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This is my first post here so before I get on with my idea I would like to say hi to everyone and to throw my name out there.

I've recently gotten back into fanfiction and I came up with a crossover idea that I want some judgment on. I've seen some wild crossover fics and my idea might be considered a bit off the wall. Before I commit to this I want so feedback to see if my concept is creative or just stupid. I'll start with the title and summary.

The Commander, the Reapers, and the Mass Effect A Narnia/Mass Effect crossover

Summary:It's been one year since the Pevensie sibling's great adventure in Narnia. As the new school year approaches, they begin to have reoccurring dreams where they are fighting in another world vastly different than Narnia. In this world they fight with guns, explosives, and technology and powers beyond their imagination.This strange coincidence makes them wonder if a new quest is just around the horizon. When the first day of school arrives the Pevensies are transported into a new world and I quickly becomes clear that this isn't Narnia. After they start exploring the area they find a warehouse with weapons and equipment they used in their dreams. Soon they hear gunshots and quickly move to investigate. When they arrive at the area, the group is attacked my metallic creatures guarding a strange device. Using the knowledge they gained in their dreams, they defeat their new enemies and are approached my three human soldiers. While the older siblings explain their unbelievable reasons for being on Eden Prime and claims of royalty, Lucy comes in contact with the Prothean Beacon and a rush of incomprehensible images flow into her mind. With no other option, the siblings are taken into Alliance custody and are brought into a fight to save the future of their world. Question is, will Alsan be with them in this fight?

Reason: I love the both Narnia films and the Mass Effects games and the Pevensies are some of my favorite protagonists in fiction. They already experienced a fantasy world I thought it's would be really cool to see them discover and adapt to a sci fi setting. Plus I think they would interact well with the Normandy crew. Now the challenge of this concept is that while our heroes have military experience, the method of fighting is completely different. I came up with an idea of Alsan teaching them to fight a futuristic war through dreams but I'm worried that it's too contrived and readers won't get on board.

I have very little experience in narrative writing so if this concept gets a positive response it may be years before i write it. I want to be the best it can be so i would invest in some creative writing how to books and practice writing dialogue in preparation. If people are interested in this idea I'll post some characterization ideas and get an opinion on those.
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