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I understand wanting to change the trope name from a reference to a relatively obscure TV show, but the current name not only lacks any sort of wit but sounds awkward as hell as if it was changed just because someone didn't like the show that much or out of principle. The name doesn't even make any sense. The eyes are yawning and getting out the skull so they can go to work. Its a (feigning or almost dead) person or thing waking up in the ending of a film or the climax. I say we change into a even shorter version of the first trope name for it. His Eyes Open. Its catchier and more indicative of what the trope actually is because (because it isn't as weird sounding)
The name doesn't even make any sense.

In my turn at playing Guess That Trope, though, I actually guessed correctly.

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Fixed the link in the title.

I also managed to Guess That Trope.
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I see the Awesomeness.
Meh on the title. It's not doing so hot for such a common Sequel Hook trope, but I think it's okay.
Gotta trope, dood!
I want to say this one got renamed without discussion awhile back and never got changed back because someone wanted to use the name for something else. I'm not sure it ever went through, but I distinctly remember the YKTTW...

I'm for a rename or a revert or whatever, although it passed the Guess That Trope test.
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Bump. I don't have any problem with the name.
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Toss on some searchable redirects?
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[up] Good idea.

The eyes are yawning and getting out the skull so they can go to work.

That's the first thing that came to your mind?

{backs away slowly}

EDIT: Added redirects Eye Open Reveal, Eye Opening Reveal.

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I'm fine with this one. Throwing on the redirects is good, though.
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I'm fine with this one myself. The arguments against the name are very surreal.
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