirety of Real Life, which had me cracking up when I first read it.
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I agree wholeheartedly with Post 1. And, everything here.
So...Made of Win: The thread, huh?

I like the fact that we have No Shit Sherlock as a redirect to Captain«Obvious. It amuses me.

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It's not exactly naive. And it can happen. But it's tough. And definetly worthwhile.

-boss battle-

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I have a deep-rooted fetish for am rather amused by The Ugly Barnacle.

^ But Brawl Ridley is no match for Meta Ridley. Or am I being an idiot again?

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The names (or redirect) To Arr Is Pirate, Most Writers Are Human, Nice Job Breaking It, Herod! and maybe others.

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And that's how I ended up in the wardrobe.
It Just Bugs Me!
8 Kerrah20th Apr 2011 04:17:23 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
I decided to brave the mysterious waters of the past and check some of my own Troper Tales entries.

Most were pretty harmless. This one made me lol, because I had forgotten about it until now:

This Troper was chatting with a friend:
Friend: well there went all my sexual interest on Nostalgia Chick
Friend: she doesn't shave her hmm whats the word
Me: ...
A moment's pause.
Friend: What's the thing under your arm
Me: Armpit?
Friend: Armpit! Yes, armpit!

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[up][up][up][up]Lol brawl gamefaqs was so fun.
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I just saw this on the Laconic entry of Final Fantasy V:

An Idiot Hero, an amnesiac old man and a whole lot of princesses save the world from an evil tree by cosplaying.

And it's pretty much spot-on!
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Rabbit Season
From our page on Catherine Breillat:

She has cited David Cronenberg as a director with a similar approach to sexuality. It's unclear if he appreciates the endorsement.

You can just tell that the writer meant that last bit snarkily.
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Pure cuteness
Knowing is growing.
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This on Police Brutality:
the LAPD beats your ass and then decides what crime you committed; the NYPD shoots you a few dozen times then pronounces you innocent; 1930s cops are drunk Irishmen who beat you up for being Italian; 1960s cops are sober Irishmen who beat you up for having long hair; small town cops pull you over, tell you that your tail light is busted, and then bust your tail light with a nightstick; big city cops are uncompromising racists.
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Now that ItJustBugsMe automatically becomes It Just Bugs Me!, any case where someone said "It just bugs me that <insert problem here>" with "It just bugs me" potholed becomes unintentionally humorous. For example:

(from the Pokemon Black And White IJBM page) "Why did they go from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to Black and White?! Headscratchers that it's not here already...."

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Whether intentionally, or due to miscommunication, DC editorial ignored his request, and the New Gods ended up getting passed around like chlamydia at Burning Man.
It's not exactly naive. And it can happen. But it's tough. And definetly worthwhile.
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From Fanon Discontinuity Video Games, I found this funny, unlike most other entries on that page.

I've done it! 100% Completion of Super Mario Galaxy 2! With the completion of "The Ultimate Test" I have all 241 stars! ...what's that? "The Perfect Run"? A 242nd star where you have to do it all again with only one health and no checkpoints? There is NO SUCH THING. Stop trying to spoil my victory with your vicious lies. ...* whimper* ...

Most hilarious use of discontinuity I've ever seen.

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You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
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There's some very clever formatting at this recap page. Just click on all of the hottips.
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  • No.

Gone now, RIP.

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Pure cuteness
Knowing is growing.
The entire Real Life section of Retgone.

...which has now been removed.

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Das kann doch nicht sein!
Somebody mentioned (and quoted) it in the "Entries that make you go "Wut"" thread.
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
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From the Big Rigs Over The Roadracing page:

Covers Always Lie: The box art depicts a truck with flames spouting from it ramming a police car with the tagline "18 Wheels Of Thunder" and a small stickerish box certifying it to be PC software, right next to Media Classifications that say it's suitable for everyone. These are all damnable lies.

The page in general, really. It's a great subject.
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Random Number God Troper Tales

  • "This Troper has a friend who only collects the ugliest dice he can, with the ruling that "Ugly dice try harder". Being the typically munchkin game breaker, it seems to work well for him."

  • "This troper has a method of dealing with "bad" dice. When a die in particular shows itself to enjoy rolling critical misses, that die is placed in a metal dish, sprayed with lighter fluid, and lit on fire. The other dice are lined up around the dish to watch (if d6s, the 2 side faces so they can watch with their 'eyes'). The remaining dice are both well-behaved and terrified."

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