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Anti knight templar:

 1 Random Chaos, Wed, 30th Mar '11 4:28:59 PM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
Nei How everyone. I need help deciding a character that's very unusual for me, I call her Spider.

She puts up a fašade of being the world's ultimate villain however, what she really does is target Knights Teompler and other people who think they are doing things for the forces of good and really they have crossed the moral event horizon. A very dark and mysterious figure. Not much is known about her, but people who think she's real fear her. She is ambiguously human, with powers of darkness possible a but unusual skin tone gray or blue. She is called Spider because one of the few consistent facts about her if she loves infamous animals such as spiders and Bats usually is accompanied by one. Talks like a Magnificent Bastard but doesn't act like one she actually pretty nice.. Firm believer even evil has standards.

What I need help with is organizing my ideas into a proper characterization, I would also enjoy it if I had help with her motivation.

I never had a goal in mind when I made a character so I don't know what to do

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With the power of a dragon I can make up for my inability to spill.
 2 nrjxll, Wed, 30th Mar '11 4:52:05 PM Relationship Status: Not war
It would help if you provided some more details rather than talking in tropes.

 3 Random Chaos, Wed, 30th Mar '11 4:58:42 PM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
Sorry I think in Tropes, and in Zoybuge's voice.

My thoughts are scrambled at the moment I will elaborate on even evil has standers Well she never dos anything the hero would take personal, like kill youre father. Heaven help you if you target a pregnant woman or a new mother and she is well mannered.

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With the power of a dragon I can make up for my inability to spill.
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