Ace Attorney Investigations 2: No Export for us:

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So now that Namco is finally starting to be a bit nicer to western fans, Capcom decides to be a jerk and not bring over AAI 2.

Ace Attorney is my favorite game series next to Suikoden, so this makes me quite sad and disappointed.If you feel the same, you can sign this petition: Complaining got us Tales of Graces F, so it might work this time too, who knows.

I've been searching for a translation project, but couldn't find anything. If anyone knows about one, please tell me. My Japanese skills are not that great, but I would still like to try helping out.
Yeah, heard about this earlier. Nice job, Crapcom.
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Silly Capcom hating money and happiness.
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You're an ad hominem attack!
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It's funny how they never give explanations when they decide to not import games over...
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What's the actual logic behind this? It's a hugely popular series; there's absolutely no reason not to release it outside Japan.
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Probably because of the 3DS.
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I'd imagine that it's sales are quite niche, and popularity on the Internet doesn't always translate to sales.

Anyway, I wouldn't go into full panic mode until after E3, because Capcom has a history of pulling this sort of thing where Ace Attorney is concerned, but I am not happy about this. They should probably take a leaf out of Atlus's book if they're concerned about costs and return and just do a limited-print run.

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[up][up]...that makes no sense at all.

[up] Okay, I will try to calm down.

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[up][up][up]The 3Ds is backwards compatible, anyone with one can play this game too.

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[up]x5 Well, it's a moderately popular series. It's no Mario, Zelda, Call of Duty, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Rock Band, etc. but it does alright.

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Niche or no, it's still a lot more popular than a LOT of other series that have been localized.
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I was afraid shit like this would happen... AAI 1 hardly made it over here either.
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Yes, but it's not "hugely popular" as described. It sucks that they're not releasing it (I hate gaps in series like this will cause) but misrepresenting its popularity is not going to get it released.
I believe the reason given was that the expected returns were less than the cost needed to translate the game.
Still need More Dakka, and it's about time to start a real WAAAAAGH.

In my case I didnt even got AAI 1 Because I am Spanish and they didnt even bothered to translate it. But at the very least it was still in English, So I still tried to follow it (With somewhat good results)...

Now I need to learn Japanese? WOW. Fail.

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Capcom Unity thread.

Post your discontent there where Capcom can actually read it. It does nothing to get upset about it on TV Tropes. - Filthy Digital Ramblings, musings on media.
What's the actual logic behind this? It's a hugely popular series; there's absolutely no reason not to release it outside Japan.

As others have said, it's not really, no, it's moderately successful. Professor Layton is much better-selling, even if Internet excitement for PW vs PL is about Phoenix Wright's involvement, mostly.

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I'm kinda annoyed, but I didn't like first Investigations much, so I'm not that sad...
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Whoo! Oh Capcom. You just keep giving me reasons to not like you.
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Seriously, this blows. Hopefully there'll be a fan translation sometime, but even then it won't be the same.
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AAI was my favorite besides PW 3, so I'm very disappointed. People seem to be split on AAI. I hear some people say its even worse than PW 2, and I hear others call it one of their favorites. I wonder what hte general opinion is.
1>3=I>2-4>AJ>2 IMO, but with the exception of 2, all are good (though AJ annoyingly lacks dialog for unimportant items). 3 only ties instead of beats because of a few guide dang it moments of how to present something (it's often clear that a and b are what I need to present, but the statement I need to present them to and the order are very pushy)
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I swear, If they pull this crap with Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton, I am going to be so pissed.
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