Powers for a Magical Girl Detective:

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So, I am planning to write a story with a Magical Girl protagonist, a Cute Witch who wants to help people out by working out the cause of their suffering and finding a way to resolve the problem, which occasionally involves fighting monsters and other people with magical powers.

Now, I was thinking on giving this girl powers that are mainly useful for her in investigating and collecting evidence, and that, while not directly useful in combat, as they are weaker than the standard Magical Girl Warrior attack, they can also be used by my character to creatively defeat enemies.

So far, I have only come up with improved senses and magical detection powers for this character. Other powers I was considering to give her is some kind of alchemical power, or something emotion based, but I am having some problems working them in. So I wanted to ask: what magical powers could be useful for an amateur detective, and how could she use them in a combat situation?
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One of my favorites is the luck-based attack, that is, if something can go wrong for the opponent, it does. His entire environment becomes his enemy.

There's always the "point and shoot" attack, force beams from the hands or eyes.

If you want an emotional component, she could manipulate the emotions of others. It's hard to take aim at someone when you feel like everything is pointless.
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Temporary invisibility is useful.
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Maybe not absolute control over emotions, but being able to read them and, offensively, using it as a form of Mind Rape by channelling the emotions of those around her into a Care-Bear Stare that destroys the Monster of the Week (which would provide her a very logical motive for helping others; their joy is her source of power). This could also lead to an Oh, Crap! moment where the villian has caused so much despair that she has no power source.
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I, personally, always enjoy the idea of psychological powers. Not to invasive levels, but things like receptive empathy.

Perhaps a sort of magic that can sort through different type of matter?
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