What section should I put this in?:

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1 SapphireBlue24th Mar 2011 08:08:34 PM from California , Relationship Status: Less than three
I have a very rough concept for a fanfic, and I'd like to see what people think. Would that go in this section? I'd think so, but it seems like most of the threads here are about original stories...so I'm really not sure where to put it.

There's also the fact that the fic in question is for a rather obscure pair of games. I know there are other people here who like the games, but would I be better off putting this on a fansite or something rather than here?

Any input would be much appreciated.
2 nrjxll24th Mar 2011 08:41:27 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
There's been some discussion about trying to get Writer's Block to actually be about helping people with writer's block lately, so it may not be a good idea to post a story (of any sort) on here. A Posted Works sub-forum has been proposed, so when that goes up, you could put it there. It doesn't belong in any of the other current forums, I know that.

Although, no offense, I don't think TV Tropes is really the place to be posting fiction (fan- or original). There's plenty of sites out there for that.
I don't see why fanfiction should be excluded from Writer's Block.

If you were looking for critique I would say go ahead and post it here, but if you're just asking about a concept I'm not sure. If it was an original idea I'd say try the World Building section, but if it's in a world/verse created by someone else I'm not sure.

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