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Writer's Block Daily:

 26 Leradny, Mon, 4th Apr '11 7:51:52 PM from Alameda, CA
I use a bunch of one-liners, which is not fight scene-friendly.

Sure you can't just lump the one-liners together for proper paragraphs?

[up] I imagine you'll sound like James Ellroy this way.

 28 Crystal Glacia, Mon, 4th Apr '11 8:04:04 PM from Cedarpointland
As A Game Of Chance RP has shown, my one liners seem to be more like thoughts. I dunno, maybe that's just more my style.

And when I do write fight scenes, they seem to play out more like a Curb-Stomp Battle than anything else.

A snippet from A Game of Chance, for reference, which is definitely more of a psychological thriller than anything else...

When Wolf woke up, he decided to head out before very many people were awake and actually do something before he ate for once- buy an extra set of clothes. They looked identical to the set he was already wearing, but it wasn't like he cared. He changed, checked his stuff... credit card, wolf charm, cellphone, and finally his tarot card.

He stopped and stared at it for a moment, wondering why he hadn't noticed this before.

...What did water have to do with dead people?

He thought about it for a moment, then shrugged and slid it into his boot for safekeeping. Whoever's running this must have an odd mind, he concluded.

Wondering if he was going to overhear anything like yesterday, he sat on his bed, listening for any weirdness to come through his door.

edited 4th Apr '11 8:04:41 PM by CrystalGlacia

 29 chihuahua 0, Mon, 4th Apr '11 8:05:54 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
My writing style involves lots of one-liners too, along with quirky narration.

You're right about shonen-influenced. I'm a manga fan. As you know, Justin Peterson is from a Death Note fan-fic. And I guess shonen bleed towards influencing some of my other characters, along with some other tibits.

Also, a trend I noticed among my stories is that a lot of them are primarily influenced by at least one work. There's a swushbucker story that ended up borrowing some themes from One Piece, a mecha story that leaned towards D.Gray-Man, a superhero-like character that ended up receiving elements from Spiderman due to him being a teen, Justin from the obvious...

Thinking about it, most of my protagonists are pale, handsome sixteen year old males. Must be Author Appeal.

It doesn't look like one-liners. But you tend towards one sentence paragraphs. It's nice if you want to keep a fast pace.

 31 KSPAM, Mon, 4th Apr '11 8:28:55 PM from PARTY ROCK Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Right now I'm working on a deconstruction of heroism and superhuman tropes. It's still in the brainstorming stage, but only till I clear up a few details.

I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
Currently thinking about writing my first short(-ish) story, about a cop who gets lost in a closet.

 33 Crystal Glacia, Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:18:56 AM from Cedarpointland
Away on the wind~
Trying to plan out my current story.

Low Fantasy in a High Fantasy world- very difficult to pull off. At least, without having the normal protagonists come in and kill mine when they help the antagonists.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
 35 Morven, Tue, 5th Apr '11 8:38:15 AM from Seattle, WA, USA
In a High Fantasy world, all the big heroes are off Saving The World — which leaves all the stuff they consider not epic enough to bother with. Plenty of room for some more down-to-earth protagonists, i think.
A brighter future for a darker age.
Away on the wind~

But there's other factors to consider- like, the armies they raise likely have the same view of morality as them (usually black and white).
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
 37 Morven, Tue, 5th Apr '11 11:04:14 AM from Seattle, WA, USA
They may, but on the other hand, they're generally all about Saving The World too, so they're kinda busy.

Also, even in a High Fantasy world, people are still people; the everyday populace are not superhuman paragons of virtue. It would be really tedious if they were not, anyway.
A brighter future for a darker age.
 38 Leradny, Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:01:47 PM from Alameda, CA
Today I wrote absolutely nothing.

But I thought about it.

 39 snowfoxofdeath, Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:38:50 PM from San Francisco Suburb
Thou errant flap-dragon!
I keep getting distracted from my writing in order to compile a reference document about the world it takes place in. I'm not sure if I should give in.
 40 Mr AHR, Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:41:12 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I do what I always do instead of writing — draw, and dance around like an idiot, as I mime fight scenes.

 41 Morven, Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:59:45 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
I found that working too hard on documenting the world is basically a procrastination from actually getting stuff written. Document your world after you've hit your quota for the day (or more if it's flowing) — definitely go through what you wrote every day and update your world notes for consistency, though, if you keep documentation.
A brighter future for a darker age.
Away on the wind~
I tend to do both. They're different quotas for me. But I always, always do the proper writing first, and work on it after when inspiration hits, too.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
 43 Jackerel, Tue, 5th Apr '11 5:21:08 PM from ur sentry
Currently failing at doing Script Frenzy, due to lack of consistent laptop access.

World War II fought with modern tech, follows a battalion equipped with extremely hi-tech equipment. Problem is, they're all weirdos, aside from the occasional straight man.

...It's getting a bit silly, even for something purposefully animesque.
Yeah, forget Script Frenzy; it turns out that I will be much too busy to do anything new until summer.

I just had my thread title changed so it actually has my current handle in it; I hope that makes it a little more visible despite knowing full well that I am not writing for views, but for enrichment of the self or the skill or something, and vigorously denying that I ever worry about the thread dying. Also, outlined a bunch of things in an attempt to overcome a bunch of worries by force. I condensed a couple of scenes so that they happen at the same time, and I have no excuse to stop and focus on something periphery again while important things are going on. But I didn't actually write anything today.
Away on the wind~
I'm still trying to catch up!

I'm on Page 6 now ^_^
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
-Considers posting "Beware of Chapter Eight"-

-remembers that I haven't labeled the chapters since 6-

-goes and does that-
Away on the wind~
Believe me, SPACE, I've read weirder.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
 48 Dec, Tue, 5th Apr '11 8:36:20 PM from The Dance Floor
Stayin' Alive
Today I wrote absolutely nothing.

But I thought about it.
Story of my life, right there.

@Glacia: I understand what you mean with fights — well, at least as far as the "can't quite do them" part. I can't avoid them in my current story, though, so I guess I'm going to have to figure them out somehow…

Today's been meh. I finished my 750 words this morning, and I don't even remember what I wrote. No pages for Script Frenzy.

I'm starting to get sick, which kinda sucks — it makes everything I write sound vaguely cranky, and its hard not to get disproportionately irritated at every little thing. Still internally debating on weather that's a good enough reason to take the rest of the night off.
Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit
Away on the wind~
I'd advise against it- you can always edit later, and keeping up with it every night is a good idea.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
 50 Dec, Tue, 5th Apr '11 8:50:58 PM from The Dance Floor
Stayin' Alive
Aww, but I always get a naughty pleasure out of not doing my work! *pouts*

I hear ya, though. I think I'll go make some coffee and see if that lifts my mood a bit, and then attack those script pages.

edited 5th Apr '11 9:11:37 PM by Dec

Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit
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