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Okay, first episode of this seris is out. Seems interesting,
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It has potential for some very good drama-comedy combination.

Oh, and I think we found a competitor against Hayate's parents as the worst parents ever. I mean, asking your own daughter, without any sign of regret or guilt, what kind of parents run out with their childs, before proceding to run out with her boyfriend and send Ohana to work for her stranged grandmother isn't as bad as leaving your son with "some very nice people", that want to sell his organs, too pay their debt, but it's pretty bad too.
I think I kinda fell in love with the main character.
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So, what are the chances of Ko's spring break vacation being on her grandmother's hotel?

I'm thinking it's pretty high.
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So far....her parents(or more specifically, her Hot Mom, Ko?) is more interesting than everyone else is...

And damn, granny must hit hard...although she did kinda deserve it.

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From the description I was expecting some slice of life, possibly with some Hot Spring antics thrown in.

Only watched the first episode because I was bored and suffering from insomnia.

This is... interesting.

In the first episode our heroine is shown to have a normalish life. Her mother is a bit of a loser in life, but our heroine has her head screwed on straight. She has a childhood friend who obviously has a crush on her, though she has no clue.

I think we're in for a nice lazy development of these typical day in the life "plot" threads. Then- boom! Our heroine's mother decides to run off with a man, abandoning their home and her debts- and not take her daughter with her.

(I should have seen it coming with the heroine's complaints about a boring life- but the framing led me to believe the story was going to be her learning to appreciate her boring life, not exploding it).

Our Heroine asks: "What kind of parent goes on a moonlit flit without her child?"

Oh well, at least she's going to get to meet her estranged grandma who disowned her mother for being... well, the kind of person who dumps her daughter on grandma.

So she runs to tell her childhood friend, who seeing the situation mans up and confesses to her. Boom- another shock to her world view.

Okay, but at least she gets to live in this cool hot spring resort with her loving grandma... who's still pissed at her worthless daughter and plans for our heroine to earn her keep through slave labor!

And that doesn't even get into the beatings, or the disastrous start with her roommate who tells our heroine: "just die!", and the uncle who face lights up at the chance to take revenge for all the pain his older sister put him through.


Our Heroine: "I've never been so upset in my life!"

Well, You Got Spunk girl, I like that in a heroine.

I'm gonna have to watch this one a little bit more.
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This is definitely the best animated show I've seen all year.
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I'm not willing to judge from a first episode, but it certainly has given a very positive impression.
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I was almost scared away by the description in this thread actually (not a fan of DRAMA), but it turned out to be surprisingly well-written and with good overall production values. At the end of the day the story is just your standard spunky shoujo heroine thrust into a Cinderella-esque setting, but that doesn't mean it can't be an enjoyable ride. Looking forward to the rest.

Edit: Also, I'd just like to note that my plan to get the corn was the same as Ko's.

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This show seems to be starting off good. Its has a good set up, a good cast (though whether or not it remains a good one is to be determined) and it has some really nice visuals to it as well. I really hope nothing happens to make it unbearable or too boring to for me to continue watching.
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Yeah, of the shows thu far it clearly has the strongest opening episode. It does feel like the kind ofshow that might lose steam thouh, but cautiously optimistic.
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*goggles on*

Ohana/Minchi FTW!

*goggles off*

Ok, in all seriousness, that was very good. Lovely character designs, sublime voicework (and I even didn't hate that Minchi is Omigawa Chiaki, whom I loathe with the fire of a thousand suns), and an interesting start to the story.

Definitely fully onboard for the ride.

Mostly agree with what's been said here already, but I'm surprised the Scenery Porn hasn't been brought up that much. I was really impressed with how pretty the whole thing was...

I want to see more Tomoe. She seems funny.

Life seriously sucks for Ohana, though. I'm glad they didn't make her out to be that-clumsy-chick-that-makes-everyone-like-her-because-her-clumsiness-is-adorable character, though.
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Okay, after that first ep, count me in. I'm sold.
@Sakurazaki: I'm with you there. Goggles on, indeed.

Anyway, even though I ended up hating Ohana's parents and at least mildly disliking most of the ryokan staff (something just seems off about all of them, you know?), I feel like this show has a lot of potential. I'll definitely keep watching to at least episode 3.
Life seriously sucks for Ohana, though. I'm glad they didn't make her out to be that-clumsy-chick-that-makes-everyone-like-her-because-her-clumsiness-is-adorable character, though.
This. She was best with her Straight Man-like scenes, when she is just standing there, wondering what the hell is going on, while the crazies keep talking crazy things.

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Things make people happy
BRB stealing that
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I'm glad that there was no negative Animation Bump for the second episode.
Jeez, Ohana can't catch a break can she?
So damn pretty...

I really hope they keep that up.

I thought the "I hate you Mom" broccoli dish was funny. In a sad sort of way...
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I really like this. The characters come across very well.

EDIT: Seriously, best show of the season hus far By a landslide.

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Oh christ runnnnnn.

Squick much?

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I hope to god the Manager doesn't blame Ohana for this, though I'm sure she will. At least the preview makes it seem like they're not going to spend the whole episode on 'Ohana, how dare you clean up crumpled papers' or 'Ohana, how could you steal the manuscript and then lie about it'.

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