Haruhi Suzumiya is a lucid dreamer.:

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I read an article about lucid dreams the other day, and it fascinated me. Noticing certain "dream signs" in your dreams can help you become lucid, and occasionally even control your dreams, essentially becoming a Reality Warper within your own dream.

Then it hit me: one of my favorite anime series might actually have this as the basic premise.

As an explanation for Haruhi's powers, it could very well be that the entire series universe, is, in fact, her own dream. The reason the main cast doesn't want her to see any out-of-the-ordinary things happening is because it could possibly trigger lucid dreaming and allow her to fully control her powers with her conscious mind rather than her subconscious. And let's not forget what would happen to the rest of the universe if she were to awaken due to being traumatized within her own dream...

... This explanation might not work with the revelation of the Anti-SOS in the later light novels (specifically how Haruhi supposedly got her powers from Sasaki), but it's still an interesting thought.

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