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Also, Grundy isn't exactly a Hulk analogue power-wise - at least not usually - Justice League is the only place he's consistently portrayed that way.

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Grundy's primary power is not so much his physical strength but his inability to feel pain. He's been defeated by characters of much lesser power than Superman. Anything further on Hulk vs Superman would degenerate this thread into Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

Truthfully though, the purpose of Superman is to see him use his powers and any movie that is not about him doing godlike things will only ask the question of why it was made. You can get away with clever character pieces in a serial story of a comic book or tv show but a movie is synonymous with a big event. I personally thought Superman Returns was a decent movie (the Rotten Tomatoes score is fairly high) but just not the Superman movie people wanted, a character piece. That's why Myx will never be THE Big Bad of a Superman film without changing their interactions extensively.
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Speaking for myself, I didn't like SR because it was passionless. Everybody seemed sedated. But I did like the tattooed crook who threatens the boy.

That was probably intentional — making some mook who threatens kids way more memorable than anyone with top billing. Even Donner agreed.
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Sedate isn't the word I'd use, personally. I found it to be too...sterile? If that makes sense? As if it was too clean and artificial.
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That was the point: you can't just go, "Everyone knows the origin, so none of this is important, " because it's all important to this version of the character and story.
...Not every movie origin has to invent a bunch of extraneous crap to tell a decent story after. That's my point. It is possible to tell a story without telling the origin because people know the origin- just mention it in passing or show it in a montage like Spider-Man 2's opening credits that hits the beats.

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This trailer.

Freaking Masterpiece.
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Well, they're clearly going for a "the world is a dark and dismal place until Clark shows up to brighten it up" vibe. It's nice to get some confirmation on that, as while the earlier trailers shared the tone they didn't really give an idea what it meant, leading me to assume the shaded tones meant there would be lots of angst.

On the other hand, they finally seem to be making a film adaptation where Clark is more of a human character, rather than an outsider that pretends to be one of us. It's about damn time film adaptations started to go post-crisis in his characterization, as I've always felt the "Kal-El as enlightened outsider who tries to guide humanity to be as advanced as Krypton" bit lacked... personality (and hasn't really been his characterization in decades, All-Star Superman aside).

I've always felt that at the very least the "Clark as an essentially human person whose biggest reason to do good because he has the ability and he can" should really show up more - the only adaptation at all that uses it to a major extent is Lois and Clark (which imo regardless of all it's other budget and occasionally antagonist problems at least really nailed Clark as a person).

Granted, the best Clark is a Clark with a complex set of reasons and ideals - perhaps that he considers himself a human being but also aspires for Krypton.

Speaking of the Pre-and-Post Crisis characterizations, I get the impression from the trailer that Pa Kent might be dead, like he was Pre-Crisis (or is on Smallville). I wonder if Ma Kent is deceased as well?

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Gotta love the air swishing just before he takes flight for the first time.

I felt the primary issue with Superman Returns was that there was an extreme disconnect between Luthors plot and the theme of Superman trying to integrate himself back into the world, especially because once he is back everyone is happy. It had some brilliant moments like the airplane catch and gatling gun encounter, but especially the exchange where he tells Lois that she can't hear anything from above the clouds but he hears everything and simply not being Superman would torment him. Ultimately the film was too much homage to the '78 movie and not enough of its own thing.
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Ooh Richard Schiff!

Also, Jesus much?
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I REALLY was not looking forward to this movie.

Until that trailer. This might really be good!

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This is going to be a game changer. Nothing is going to be the same after this, mark my words.
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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[up][up] Sorry, I just thought Singer's symbolism was heavy-handed, and this movie even moreso.

Superman should not necessarily be a Jewish, Catholic or Christian icon; all cultures have a savior type. Minor nitpick.
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That trailer convinced me to go see this. I was on the fence before, but I've hopes for it now.
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I hope they manage to make Superman interesting again.
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That trailer is awesome. Gives me hope that this will actually be good.
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Dat music. Is that from anything or is this Hans Zimmer new Superman theme?
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[up] It's from Gladiator.
Agghhhh Blue and Orange everywhere!

I otherwise really like the trailer but the serious lack of colour in favour of blue and orange abuse is annoying. I hope the actual film has far more variety or at least a more natural look to it.

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The suit looks like full-body chainmail.
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Am I the only one rather unnerved by the fact that we hear Pa Kent suggest that Clark should have let a bus full of kids die? That's not a Jonathan Kent I'm familiar with.

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[up]Sounds like Silver Age Pa Kent, who, whenever baby Clark would misbehave in some way, was always more concerned that people would realize the Kents were raising a Superbaby than the fact that his infant son just KO'd a boxer or let a tiger out at the zoo.
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