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Always Right
So first episode's up, and it's about this...ummm....

WTF did I just watch?!

I guess theres 4 segments...

1)a super generic visual novel complete with faceless hero

2)a bar owned by THE GREATEST MAN EVER LIVED[awesome]

3)an incredibly urban setting complete with people wearing hoodies and shit, and...

4)something with a medieval fantasy setting.

...what the hell is this show?!
My favourite would be the generic looking fantasy setting...my least favourite would be the third one since I don't like the tone and setting despite it containing my favourite character.

And if it's not the loli, then my favourite character introduced would probably be the 35 year old personfication of awesome.

  • Verdict: Not sure if I will follow. Might watch an episode or two before judging.

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I really don't know what I think about this. I hated the first two segments, but got a bit more interested in the last two.
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I think I may have to watch this now. Will report back with findings
Always Right
Feel free to give your input in what this show is supposed to......be.
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Things make people happy
Hmm, maybe I should wait for the uncensored cuts. I doubt I'll watch this more than once and I might as well actually get to see proper panty shots.
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Naraku TV? I see pretentiousness!

Eroge parody, while still providing impressive fanservice

DJ stuff, mention of the abyss

Comedy set in a bar, touch of drama, kind of gay

Really damn creepy attempt at comedy in the inner city, followed by less creepy attempts at comedy in the same setting

Back to the characters of the first section. Apparently the male lead is from a fantasy world, which the ED shows. Or it could be a huge joke. IDK

...So, I'm going to guess that the staff was hit by Bored On Board hard
7 InsanityAddict5th Apr 2011 03:35:44 AM from Out of the Left Field
Indecisive Parody much?

I can't wait to see what ANN will make of this.
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8 Kayeka5th Apr 2011 04:28:09 AM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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I don't know what I just watched, but I want to see more of it. Loved all the segments. First was hilarious parody, (though it seemed more like a harem comedy then an actual eroge, but whatever), second had really fun characters, third had a pretty cool setting, and the last is just begging for I-don't-know-what-but-it-will-be-awesome.

Apparently, it was originally a Visual Novel. I wonder if I could get that somewhere. If the adaptation is this zany, the original should be crazy enough to tear a hole in reality.
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Always Right
I can't help but think...this anime is just a chimera made up of four rejected anime ideas...
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10 Funnyguts5th Apr 2011 02:32:30 PM from French Bread!
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It's the Happiness Is A Warm Gun of anime! Except instead of guns, loli panties.
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11 Organics5th Apr 2011 04:11:02 PM from Hidden in that crate
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I'm not sure how to put this, but here goes:

I hate it. But I think I might hate it in exactly the way I'm supposed to at this point.

I'm intrigued if nothing else.
I'm still a bit confused of what i saw (even with subs), so i guess i'll finish this. I'm guessing that what we've seen in this anime so far is either a Rashomon Gate Effect, or a meta take on the various TV shows playing in a TV station (watching a TV series in a TV series... can you say 'Yo Dawg'?). Oh, and was there a 2000-something VN (around the time Shuffle anime hit the airwaves IINM) with this title? Perhaps this is a stylistic adaptation?
13 Stormkeeper5th Apr 2011 11:50:50 PM from Under the Table
I'm confused. But I think the faceless protagonist from the first part is the high school kid near the end.

And guessing from what he says near the end, the medieval world is 'his' world. And everyone that's appeared in the different sections appear in the medieval area so ... an alternate world, I guess?

The Other Wiki doesn't shed much light either.

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Always Right
I guess...this is a new kind of marketing tactic.

"Wanna know what the hell is this show even is?! Watch the next few episodes!"
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That's happened a few times before. Generally doesn't work out well
Do you know that game when you write down a paragraph of a short story, show the last line to someone else, and he starts a story with it, then shows his last line to another writer, etc?

I think the writers of this anime were playing that.
Protector of the Realm
Isn't it possible that we might be tempted to read way to much into this?

I think it is what it is, and from what I gather it's just based on a straight forward romance game.

Some odd parts, but other than that, three simultaneous harem plots and some panty shots.

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Always Right
The 3 harem plots have absolutely nothing to do with each other though...ESPECIALLY the last one featured in the ending theme...

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feels like I'm watching Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito all over again, story-telling wise at least...

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This explains a lot.

Basicly, it isn't just random storys, but three different storys told at the same time, that may or may not intersect with each other at some time.

Also, the fourth segment(the one before the credits) is part of the same story that the first segment. The girl that gives the Faceless guy a hug, it's really his girlfriend, but it's just a facade to get other guys off her back. Still he does have some supernatural involment and the harem isn't just parody either.

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Always Right
That means the first segment will be the best I guess...

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Have anyone found subs for the second episode, I can't find it anywhere.
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Ones on Crunchyroll come out on Fridays. There should be some on streaming sites earlier than that though.

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Always Right
After watching the second episode, I....still have no idea what I just watched.

All I know is that I am hating the narrator more and more...maybe it's his accent, maybe it's his voice...but damn I don't like him.

Granted the only narrators I ever liked is Kuroko in Ookami-san and that voice in Hayate No Gotoku...but none have ever sounded as unlikable as this show's.
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Together Forever...
Hah, this was actually pretty entertaining. Not quite clear on just who's who yet, but liking it.

The single best gag was when the Navel Panty Flipper freaked the fuck out when the girl had Strawberry Print instead of Stripes. Awesome, awesome use of the classic running gag.

Really liking Tama Izumi Tamaizumi Hiyoko, and of course Naru, who's played by the always awesome Goto Yuko.

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