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I liked that the black dude wasn't a walking stereotype this time around (even if he only got like 2 lines). I also wonder what's his deal, given that he owns his own company; is he in it for the thrill (like many well known millionaires that get into sports), to promote his company, or out of desire to save people? What little he said this episode would suggest the latter, but maybe it's a combination of them.
^Yeah, I noticed those little hints of deeper characterization too; it's a nice touch. And he mentioned most girls being like Kirina at that age; maybe he has a daughter...?
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[up]Probably not, given his orientation (though adoption isn't out of the question), but I can really see him as the kind of guy who is friendly with his employees and their families. Probably has a good chat with their kids at the company's social events.

As for why he superheroes, he probably does it for the same reason other folks sponsor superheroes. It's great publicity.

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I think that Stern Bild is supposed to be an American city; that's a classic superhero trope, ala Metropolis or Gotham. The English text on TV also points to that. And the statues in episode 2 seemed to be equivalents to some in New York City (they do that in the comics too.)

And the show overall seems to be an exploration of American comic tropes, which is a rarity in Anime. (The director is the same guy who did The Big O, which was *very* influenced by Batman: The Animated Series, so he knows them). Not telling your loved ones your secret identity (but sharing it with your team) is also a comics trope, illogical as it sometimes gets.

As for Fire Emblem, I'm starting to suspect he may actually be a villain. (See the WMG page for my reasons.) I don't want him to be, it's just a hunch. So far.

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[up]How? I mean if anyone I would pick Sky High possibly becoming a villian...
I sort of wondered if Fire Emblem didn't start his own company just so that he would have a sponsor for his superhero work.

It's a common thing in real life for someone to make a boatload of money with their own company so they'll have the freedom to do what they really want to do. I often wonder why we see that so rarely in fiction. In fiction it often seems that the only reason people want lots of money is so they can have lots of money.
So, I'm just wondering when Sunrise is going to release a CD by Blue Rose.

...they are going to do that, right?

Also, on a random note, Karina's teacher reminds me of Maya's grandfather. It's the eyes.

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According to the "Next Episode" segment, it looks like we'll finally have an actual supervillain. If it wasn't Blue Rose freezing his arm (which is unlikely), he's going to be something like a crystalline Thing.
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Does anyone know where I can watch this show in good quality? You see, I don't live in America and as such do not have access to Viz/Hulu/whatever.

Derp, or I could just download it. Hurr durr. I tend to forget about poor Animetake.

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Estimated shipping time: 2-4 weeks.
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For streaming, the best-quality vids I've seen are on animefreak. So, not crystal-sharp, but good enough.
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111 Sijo25th Apr 2011 03:31:57 PM from Puerto Rico
My reasons to suspect Emblem (admittedly very thin right now) are:

(beware spoilers if you haven't seen all 4 episodes)

-There's a menacing dark figure in the opening credits, and it kind of looks like him.

-You just *know* that the corporations are going to be revealed to be doing something bad at some point; the fact they all have names based on Greek Myths hints they are connected- and Emblem owns one.

-When Tiger was asked what the bomber looked like, he said that he looked "like any bad guy" but we saw him speak directly to the man (who was Black.) He hesitated a moment when asked, as if he found him familiar. And though the heroes are in on each other's identities, if you made your real persona one that looks outrageously flamboyant then your supposed allies might not recognize you out of make-up.

Besides that, I find it odd that no major villains- or even a regular menace- has been introduced yet. Then it hit me: what if it HAS and we just didn't notice? What if even the villain himself was shown but we couldn't tell because right now he's pretending to be one of the heroes? You gotta admit, it would be a nice twist.

Why would he do something like that? Well my theory is that the bad guys decided to defuse the threat of all those heroic NEX Ts by corrupting from the start, and set up the whole fame point system to keep their minds off doing *actual* crimefighting. And Flame might just enjoy the irony of being in the group that he subverts.

That's all WMG of my part, of course, but it's an interesting possible course for the show. Note I *don't* want Flame to be a villain, as the idea of a gay Black superhero is pretty rare even in American comics.

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I think no major villains have been introduced because it's simply not that kind of story. The major conflict is idealism vs cynicism, not good vs evil.

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113 Sijo25th Apr 2011 05:48:33 PM from Puerto Rico
[up] That's certainly possible, and was my first assumption. But there are clues that something's going on: the death of Barnaby's parents, the Uroboros thing he's investigating, the mystery of the time bomb, where the NEXT came from... besides, an homage to American superheroes without villains seems unlikely.

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It seems that the show is indeed set in America, if the use of American currency in episode 4 is anything to go by. (Kotetsu tips Karina with a dollar bill, and drops a "You owe me ten bucks!" when Blue Rose shows up at the end. The bettors in the bar also use American dollars.)

The ending to episode 4 could not possibly have been more cliché, which I think may be what they were aiming for. Knowing from the moment that Karina set foot in the bar that Blue Rose would change her mind and show up Just in Time to save the day did kind of ruin any tension that might have existed toward the end, but it seems like episode 4 was focused more on character development, which it actually did quite well. I was somewhat surprised to learn of Blue Rose's identity as a high school student; when she was shown studying and conversing with her classmates, I initially thought that it was part of a flashback.
[up][up][up][up] I don't think Fire Emblem's a villain; I can at least discredit you're theory with the elevator operator/bomb guy - here's a picture of him, and one of Fire Emblem from the most recent episode; they don't look similar at all.

As far as villains go, it looks like it's building up to a main bad guy/organization, rather than having recurring villains throughout the series; I'm guessing this'll come to our heroes' attention in a couple episodes (although Barnaby *does* seem to have some involvement in what's going on already), and the latter half of the series will center in on the Big Bad building up to the finale.
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Episode 5. Once again, the Viz simulcast won't work for anyone outside of the US. Sorry.

So, looks like Sky High really does act like the same outside of his costume...

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"So, did you decide on a present [for Barnaby]?"

"Yeah! I thought about a lot of things and figured that I should be his present!"

Hey, Kotetsu. You hear that? That's the Ho Yay subtlety chip. Exploding.

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I can hear the Earth straining under the weight of the fanfic caused by those lines.
i. hear. a. sound.
Just when I thought this show could not possibly get any more gay, it goes and pulls this episode. Seriously, we're bordering on out and out shonnen-ai, here.

EDIT: Oh cool, our first super-villain, even if he's a bit small-time. Reminds me of some of Spidey's classic rogues: thugs who luck out on being immensely powerful, if none too bright. And the dude is durable; not even the combined efforts of Tiger's Hokuto Hyakuretsuken and Bunny's Hokuto Retsu Kyaku could faze him.

EDIT THE SECOND: Yeah, I probably shouldn't post while watching; turns out it worked after all. But we do get a glimpse of what seems to be our main villain (and the guy seen in the opening, if the blue flames are any indication), and a pretty cool-looking dude he is too. Actually, was he the judge seen at the beginning of the episode, or is the resemblance coincidental?

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This was the funniest episode yet! Without being absurd, thankfully. Well except that Tiger's bad luck is getting too ridiculous.

Yes, Fire Emblem is too skinny to be the bomber. Still, Kotetsu seemed to recognize him but not want to admit it. OTOH next episode has Fire falsely accused of a crime, so that makes him too obvious (unless it's a Red Herring for the audience.)

Well, we finally had our first superpowered villain (I'm not counting the kid from ep. 2, he was barely in control of his powers) but he was laaame. The guy in the end seems to have burnt a newspaper with his hand. Looks like he will be the real menace.

Oh, and I'm starting to like the techno guy. Especially the way he told T&B to get over their rivalry BS.

I thought the most fangirl fueling line was the tech guy's "You guys were completely in sync there!"

I've been reading too many Persona 4 Let's Plays lately, but the guy at the end who burnt the newspaper definitely reminds me of male Izanami. It's the hair.

Otherwise, I'm interested to see them start a longer arc. The single-episode stories are nice, but would get boring if they kept it up for another 20 episodes. (Incidentally, does anyone know if this is going to be 1 cour or 2? I guessed 2, but I could be wrong.)

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[up]x4 As expected...Pixiv has started to explode, but a surprising amount was of Sky High getting forgotten :D [up]x3 Is it still shonen-ai if both of them are over 20?

Great episode, and the Yaoi Fangirl fanservice is too obvious to be accidental.

So Tiger and Bunny have been together for half a year already? Guess it kinda justifies Tiger's attitude then...though not that line.

The transformation sequence was awesome as well~

Oh and Saito, is that your real voice or are you using a speaking simulator like Switch from Sket Dance

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[up][up]ANN tells me twelve.

Well, now that we've got some real supervillains it'd be a nice twist to have them be funded by the corporate media as well imo. Because supers fighting supers makes for better TV than garden variety criminals, but on the other hand that might not really fit the show's tone.

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[up] Interesting Random Curiosity and The Other Wiki [1] says 25.

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[up][up][up] Where does it say that they've been together for half a year?
I'm working on it.

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