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I'm increasingly excited about this movie. And I love the two alternative sets of narration in the teaser trailer (Jor-EL/Jonathon Kent).
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The "Nolanverse" has been stated multiple times to be stand-alone with minimal supernatural elements.
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Could it be? A Superman movie that isn't horrible?

I'm growing interested as well. It seems like a Deconstruction of Superman.
And with the words "Deconstruction" and "Superman" in the same sentence, my interest is killed.

EDIT: Hey, Nolan, ever think of just telling a good Superman story? You DON'T have to always be DEEP or EDGY to make a good movie!

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[up]I don't usually agree with you, but this time you're pretty much on the money.

Can't we have a regular, good movie about the character before we start with the deconstructions and the edginess?

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You guys did notice Prof's "seems", yes? He didn't say it was a deconstruction, nor do I think Nolan has said such (though I may have just missed the interview, granted, I don't generally obsess over movie production news).
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[up]I noticed. I'd just really, really like for it to not be a deconstruction. It'd be nice to just have heroes on film again.

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You know The Incredibles managed to be both a Deconstruction and a Reconstruction. Why couldn't The Man of Steel be both?

Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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I'd be fine with that.

Judging by the footage, it appears they're still going Silver Age for Superman's characterization.

Which makes sense. I'm pretty sure Nolan doesn't entirely read comics except for the ones he really needs.
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A deconstruction of Superman would be like Frank Miller's portrayal of him in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, where he becomes tired of being governed by the laws of man and sets out to promote justice on his own terms. Since this movie starts off with the people being afraid of him it looks like solely reconstruction, I can't see it ending with everyone still afraid of him and the military trying to keep him locked up.
Yeah, you're probably right. Deconstruction is probably the wrong term, but it did seem Darker and Edgier.
I'd say it looks like it's going to be both a reconstruction and Darker and Edgier at the same time. The narration in both trailers is very representitive of the "inspiring" element of the character, but it looks like Superman will be going through some rough times and maybe see some stuff he'd rather not see.

Also, this is coming out of nowhere, but five bucks says the shot of the kid with a red towel cape will either be the very last shot of the film, or in the last few minutes, after Superman becomes a famous hero and inspires everyone. Sort of like the kids with the trashcan lid at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger.

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I am desperately hoping that the writers/director remember that the real man is *Clark Kent*, the Kansas farm boy who's a boy scout. Krypton made him super, but it was Ma and Pa Kent who made him a hero.
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No what makes Superman which is the real identity a hero is his "Kryptonian Genetics". At least according to Grant Morrison anyway. But I do agree they should realize that Clark is the real persona. Daily Planet Clark is a not his true self and neither is Superman but the Clark that exists with his family and friends who is inbetween in the true persona.
[up] Fair enough, but I don't think you really are disagreeing with my essential point: Superman is not the saintly hero he is because he's an alien.
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Many adaptations of Superman (even the Donner movies) often misses the point entire by focusing too much on Superman's alien heritage instead of what makes him a true hero: his Earth upbringing. Who and what Superman's real parents are is second place to Ma and Pa Kent: they are the real person who makes Superman who he is.
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I'd prefer it if you never heard Krypton mentioned at all, never saw any images of it. It'd be enough for Clark to see his rocket and know he came from outer space. Krypton is just where he's from, Earth is where he is now. Historically, I think, too much emphasis has been placed on Krypton. Whatever his origins, Clark Kent thinks and feels like a human being, because he was raised as one.

There are many things dated about the original Donner movie (mostly the comedic portrayal of Luthor and Otis) but the most compelling stuff came from the conflict of Jor-El's decrees with his human upbringing. The whole sequence from Jonathan's speech and his heart attack to this day is very powerful, "When you first came to us, we thought people would come and take you away because... when they found out, you know, the things you could do. And that worried us a lot. But then a man gets older, and he starts thinking differently and things get very clear. And one thing I do know son, and that is you are here for a reason. I don't know whose reason or whatever the reason is. Maybe it's because... I don't know. But I do know one thing. It's not to score touchdowns. Huh?"

Now I can't argue the movie isn't going to be Darker and Edgier, cause that is evident by the color palette alone, but the best Superman stories have focused on the conflict within him about who he is supposed to be and where his place is in this world (which is where Superman Returns failed despite supposedly being focused on that subject). I am liking the very majestic vibe the trailers are exuding, he is a grand-scale hero and not a "street level" brawler by any means.
[up][up][up][up]Oh no I was agreeing with you. I was just saying how stupid it is that in the new DCU Superman is now good because of his Kryptonian Genes. Like back in the Silver Age. Nope his upbringing by Pa and Ma didnt make him good, him being an alien did. Good so stupid. But yeah I agree. Clark is the real persona. The Daily Planet Clark is a mask as is Superman. The real Clark is inbetween the two and is only for his family and friends.

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A super powered Humanoid Alien might cause some questions to get asked but seriously? Can he turn water into wine? Can he number the stars and will they answer if he calls them out by name? Can he control the paths of said flaming gas/plasma balls or halt the path and rotation of the Earth? Will fungal infections be cured by touching him? Will his spit make the blinded see?

I guess that would say something about the characters if they related Superman to Jesus but not much positive. His long term affect on religion would be more subtle. I figure the presence of Superman would have greater implications for the secular. He doesn't really need to eat, isn't bothered by most weather conditions and there probably aren't any people capable of sexually pleasing him: what could one offer him or hold above his head? Would he instead try to buy, intimidate or blackmail people into serving him? Will not crave all the intention he will inevitably get? Is that why he built the fortress of solitude?

Would anyone have the balls to tell Superman when he's being a dick or would he become trapped in a bubble of everlasting approval? How would citizenship go for a different species? Does Superman even have DNA? He looks like a man but likely doesn't have a common ancestor...what if he did? How would we go about testing when we only have one specimen, how would we get him to agree(or force him if he doesn't)?

This would all lend itself more to an ongoing tv series than a two hour movie though. For a movie, I'd just introduce a few more aliens of different species but common ancestry to Superman and the trouble that is caused when Superman, feeling an overwhelming urge to protect his territory, postures and makes a lot of noise in an effort to get them to leave. I'd show which aliens different people favor up until the climatic action scenes(the majority will end up favoring Superman, likely because he looks the most like a man)
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I think the only chances a Justice League series of movies has any hopes is if this movie is good. It's like if they did Captain America: The First Avenger, first.
Saw the trailer before The Dark Knight Rises. Most notable thing - the music sounded exactly like part of the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings. Besides that, hadn't realized Snyder was directing and Nolan only producing; that doesn't make me feel more confident about the movie. But we'll see.
That was straight from the LOTR soundtrack. See Recycled Trailer Music.
How much would they have to pay Lo TR for the right to use that?

It doesn't bode well that they've got basically nothing for the trailer besides one speech and a highly acclaimed soundtrack taken from another movie.

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