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Excitement and depression as writer's blocks:

 1 vijeno, Mon, 28th Mar '11 2:23:23 PM from Vienna, Austria
For many many years, writing was a huge part of my life.

Then for quite some time, I stopped writing altogether, because it was so connected to depression and general bad emotions.

Now that I restarted it, I notice an odd problem: Writing excites me to a degree that makes it hard to think and is generally uncomfortable on a physical level. So I can't write for more than a very limited amount of time, because after that I'm unable to focus on the writing.

Have any of you experienced the same? How have you gotten around that obstacle?

Anything but artist
Wait, you're saying you're so pationate about writting that you can't write? I can't even begin to imagine how that would be.

As for depression, I need to be somewhere open (I usually go to a nearby coffe shop) to feel like writting, otherwise I get into "not feeling like" mod.
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 3 vijeno, Tue, 29th Mar '11 1:36:11 AM from Vienna, Austria
Yeah it's pretty weird. I'll definitely have to work on that.

 4 fanty, Tue, 29th Mar '11 2:19:54 AM from ANGRYTOWN
Woefully Ineloquent
It doesn't happen to me with writing, but sometimes, when I'm drawing my comic, I get so excited about the scene I'm about to draw next, that I can't draw it. It feels very weird, but I get over it eventually.
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 5 JHM, Tue, 29th Mar '11 2:29:35 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
I get this a lot, though it tends to manifest in the form of just constant idea generation: I want to finish a chapter, yet I'm entirely absorbed in the minutiae of what's basically the next story arc, leaving me little mental room to properly write what I sat down to work on in the first place. Anything like that ever happen to you...?

I'd simply advise you to write what ever pops into your head for a while, just to vent free energy. You can edit as much as you want later, but the imperative is to do something first.
 6 jasonwill 2, Tue, 29th Mar '11 2:50:49 AM from West Virginia

Oh God, so true... I keep trying to get my book written, but ideas for the second and third keep coming up, but less so now.
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 7 vijeno, Tue, 29th Mar '11 4:38:52 AM from Vienna, Austria
[up][up] Hmmm yeah, sounds like a good idea, thanks.

Get drunk and then write without thinking. That's how all my projects started.

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