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Christmas Pikachu.
A few years ago, a hero, a demigod, much like a mortal, saved olympus on countless occasions. But now those heroes are gone, and it is time for new ones to step up to the task and prosper. The egyptian gods are planning something, the Greek gods sit upon their thrones, blind of what danger is stirring. You have been chosen, from your respective backrounds, to come to camp Half-Blood. It is for the best, the kindly ones where coming for you, dare I say some of you may have fought some of them already. You may want to go back to your once normal lives, but there is no turning back now, not with you knowing what you are. No, you must stay, otherwise they will smell you out like bees to honey. You must because otherwise you would be hunted down, it is for the best. This is Camp Half-Blood.

A storm is brewing, and not even the gods can hope to stop it.

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Christmas Pikachu.
As you can see, I haven't really revealed much of the plot to you, but all will be revealed in time.

Basically you can either start out as a Half-Blood who is new to the camp and only just arrived or one that has been there for a moderate amount of time. Here is the template:

Name: Self-explanatory.

Age: How old you are.

Gender: I hope you know this one.

Parent: What god you are born of, you may only choose one as your other parent is a mortal. You may only choose greek

Claiming: whether you have been claimed or not, this is where you find out what god your parent is as you don't know at first.

Powers: What powers you have, they must relate to the your olympian parent.

Weapons and equipment: What weapon you have and what armour. They can be magical items or standard equipped. I wouldn't suggest putting this if you are new to the camp but you may if you wish.

Personailty: Self explanatory.

Backround: How you came to be at camp half-blood.

Please point out if there is anything I've missed, I am sorry for any obvious mistakes.

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I'm interested, I love these books.
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Christmas Pikachu.
Few, I'm not a fail.

Also, I forgot to mention the rules.

1) No god-modding. (forgive the puntongue)

2) Try not to double post unless absolutely nescessary.

3) No killing off or fataly wounding anothers characters without their consent.

4) Please try to stick to the story, for example, don't go drowning Dionysus in the sea will you?

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I am also somewhat interested. I may post a signup later if I decide to and remember.
Christmas Pikachu.
Good to hear, looking forward to both of your signups should you choose to post them.
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I need to work on a character first. I don't want to just use one of my stand-bys this time.
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[up] No problem.

Crap, why do I keep forgetting things, I don't want to make it more complicated for people to think up their characters but: You don't actually nescessarily need to be a demigod, you may be a mythical creature although I may have to think more about letting those in, they may have powers but no Olympian parents. Sorry for any problems.

Do you already have to be at Camp, or can you arrive there at the beggining?

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I've already answered that question in one of my past posts. Yes, you can.
Ok then, here's my signup:

Name: Slewn Jones

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Parent: Poseidon

Claimed: No

Powers: Can breath under water. Can control water, losing energy like in the books. Can clean water if it is dirty. Can be dry in water if he wants. He can't feel the force of hiting water hard.

Weapons and Equipment: Nothing exept a big stick. He hasn't arrived at camp yet so he doesn't have any Armour or good Weapons.

Personality: He can be pretty scary. He looks at himself as a leader. He would die for the ones he loves. Most of the time he is a nice, friendly guy.

Background: His mother was taken from him by a one of the three Fury's, he has been traveling, looking for her, but so far he has found nothing. He has been chased by a lot of monsters, one that he was particularily scared of was a huge one that looked like a bull. Over the time that the monsters had been chasing him, he thought about why they would want to chase him, he thought that he might be someone important, or even someone special. The mosnters have chased him to a hill with a huge tree on top from where his home was, on the other end of Long Island Sound.

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Hm...I would guess that thats ok. Accepted.
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Name: Mickey Taylor

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Parent: Hecate

Claiming: No, but her dad told her who her mother was.

Powers: Can perform magic if she's given a spell, though it often backfires on her.

Weapons and equipment: She has a sword that she uses in battle, but her preferred piece of equipment is her book. On her 13th birthday her mom gave her a book full of spells. She spends all of her free time desperately trying to decode them so she can perform them, but can only do a few simple ones at the moment.

Personality: Mickey is not a social being. She keeps quiet and keeps to herself, always staying away from the spotlight. When forced to be in public or work in groups, she can be a good public speaker, but doesn't quite know how to handle herself around other people. She's nice at heart and will help someone out if she thinks they need it and won't make a big deal out of it, she just prefers the company of herself more than anyone else.

Background: Mickey was born in suburban New Jersey. Being the child of a minor god, she was mostly left alone. Around 12 years old, though, she noticed a man with only one eye. She told her father and refused to believe it when he said she was imagining things. Deciding it was better for her to know than to ask other people questions, Mickey's dad finally told her who her mother was and brought her to Camp Half-Blood. She was visited by her mother once, on her birthday, where she was given her book. Other than that, she's had no contact with Hecate and has limited contact with her dad. Mickey stays at camp year-round.
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Ooo, I'm interested. I met Rick Riordan at an author's signing and watched the movie (funny, but suffered Decay). Since both Roleplays I am in are slow, I can handle a third.

Name: Ian Bannerman

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Parent: Aphrodite

Claiming: Claimed

Powers: Naturally charming. Although he doesn't have charmspeak (an ability introduced in The Lost Hero), he is magically charismatic, just like the rest of Aphrodite's children.

Weapons and equipment: Dagger, Slingshot

Personailty: A rare example of a Genius Ditz. Outgoing, laidback, but a little reluctant in persuing girls sometimes.

Background: His father is a great enginner who work on military technology. Ian got some of his father's intelligence, but his mother's great looks and slight lack of intelligence (she thought that his father looked good in a labcoat). He was taken to Camp Half-Blood at age tweleve, after a few monsters crashed the science fair he was in. He only stays summers, but is always switching schools. He is yet to break someone's heart, and only had seen his mother two times.

Good enough? Too Marty Ste?

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Christmas Pikachu.
Both are accepted, I'll start the discussion page now.
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Aww, son of a bitch
I am interest

Name: Wilbur Chalkeus

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Parent: Hephaestus

Claiming: Yes

Powers: Being a son of Hephaestus, Wilbur can create just about anything with the right materials and time. Wilbur prefers a Steam Punk aesthetic with his creations, all grinding gears and hissing steam valves.

Weapons and equipment: Wilbur uses a Steam Punk Power Fist he calls The Pulveriser for melee combat. He also has a small mechanical spider he calls Stevie which he can use to scout ahead and deliver messages.

Personality: Wilbur is quite jovial, much more so than the other children of Hephaestus. He's an avid fan of music. He can't play it, but he thouroughly enjoys it. He takes great pride in his inventions, always enthusiastic in showing them to others. However, whenever someone he considers a friend is threatened, he's all business.

Backround: Wilbur was born to an artist by the name of Bessie. Like most other children of Hephaestus, Wilbur was an avid inventor from a young age. However, living with his mother gave him a better apreciation for the aesthetic than most. Hence, he chose to make Steampunk creations, what he viewed as the perfect fusion of invention and art. The majority of his life was rather dull, until his mother took him to Camp Half-Blood one summer and he discovered he was a son of a Greek god. Wilbur embraced his heritage and he's been happy with it ever since.
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Christmas Pikachu.
Here is my sign up,

Name: Katie Drace

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Parent: Ichnaea (Ιχναία), goddess of tracking

Claiming: I am clamied.

Powers: I can track almost any thing if I know what it is and its been there. I can also recignise almost any one/things name and powers at sight.

Weapons and equipment: A encanted hunting knife that I can throw with lots of skill and once inbedded in a target that hilt dissapers appears in my belt with a blade again. The blade stays in the target. It has a very dangerous posin that eats away through the blood and skin, if I hit a vein you would die in a matter of seconds. She can therfore hurt normal people.

Personailty: Can be very sarcastic to people she doesn't like or doesn't know but is a good friend.

Backround: Attacked by a hell hound walking in her dads private grounds (rich dad). Ichnaea guieded her to camp half blood.

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Christmas Pikachu.
Accepted, one thing I must ask though is have you read a few of the most recent posts to know whats happening? If you haven't, I suggest you do. Feel free to post.
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What goes here, anyways?
I'm intrested.

Name: Rebecca Selverstone (Becca for short)

Age: 13

Gender: female

Parent: Mom is human and dad is Hermes

Claiming: has not happened yet

Powers: err. . .scarcasm?

Weapons and equipment: a pocketknife for now

Personailty: Scarcastic half of the time, relatively easy to get along with the other.

Backround: Becca grew up in Connecticut with her mom. They were able to stay under the radar most of the time until last week, when some monsters showed up. She was then sent to Camp Half Blood and just arrived.

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Christmas Pikachu.
Powers for Hermes could be like, temporary invisibility (thievery) or increased strength(sport) perhaps you could know everytuing about goods by looking at them (commerce).

Perhaps even have a dose of his legendary speed?

Anyways, your in.
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  • Name: Michael Caden

  • Age: 17

  • Gender: Male

  • Parent: Athena

  • Claiming: He was claimed by Athena as he climbed the summit of the hill that Thalias tree stands on

  • Powers: Increased skill with any weapon (since Athena is the godess of Warfare) and faster reflexes as well as being stronger than usual. he is also extremely intelligent (a bit of a no brainer).

  • Weapons and Equipment: A magical spear-stave (basically a double-handed spear with blades at each end) made out of celestial bronze that glows with eldritch fire which can even burn mortals. He also has an enchanted laptop that is able to access the internet anywhere on Earth as well as a watch with which he can see the reflections of anything (like the shield that Annabeth has in the Final Olympian) which also doubles as a water-proof watch. he aslo wears full body armour with his helmets faceplate and top consisting of an owl with golden plumage.

  • Personality: He firmly believes in the Olympian cause but is also very inclined to voice his thoughts. He is a natural military leader, something that he has gained through many years in camp. He values the lifes of his allies (even those he doesn`t like) as he knows that they are his responsibillity. He can often be vain and egotistical but beneath it all he cares about his friends and fellow Demi-Gods, enough in fact to risk his own life to save them. he doesn`t do this recklessely but after careful consideration.

  • Backround: As a young child he lived in Manhatten with his family and pet dog. At a young age, his brilliance caught the attention of several monsters and they came running. He fought them off all the way home where his parents and his two sisters where waiting. They all packed and started off to Camp Half Blood. On the way there however, the monsters caught up with them and slaughtered them. Michael alone survived. he managed to reach Camp Half Blood where he was claimed at the crest of the hill by Athena.

@Bamack1: You seem to have ommited the description so I will add it. *Description: About 1m 95 cm tall with close cropped blonde hair with a scar across his jaw and some across his back. He has grey eyes that seem to glow and he mostly wears his armour with his laptop and spear stave strapped to his back.
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Christmas Pikachu.
Your in. Feel free to post.
24 Drace17th May 2011 09:49:08 AM from Maybe behind you... Get RP Mod
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Note to Self- "Change Cathphrase URGENTLY."
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  • Name: Jesse Mc Leon

  • Age: 18

  • Gender: Male

  • Parent: Zeus

  • Claiming: Not yet, mainly due to some danger at first.

  • Powers: Shock and Awe, he, however, cannot create the electricity, and needs to draw it out of things. He also has a lot of strength and resilience.

  • Weapons and equipment: new camper

  • Personailty: Hot-Blooded and confrontational, Jesse is the type that acts out. He is a naturally curious, open minded individual, with a view of the world that is always half full, and never half empty. He is an optimist who always charges in whenever he sees an opening. Despite acting it, he subverts Jerk Jock by behaving very nicely to his little brothers, though they are not Demi Gods, due to being born from a different father. He, like Zeus, cannot keep it in his pants, and many are the women at his school who he's "done".

  • Appearance: He has dirty blond hair and dark gray eyes, and is very large and muscular, though he is also very, very touchy on the fact he is getting a bit tubby in the middle. He usually wears a white shirt, a letterman jacket, jeans and boots. He is...very popular with the ladies.

  • Backround: He was born of Zeus and a rather poor woman, but was forgotten about for a time due to the presence of the Monsters Three causing havoc. He grew up having to make a name for himself, and became a Linebacker in his school football team. His mother has some "dues" to The Mafia's local branch, and he is always needing to protect her from grunts. Recently, someone was sent to collect him once he was remembered.

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