Would this name list be of any use?:

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I'm working on a list of names.

More specifically, names that it would be entirely plausible to give a character from a certain place without running into Ghetto Name, Famous-Named Foreigner, Hollywood Spelling, or As Long as It Sounds Foreign, but without having to resort to lists of super-common names either... Or farting out (the foreign equivalent of) something like Jacuzzi Splot or Quillish Wammy.

It would also make Melting-Pot Nomenclature easier.

The list would include first names for both genders, last names, and nicknames, and would be sorted by gender, and time period in which someone would most likely name their kid that. Each country I'm covering gets a different section, with each major race in said country getting a subsection.

Names that are too associated with celebrities or events are disqualified, unless they're common enough to not immediately bring said celebrity up - for example, "Kennedy" and "Freeman" are alright, "Depp" and "Zappa" aren't.

If this would be useful to anyone, I'll start posting it here (and maybe start a site for it later on or something), but if It's Been Done too much or is unneccessary, I'll stop.

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That's actually not a bad idea.

And, no, I haven't actually seen something like that done before.

For the same reason, I'll go through Behind the Name and favorite any names I happen to like the sound of, just so that I have a nice name bank to keep in mind if I ever have to do a writing assignment.

Out of curiosity, how big is this name list?
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I just started it today, so it's 3 pages at the moment and I only have American names.

I'm probably going to start a seperate thread for it and encourage other people to contribute so it becomes something like an in-forum "name wiki."

... And my main problem with Behind The Name is you never know if you'll end up giving your characters anachronistic or names that are uncommon or weird, but not enough for a "rare" mark.

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Behind the Name usually tells you roughly when the name first appeared if it's a Western name. Like, I learned that the name Matthias (it sounds cool) is at probably Older Than Feudalism, since they said that it first appeared in the New Testament. Sometimes, the comments may also talk about how common a name is.

I just like it as a tool for generating ideas. ' w '
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Behind The Name is a very good source for character naming. Some of my characters, like Justice "Justin" Peterson, were named because of that site. It's good for looking up meanings and origin.
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That sounds really cool.

I know a kid named Pennington Washington. Isn't it the coolest name ever?
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OK. I'm starting a new thread for the list and peoples' contributions to it. We can let this one die.
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