What do you think about this character's motivation?:

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Marcus Sinclair Devon, The Mentor of The Hero (currently Matthew Michaelson Miller), of my story is a two hundred years old magician/alchemist living in The City (it's an Urban Fantasy set in 2025) training The Hero and the Five-Man Band.

He's Type 4/5 Anti-Hero who wants to turn The Hero into a complete Emotionless Boy/Shell-Shocked Veteran by turning him into a Demon Slaying The Cowl that hunts the Deviations, horrifically Body Horror-inflicted abomination (sounds familiar?) that appears in The City, and rogue magicians.

His purpose is making Miller completely emotionless so he can successfully tap into and control his Reality Warper Superpowered Evil Side, so that he can use it to tap into the Akashic Records.

Ok, that's it for now, gotta go. Will elaborate more when I get back. What do you think so far?
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2 annebeeche28th Mar 2011 02:54:18 AM from by the long tidal river
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Um, I don't think you adequately explained the character's motivation.

I get the whole tapping into stuff bit (which tells us nothing about your character, only more about this thing he has/wants to do), but why does he want to tap into these records? What stops him from saying "Ah fuck it, too much work" and calling it a day?

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You explained his master plan, but why is he doing this? Does he have an insatiable lust for knowledge and little care for people? Is he after revenge and is gunning for the mcguffin that's gonna help him?
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[up][up] You made an excellent point.

[up] Your question makes him look like the Big Bad or something. :D He has decency and morality that he follows too, though.

Let's see here...I don't think I can't completely say that without bringing up the backstory of The Hero and the setting itself.

In my verse, Akashic Records is where everything comes from and returns to. It's the component that makes up the reality itself. If you success in tapping into Akashic Records practically allows whoever succeeds EVERYTHING, even such things as immortality, omniscience, and omnipotence.

Marcus isn't interested in divinity; he already lived more than two centuries anyway. What he wants to know is rather simple; what is the right cause to live for. He went through World Wars, crash of idealogies and religions, and watched so many people he cared about dying in, what he thinks are, stupid and senseless causes.

To make it worse, the Council, millenia old society of mages, hired him as a Mad Scientist to experiment on people because the most common belief back then and now is that AR is only accessible through people's soul. He knew how shady things could be, but figured that it would be worth it and accepts the offer anyway.

As the project goes on, for half a century, his mind becomes more deranged and miserable because of rather inhumane experiments, some of which made him look/feel like Joseph Mengel who he abhored, with little results. After experimenting and killing the son of his late friend, he snaps, kills all the staff in the research department, and goes into hiding.

He hid in Africa, intending to live there until his immortality (something of Power Incontinence) wears off, but when Matthew, eight years old, comes there with his parents as vacation. Then he gets attacked by a soul-reaping vampire, and pretty much unconsciously, Marcus saves him right before his soul could be assimilated to the vampire.

It's a bit complicated but because his soul was extracted, but not quite assimilated to anything else, it was temporarily sent back to the Akashic Records, but the Anthropomorphic Personification doesn't assimilate him into it because he isn't technically dead yet because his vessel is still capable of holding soul. AP, being rather bored after few billions of years* without any soul with complete sentience * , it puts him into something of Lotus-Eater Machine so he would stay.

Meanwhile back in the physical world, Matthew's parents begs/threaten Marcus to bring their son back to life. He knows that it's futile, but tries anyway. With part of his parents and sister's soul as fuel, he performs the ritual that might be able to reach soul beyond physical realm.

In the AR, the call actually reaches both its avatar and Matthew, who chooses to go back because he firmly believes that a child must obey his parents' desire. AP persuades and threatens him, but being a naive and stubborn child he was, he declines. AP gives up (it could've just made him, after all, it's God anyway, but it believes that it's against its own nature) and sends him off, but before sending him back, it engraves on his soul the Connection, a method through which he could tap into it in the utmost emergency situation and warns him to not to use it if possible.

When he returns, after about half a year long comma[hottip:*:the ritual itself was a week long, but the time it actually reached just took that much time...I guess?]], after much rejoicing, Marcus pretty much felt the connection between his soul and the Akashic Records and decides to stick around him, telling the parents that he wants to see if there's any side effects so he could something about it if there is. Matthew doesn't remember it though.

As the series goes on, Marcus puts him into Training from Hell and basically suicidal missions so he could abandon his emotion and make accessing AR more easier. Along the way, though, he realizes that he's doing what he hated the most, but still wants the access.

Urgh, never remember writing this much in this forum.

So...how is it now?
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