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How ridiculous is this character's strength?:

Getting things done
Note, this is in the draft phase so don't take it too seriously, although I doubt that anyone would.

The Lancer, after completely mastering his Superpowered Evil Side, turns into The Juggernaut on crack, with Super Strength that can put The Incredible Hulk to shame Note .

In one scene, he punches (an absolutely immortal) someone so hard that the latter flies and breaks through the sound barrier and at least a dozen buildings [[hottip:I don't know much about architecture. Oh, and he survives.]]

Another scene features him getting shot in the face with a anti-tank rifle. He catches the bullet. Between his teeth. Then he rolls it in his mouth for a bit and spits it to a military helicopter and blows it up. The one who shot him faints.

Just for your information, he's part of the Five-Man Band where everyone of the member is One-Man Army.

Oh, and the Quirky Miniboss Squad consists of an absolute immortal (he does die, but he respawns and there's no way to kill him off permanently), a minor Time Master, an alien who can Beam Spam Wave Motion Gun, and a Robot Maid from future with enough weaponry to go on a war with USA. Did I mention that as the series go on, a typical Mook tends to be 20 story tall golems with faries who can Beam Spam?

Btw, this is NOT, at least primarily, sci-fi. It's an Urban Fantasy.

And he's, by the time that happens, an Ordinary High-School Student, albeit with some deities backing him up.

Anyway, how ridiculous is this? If you don't find this to be that ridiculous, do you think it's cool enough? XD
Stay awesome, people.
 2 Zolnier, Fri, 25th Mar '11 6:59:10 AM from A suspiciously dull shop
The Odd Lad
Well since his enemies are also awesomely ridiculously powerful there's balance.
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 3 chihuahua 0, Fri, 25th Mar '11 6:59:17 AM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
It sounds like you're taking a Refuge in Audacity approach.

EDIT: I'm still jealous of your ideas. When will we see some of your work see the light of day?

edited 25th Mar '11 7:00:54 AM by chihuahua0

Getting things done
[up] Dude, at least not in a decade. I want to write this work after I do some research on psychology (particularly Jungian), philosophy, religion, physics, mythologies and whatnots.

If I ever, EVER manage to write it as well as I want it to be, expect it to be the next Haruhi Suzumiya or something XD.

Again, thanks for your attentions.

Btw, what do you mean, you are jealous of my idea?
Stay awesome, people.
 5 Sidewinder, Fri, 25th Mar '11 7:38:08 AM Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Sneaky Bastard
I'm a bit worried about blowing up a helicopter with a single bullet. Is the round some kind of explosive or incindiary round? But the idea of spitting one is pretty awesome.

Otherwise, as long as other characters (and especially an antagonist) has powers that reach the same level, you should be fine. And if there are gods involved anything goes.

And why wait. Just start writing. You'll get a lot of practice and if it doesn't work you can just try again later.

 6 Mister Always, Fri, 25th Mar '11 7:45:06 AM from The Netherlands.
Go away.
Yeah, the helicopter blowing up would be a bit much, from just one bullet. Have you considered the possibility of him sniping the pilot with it instead?
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Getting things done
For both [up][up] and [up], true. I'm not good with firearms and ammunitions at all (gotta do some research!). The bullet round itself, while pretty big (correct me if I'm wrong), is rather ordinary round, but like I said before, The Lancer with his Superpowered Evil Side is strong enough to punch people through sound barrier, so...yeah.

Basically I came up with that scene because it sounds Crazy Awesome. XD

[up][up] Heh, one of the reason why I'm waiting include that I'm simply the most Book Dumb writer-wannabe EVER. and I seriously need to read a lot. For the record, I haven't even completely read The Lord of the Rings (just the first one). You got to read a lot to become a good writer, especially books from same genre that I'm working on, don't you think?

edited 25th Mar '11 4:12:31 PM by dRoy

Stay awesome, people.
 8 annebeeche, Fri, 25th Mar '11 4:14:00 PM from by the long tidal river
watching down on us
Sounds like a typical AB!Valkyrie on a Saturday morning.

Play around with the smashing buildings thing a little and make the dude possibly have to pay for the damage.

Also, there very well could have been innocent bystanders in those buildings.
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Getting things done
[up] What is that saturday morning Valkyrie stuff? Never heard of that before.

Oh, and the best thing about The Smart Guy's power is that it allows almost every kind of battle to take place in sort of a Phantom Zone where there's nobody else. So, no, no REAL collateral damages.
Stay awesome, people.
Getting things done
Is there any ramifications, at least in terms of real life physics, for creating a Phantom Zone?
Stay awesome, people.
If you're stronger than the Hulk, punching someone past the sound barrier should be small potatoes.
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